This. Is. AWESOME!!!

So the lovely Kate Laurens, my beta reader for all things Fawkesish, has repeatedly expressed her love for a certain arms-dealer-slash-hero. Well, look at what I received in the mail today, which underscores it all:


šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ It makes me smile SO BIG!!! And yes, I’ll be wearing it to Romantic Times in Kansas City, hopefully I’ll see some Team Jeremiah shirts around too! šŸ˜‰


love the Tshirt….let Remi have Lucy. Plus she’s still under an “ahem” employment contract to Jeremiah to do anything he wants


Jeremiah all the way! He’s hotter and not a gun runner! And obviously loves her . The contract is in the past ,he will move mountains and walk thru fire for her!!!!