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Alright, for all of you folks lamenting no AHW updates last week, and for the people wondering how on earth can this relationship be salvaged….this one’s for you. 😀


“Where is she?”

I fell back a step as Jeremiah’s voice boomed from the entrance to the suite. Amyrah threw me a panicked look then said something to the guards beside her, who raced toward the sound of scuffling. I stood, frozen, as the sounds grew closer.

“Dammit, I know you’re in here. Lucy!”

My chest constricted at his voice, but I stood rooted to the spot. From across the hallway, I saw the familiar figure of Jeremiah appear, then suddenly several other figures appeared around him. A “Look out!” died on my lips as he quietly and efficiently took them down, and I knew the moment he spotted me because he sprinted the length of the corridor.

More figures appeared from openings on either side of the hall, and Amyrah tugged me back into her large bedroom. Before the door could close however, it was jammed open by a large arm, then Jeremiah pulled himself into the room. He dragged the two men attached to him into the open area and managed to fling one away by sheer brute force but was taken down as more guards streamed through the doorway.

No. I didn’t want this. Why was he even here? “Please, please don’t hurt him,” I moaned, moving forward, but Amyrah grabbed my wrist and held me back. Two men held each arm in an iron grip, and as Jeremiah lifted his head to look at me, I saw my own pain and anguish reflected in his eyes. Then another bodyguard moved forward, a small black object in his hand, and I realized what was about to happen.

“Don’t hurt him!” Wrenching my arm out of Amyrah’s hold, I launched myself at the guard holding the taser. Grabbing his arm, I spun him around and away from Jeremiah.

Then, like someone flipped a switch, every muscle in my body went rigid. My fingers dug into the other man’s arm as my body bowed back. A silent scream formed across my lips but nothing would come out but a guttural exhale as my spasming diaphragm pushed the last of the air from my lungs. Aftershocks continued throughout my body, my muscles no longer under any voluntary control. It felt like an eternity but lasted barely a second; the horrible jolt flipped off and I collapsed bonelessly to the floor.

From somewhere nearby I heard a roaring noise. At first I thought it was just an aftereffect of the taser until I heard a man’s pained cry, but I couldn’t do anything but stare at the wall in front of me. Then hands pulled at me, lifting me off the ground and back around so that I was staring up into Jeremiah’s face.




They must get back together! This can’t all be for nothing.. Can’t wait for this book! and the whole series!


That was awesome! I can’t wait to read more… I love this story so much I am reading AHW over again waiting for the next part to come out…

Jennifer Martin-Kirkland

Omg why why why why. How much longer do we have to wait your killing me. Excellent work.


OMG! That was so touching! I’m speechless. I can’t wait to read more. Oh and by the way I’m so TEAM JERMIAH!


I need more. This was not enough for me!! I need the third part to come out already. I’m about to start rereading the whole story just to pass the time but I can’t get off the cliff hanger from castaway 2.


get to writing on this book, can’t wait for the whole thing to be complete. Glad to see there still working at getting back with one another, the love is there! love reading about Jeremiah and Lucy

utterly addicted

I swear this woman is toying with my emotions and i like a silly goose i just keep coming back for more. I am treading stalker territory trying to get more of these characters. It’s my crack! There i said it!


OMG love it, can’t wait for Castaway #3 would be great if it was early like Castaway 2 no pressure :) Can’t get enough of this story :)

Molly the Cat

I dunno — I think that even Lucas would have a difficult time fending off her overprotective big brother! Hmm, it is an idea though…

Ashley Mata

Okay, I have read everything in two days. This third part of AHW Castaways cannot come out soon enough! I need more! This is torture!


Where is team Lucus?? I am rooting for him! He seems to truly care about Lucy and she doesn’t have to guess how he feels about her? He is consistent. unlike jeremiah who just seems to take his own feelings over Lucy’s.


I have to say I hated Lucas the first time he appeared but as the time passed. Specially in this castaway book. I want Lucy to pick Lucas. Okay yes Jeremiah protects her cares for her or even love her blah blah blah. But Lucas is more reliable. Well yes he’s the one who took her but the way he protects her and cares for her. And he makes her enjoy life even in the lowest point. I really want to see Lucy try it with Lucas. Team Lucas here! :)


Lucas is more reliable? i beg to disagree, let me remind you of the russian girl named anja, and what happened to her in the arms of Lucas,


This is how I saw that…..Anya died because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was shot because of a snipper who was out to kill Jeremiah and Lucy, perhaps the snipper thought Anya was Lucy or she was shot to silence her and not give the name of the person behind it all, now revealed to be Alexander Rush…I don’t blame Lucas or Jeremiah for Anya’s death…though, as written by Sara, Lucas is torn up about her death

tina dulany

Oh my!!!! I cant decided who i like better!!! Sara cant wait until castaway 3 comes out!!! Can you give us a little hint???? Im so excited!


I think they are both great…But the 1 thing that bothers me the most with Remi is that darn employment contract with benefits. The Lucy must do anything he wants sex contract has to go. Jeremiah needs to rip up the contract he has with Lucy because Lucas was right in saying Remi made her into his whore. That contract is one of the things that has got to go in order for Remi and Lucy to have their HEA.


I think if she ends up with Lucas you are going to have a lot of your reading fans very upset, Me included. we are waiting for our HEA. I agree Lucas is a great guy and he deserves his HEA to but with someone else, Lucy is in Love with Jeremiah. and he with her, so lets get on with it already. not starting any more book series until this one is complete and we are all waiting for a great ending. Maybe in the end the brothers can actually like one another again. TEAM JEREMIAH AND LUCY ALL THE WAY


I don’t think Sara will have Lucy end up with Lucas..I believe in end Lucy and Remi will be together.


Loved reading your book!!! Got me caught up and I couldn’t put it down!! Many girls in my office loved it!!!


TEAM JEREMIAH HERE! I started theses books and I can’t get enough even got two of my coworkers addicted. Starting a coworker book club @ worl. Lol!
Though I’m loving the preview to Castaway 3 it can’t come soon enough! Sarah how much longer must I hold my breath.


You want to know something funny? Every other day I came to this website “just to check” when that next couple of chapters are coming. To get excited when I see that percentage go from 3 percent to 23 percent is crazy!! I have been following two other series as well, but they don’t compare to this storyline. Sara, the only way to keep us happy is ending this series in about five years when these characters are senior citizens, Remi (yeah!) and Lucas bickering with each other, their kids are bickering with each other, and Lucy has gone insane and is in a home after a mental breakdown listening to the bickering. 8-D


Yaaaa!!! Castaway 3 is 23% done….WAIT!!! 15,000 Words? are my eyes deceiving me? I thought I saw 20,000 words not long ago. Sara, you are so talented, I love how you are telling this story and how it is unfolding…


The ONLY way I’m happy if she’s with Jeremiah is if he finally is able to say he loves her AND he tears up that damn contract! If not, than, Team Lucas for me!


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