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Hello my beautiful peeps!! I’m in the final phases of Romantic Times Reader’s Convention and it’s been a zoo, but a FUN zoo!! Today was my first signing and it was incredible to meet readers and others who knew my stories! This was a whole new experience for me, as was getting my picture taken (notoriously camera shy!!), but I had a lovely time. That said, I’m very much looking forward to writing again, this business is not conducive to word counts!!

I’ve been debating what to post for this week’s snippet. I love this part but worried it was a spoiler, or that I was giving away too much by posting the whole bit. Then I thought: well heck, that’s PERFECT for a snippet right?! 😉


“My brother doesn’t deserve you.”

Lucas had completely ditched the British accent and false joviality. He sounded angry, and I glanced at him briefly. In my heart, I didn’t believe his words. Beneath the fake beard I saw the bruising and puffiness from his fight with Jeremiah. It hurt me to know I’d been the cause of more pain, and I looked back down at my hands.

“I’m sorry I caused this.”

I shook my head. “It wasn’t was your fault. I made all the decisions that brought me here.” I lifted one shoulder in a tired shrug. The sadness was creeping back, making me long for the numbness I’d felt before.

“No.” My response seemed to fire him up because he squirmed in his seat before looking at me again. His eyes darkened as he leaned into me. “You deserve so much better than this, better than anything our fucked up family can give you.”

“Oh Lucas.” The self-recrimination in his words touched off something inside me. I brought my hands up to his face and turned his head so we were eye to eye. I stroked the bruised sliver of exposed skin on his cheek, the false beard prickly against my thumb. “Somebody once told me we all have choices, even if they aren’t good ones. You’re worth so much more than this life you lead right now.”

The muscles beneath my palm clenched, and the sudden yearning in his eyes nearly undid me. “Let me stay with you,” he rasped, covering my hand with his own. “I’m a better man around you. I need…”

He trailed off as I shook my head sadly. “You’re already a better man, Lucas.” But I was done with the Hamilton family. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that, not now, but it was the truth. There was too much pain and history now to ever allow for a normal life if I chose to stay with either brother.

A woman’s voice echoed over the PA system, announcing my boarding for my flight. His fingers dug into the back of my hands as if to hold me in place, prevent me from leaving, then finally then slid down my arms and to his lap. I leaned forward and kiss his cheek. “I can’t be your absolution,” I whispered against his skin, wishing that there were some way to change that.


I love this and need so much more…. when is it going to be finished? You really are very talented. Have awaited all day for this post x


I’m so waiting for the rest of the story… I’m also so Lucy and team Jeremiah! :( This snippet along with the others is putting together a picture that’s sad.


Lovely. Great snippet. Two small errors but I am aware it’s unedited. Glad to hear your having fun out and about. Your brilliant for painting these small snippets for your readers. That’s a very intense and beautifully confusing moment. Looking forward to the next sneak peek.

Thank you Sarah,


Aline Brazilian Fan

Team Jeremiah!!!! I think Lucy needs to go out around of the brothers for a time. Lucas needs to find your own way and stops to live with this obsession of his brother’s life. And with the distance Jeremiah will understand his fellings, and he will try to conquer Lucy. Sorry for my english. I love this book!!


Such a tease !! I’m still holding strong for Jeremiah and Lucy !! Ms. Fawkes will not disappoint in their amazing love story !!


we all knew this was going to happen sooner or later, Jeremiah has to decide what is more important to him, and Lucy needs to figure out all her crap to. you just can’t hop into bed with someone else, I know she loves Jeremiah and was very hurt and needing comforting after Jeremiah’s rejections, so now she is paying the price. That being said I am team Lucy and Jeremiah all the way. I started reading this book and fell in love with Lucy and Jeremiah, so I am really looking forward to this story turning around and playing out there love story. I love Lucas to, but not with Lucy, he needs to find somebody special, that likes him for who he is, and not follow in his brothers shadow. Really looking forward to the next installments. patiently waiting for you to complete this series. Hope you are feeling better, and had a great time at your convention, would’ve been great if I could’ve come down to see you. I’m only three hours away from KC.
TEAM LUCY, AND JEREMIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL THE WAY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holy Crap!!!! I am so ready for more, I can not wait for the book to come out….Love It :)


Lucy going away from them is a good thing (well, for now of course), she needs to go back to her crappy jersey apartment to think things over, take some time off and wait for Jeremiah to come around,


ummmmmmmm………… I need to know when does this book come out because I’m at a lost for words with these snippets. I have to many questions so I need this book!!!!!!!


Oh, Honey, You’re good! Just keep us on this rollercoaster! :) Yeah, Lucy’s doing the right thing. She needs to take a step back and regroup and find herself. I hope Lucas and Jeremiah can do the same. Especially Lucas. My heart just really goes out to that bad boy! :)


I’ve been wondering that myself. I don’t recall them practicing safe sex…. or hv they? Thers been a lot of practicing but nothing safe about it. Lol. Was she on the pill? Even if she was, with all this crazyness who would rembr to take pills everyday. Hhhmmm, if she thinks shes done with the boys, a baby bump would def make her come bk… I think.


Yes she was on the pill but she was almost murder and in the hospital, plus she was kidnipped. I think her mind was differly not on taking birth control.


Hey everyone..
@Sara – what is the release date to Castaway 3? Or will the next release be the final to this story..seriously, these monthly releases are gonna be the end of me!
I feel for Lucas..but still a firm Jermiah fan!


Lucas has to find his own girl Lucy belongs with Jermiah and he has to let his emotions out !!


Ok she’s getting away from Hamilton boys…
She need the space from them .
I still have a feeling this will bring the Hamilton boys close but its not look like it at the moment

Lucas. .. I want him to find someone just not Lucy
he needs someone to balance him out not someone who with him because of some association with his brother

Remi… I’m curious to see how he interacts with lucy after the confrontation about sleeping with his brother .
I hope he loves her enough to not harden his heart to the point of no return .

lucy. ..I guess you’ve got you big girl panties on and facing the consequences. . . I just hope you dont harden your heart aslo to the point of no return.



Love book 2 love snippets can’t wait for books sad to hear you had a block happen to the best of people you’ll get it back


Wil there be an audiobook available soon to follow up the Anything He Wants I purchased on Audible?


my goodness…loveeee the snippet…the AHW series is very addicting!!!! i absolutely love them…and like many others i am sooo #TeamJeremiahandLucy cant wait for the next installment…the suspense is killing me


Oh MTR, You are naughty! :) I actually thought of a menage’ myself, because that would be HOT, but I don’t think Jeremiah is the sharing kind…Lucas…yes. :) That sure would settle a few things wouldn’t it?!?


I was team Jeremiah,but Lucas is growing on me, he has had the hard end of the deal so many times,you know he loves his brother but maybe he does not like him. I think Lucy is leaning towards Lucas too.


Team Jeremiah, I have only read the first books, not reading Castaway until I know she ends up with Jeremiah, it’s hard to think you would want someone who slept with your brother three days after leaving you. But if it is a happy ending then I will finish the series otherwise , I’ll let it end for me with the first one, please keep sending spoilers ;]


When is the book being released? I am in suspense and can’t wait to read it!!!!! I am going through withdraw.



You are a “hellava” talented writer and I have read the entire AHW series (thus far) and some of your other work. Plain and simple… Luv ya to bits!!! Team Lucas baby–but, I’d do Jeremiah in a heartbeat.. hey, it’s fantasy….right!!

What sucks is that this is becoming a loooooooong ass “serial”. I get the cliffhangers and waiting for the next installment to be released, but, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!! I’ve racked up $18+tax ($19.42… almost $20) and the “novel/book” is not complete.

Please understand, you have a “right” to make great money in a kick-ass career that you love. Your writing makes people happy and excited and allows us to escape our world and “play/fantasize” in another (luv ya for that).

Why didn’t you just write a complete novel as opposed “robbing” us readers for $23+ and more if you ever finish this series? Is it greed? You self-publish, so you should be “saving” a “boat-load” in the publishing area. What gives? Is this the new trend for writers such as yourself, Holly (H.M.) Ward and like-minded writers to take advantage of us LOYAL and SUPPORTIVE readers? It really breaks my heart, because, I luuuuuv to read and your works in particular, but, paying that much for a novel ($21+)….never again. This will be my last “book” that I will read from you as well as my other 12 best-mates who I got hooked on your writing/series. By the way, I have a “Fawke’n Awesome” Book Club that I formed. We left the”s” out of your name on purpose just to emphasize how much we “luv” your work (F’n Awesome). Anyway, we decided that it’s too costly in the “long-run” to purchase serials.

Please know, it is not my intention to be curt or disrespectful towards you. I am just a “woman” who respects your work and just wish I could buy it in a more affordable complete novel. I cannot afford to continue to buy in installments and pay that much for a novel.

I am super-stoked for your success and wish you the best in your home search and future endeavors as well as many blessings and good health to you and your loved ones (at least I can get snippets at the “rock-bottom” price of free!! LOL!!


Cee Cee

P.S. Please excuse all grammar, typos and etc. mistakes.

Amelie Acuzar

I’m starting to love Lucas Halmiton. Don’t get me wrong, I get starry-eyed with Jeremiah as much as Lucy does but God!! LUCAS is much more.. what can I say?? SYMPATHETIC? And he’s not denying that he’s a bad person and I want him to be a better man. I also want Lucy to be loved and be a better woman, :(( Hayysssstttt

When will be the Castaway 3 be released??? :))

More power.



I have to say, the story captivated me. I picked up the whole “book” anything he wants and read the “ending” where Lucas had kidnapped Lucy..(I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about as there were tons of people confused and pissed about that “ending.”) I remember finishing that book and was SO pissed and confused – but then I found out that wasn’t the God. With that being said(typed :P) here’s my two cents…
I want to hate Lucy for what she did …sleeping with the brother of the man she loves…but then I put myself in her shoes…if I went through all she went through…then after it all professed my love to only be rejected..on top of Lucas now giving her some comfort she obviously & desperately needs..I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same. From the moment I was introduced to Lucas in the story I was intrigued..what made me fall in love with his character was the snippets of emotion he showed through the convo with his mom..Anya’s showed me he had a heart..somewhere in there. I feel as is he cares for Lucy- and at this very moment…I’m torn. There are sides to both men that I adore and I dislike. So in conclusion..,I am extremely excited for the next part….I am dying to find out what happens..and I’m sure whatever fate Sara Fawkes decides upon Lucy, Jerimiah &Lucas..I’ll not only be along for the ride ..I also know I’ll enjoy. :)


Lucy is right… she can’t be Lucas’s absolution. He chose his life. He does have great qualities and the writing about his character makes the reader feel for him. But logically, he’s a criminal. What future would Lucy have? Being a criminal with him? Running for the rest of her life if he left his criminal life? Partner to a man in jail for life? No…. the story started with her an Jeremiah… she loves him, he loves her…. they need to find each other. They both need to heal, from who they were and from what has happened. They need to find each other again and be happy together. My two cents worth!


I love love love this snippet, this woman has penetrated the tough exterior that these Hamilton men personify. Nonetheless, they had to develop these exterior to be raise with cold, calculating loveless parents but Lucy has a heart that is so warm and giving that she can love and heal these brothers. I believe she is woman enough and has so much love to give both Lucus and Jeremiah. She will be able to heal these brothers damaged relationship by making them into a family of three.