The long answer? I don’t have the time to write that book but I’m sure we could perform a play, perhaps a musical to entertain you with the complexity of the answer.

We will have to look into a costume budget. I shall go limber up the vocal cords. In the mean time go put some pretty (or dirty) words in paper.

*stretches and does a high kick* “Me,me,me… Doh,ray,me,so,far,Lo,tee,doh” mmm doh, cookie dough, Homer Simpson… Think I need a donut.

Laters. X


Sometimes the pretty words are dirty and the dirty words are pretty. Call me for the part that requires off key short redheads to sing…..I can play that part beautifully.


can someone please respond. last book I read was any thing he wants #5. now their is any thing he wants cast away #1 is book #6 that follows book #5.


I replied to you. #6 & #7 are both available on amazon and are the first two parts to the next complete book. Hope that helps.

Rachel Carter

We love you too and you have so many people because you are an amazing authur and we can’t wait for C3!!! Push that writers block aside and dig deep into the love triangle of these three…


I just read this on a news sharing website and thought it might help…
“Before tackling a daunting task, take a moment to picture your favorite furry friend. A new study in the Journal of Research in Personality found that subjects who either had a pet close by or simply thought of one brainstormed more personal goals and expressed more confidence about attaining those goals than those who did the activity without thinking of animals. Researchers explain that pets have a soothing effect, helping people stay calm, focused and productive.”

Do what you need to do! If it doesn’t happen, well, I’ve come up with my own awesome ending so I don’t have to stay in a state of suspension and limbo… now I look forward to yours! (I’m sure its much better than mine!).


As my way of praising and complimenting how a good author you are, I made fanfic plotted after the Castaways series. Came up as an idea as I was reading Castaway #1 for the 4th time and *daydreaming* of Lucas. LOL. I hope you don’t mind. I so love your books Sara! :)


U r such a great writer love reader ur books
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are you kidding it’s us that should be thankful to you! you take us for a ride out of our own hectic lives and let us relax and unwind ourselves, by reading your great books. I for one can’t wait to read what is going to happen with Jeremiah and Lucy, I’m hoping he chases after her, after she loads the airplane and goes home, they can start fresh, and rebuild a nice respectful relationship. Oh I just simply can’t wait. we love you Sara!
and we love HEAfters.

Shelly Davie

Lovve your books! ! When is follow up to castaway 2 out??? Read all in 2 days & now waiting with baited breath….pleas please hurry!!!


Man I’m losing it. Has Sara wrote the next chapter after Lucy comes in the room and jeremiah asked her when she was going to tell him? Ok, Sara love the books but I’m waiting and reading in between getting my stories mixed up. :( lol not really give me something :))


Right back atcha babe!!!! We luv you tooooooo!!!! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us. We are patient… Remember, when it’s worth it… it’s worth waiting for….
Team Lucas baby!!!!


Charn Meadows

We Love You, We Love Your Writing! You are awesome, keep writing & I will keep reading…..


Are you going to do a second paperback for the other half of the book? If so when? And are you going to keep going with the books?

Girl Belize

maybe it’s time to END the book… finish writing this last part and call it quits with anything he wants… cause if you’re stopping now…when the story is hot… then more than likely you’ll hit this block again… I didn’t mind waiting in the beginning… but when I think about it… you’re gonna write another 3 chapters and leave everyone hanging again for who knows how long! You’re writing too many other stories in pieces and spreading yourself thin! maybe if you had included somewhat of a background of jeremiah and lucas as kids in anything he wants then the story would have continued and be longer. Just my opinion… I love the series – don’t get me wrong… but I’m very impatient too. So if you’re running out of ideas… either finish this chapter with an ending and continue to write on a new book that’s giving you lots to write about — or try to bounce back fast and continue this series of chapters — which i enjoy very much. But I’m sure there are plenty very impatient people like myself who will just give up on the waiting and the series of payments that follows. — Just my thoughts :) Have a nice day

Tammy M

Agree with Girl Belize. If you’re going to offer your books in short stories you need to follow through. I’m over waiting I’ve moved on to a writer who can get the job done . Sorry


Sara you are great! I am patiently waiting AHW3!!! I love your stories. Thank you for all you do.