Snippet Sunday

Well, this weekend has been…interesting. And not in the nice way. But it’s almost over, and I’m horribly overdue for some snippets, for which I apologize.

Since I was late this week, I’ve decided to add a few snippets extra. You deserve something more for having to wait, after all. 😉


“I’m ready to go home.”

Amyrah nodded. “We’ll be back at the hotel in a couple hours.”

The hotel wasn’t the home I’d meant. I wanted, more than anything, to go back to who I was before, back to the life I’d lived before I even heard of Jeremiah Hamilton. My existence may not have been easy then, but the simplicity and straightforwardness of my situation had been easier to bear.

Now, I felt as trapped as I had when Jeremiah had offered me that contract.

“Is everything okay?”

Shaking my head, I gave Amyrah a small smile. “I’m just tired.” I followed her into the vehicle, wondering what adventures lay ahead of me now.

And finding that I couldn’t bring myself to care.


“Did I ever have a chance with you?”

I closed my eyes briefly, unsure how to respond. As much as I wanted to forget, or rather go back and change, my choice to turn to him for comfort, it had happened. Lucas had, whether I wanted to admit it or not, given me the comfort and safety I’d needed. He deserved an answer, but I couldn’t begin to process the question, not now. Not here.


(snippet from the bonus story)
“Do you know what she said to me in the car?” he said after a minute. “That you’d broken her heart. I believe she also said you called her emotions “platitudes”, which didn’t seem to go over well.”

The conversation was obviously not what Jeremiah wanted to talk about. “She signed a contract,” he said before biting off his words.

“You made her sign a contract?” This was news to Lucas, and touched off a fire inside him. “What did it say, that you got to do whatever you wanted?”

Jeremiah said nothing, but Lucas had spent years reading his baby brother. The truth was written all over his silence. “My god, you turned that poor girl into your whore.”

“Don’t you call her that,” Jeremiah roared, and managed to wrench one arm free. He lunged at Lucas, only to be brought up short by the second man’s grip. Then Kolya appeared between the two brothers, wrestling Jeremiah back into submission.

Lucas stood there, shaking in rage. His hands curled into fists as he stared down at his little brother. “You make me sick,” he spat. The urge to beat the man before him was overwhelming. Remembering everything Lucy had told him, her reaction when Jeremiah had appeared, their kiss. Lucas had seen the love in the girl’s eyes, her fear of Lucas when she thought he would shoot Jeremiah. Struggling to control himself, Lucas took a step back. “You don’t deserve her.”

“Why do you fucking care anyway?”

Why indeed. “Because we’ve ruined enough lives in our time.” Anya’s face flashed through his mind. “I’ll be damned if I let anyone else suffer because of us.”


And a tiny preview of something else I’ve been cooking up while I waited for AHW7 edits. 😉


Jessica Gasca

Sounds good!!!!!! WHEN IS BOOK #2 COMING OUT!!!!!!?????????????????????????? I NEED MY FIX. lol

Sara Fawkes

Yes, it’s just about done, only have the final proofs to go. :) I’m still hoping to have it out earlier, maybe by sometime this week. Fingers crossed!!

Sara Fawkes

I’m debating that. Part of me wants to wrap up Jeremiah and Lucy’s story in this book, but I don’t think that’s realistically possible given when they’ve gone through. There will be 5 serials for book two, but I’ll need to think about what a third part will entail before I promise anything there. 😉


Thank You Sara, what a wonderful snippet….I feel sad for all 3, especially the brothers. They each have issues to overcome both separately and together…And IMO Lucas is right…From book 1 I felt Jeremiah made Lucy his whore..He used her financial instability to influence her into signing an employment contract that included having sex with the boss..that is the basis of their relationship…Reading the snippet over a few times…it crossed my mind that Lucas may see Jeremiah as just like the father…I want a HEA for all 3 of them…I would love to see a love interest for Lucas he deserves redemption and happiness.

Sara Fawkes

You hit it on the head, Ani. Everyone has made mistakes, some of which they won’t even admit yet. Lucy’s is the most in-your-face, partly because we’re seeing this story through her eyes, but they all have bad choices to atone for in one way or another.


Oh Sara, my hopes that Lucy might’ve given Lucas a chance are crushed. I know that the story was meant for Jeremiah and Lucy, but I fell in love with Lucas. In my opinion, he treated Lucy much better in the short time they had together than Jeremiah ever did. Nevertheless, cannot wait for part 7!!! Btw, loved the snippet from your side story. Keep up the awesome writing!

Sara Fawkes

No I agree!!! But his situation is so messed up too; even if he got the girl, they’d never be safe. Jeremiah has (had?) her heart, except he messed up from the very beginning, and keeps digging himself deeper and deeper.

It’s going to be interesting for me to weave my way out of this!! 😉

Brenda Evans

Please let not forget Lucas Kidnapped her and put her life in danger . I dont feel he really he cares more about Lucy, than hurting his brother. I want jeremiah and Lucy together. Regardless of what I feel thats the Real Love Story,,


I agree with your post..and with Sara’s reply about Lucas and Lucy never being safe…Not sure Lucas could easily walk away from his gunrunner life…or I should say that life would not easily let him go…but I still want happiness for Lucas

Aline Brazilian Fan

Jeremiah is a broken and confused man. He can’t talk about love, and everything happened so fast. Lucas had a choice in the past, and it is impossible to him to return and have a normal life.
And Lucy loves Jeremiah, this can’t change so fast. Please, Jeremiah and Lucy at the end!!


I sooooooo want to see Jeremiah and Lucy work out their differences, I thinking Lucy having sex with Lucas was a way to hurt Jeremiah and he broke her heart when she told him how she loved him. Hes a very troubled soul, technically they all are except the boys dont know what love is its never been shown to them.