Snippet Saturday … finally!

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! 😀

I apologize for no snippet last weekend, it was a tough weekend in that I had no new material that was, well, all that interesting. But this week has been much better in the writing department, and I figured I’d (finally!) share a little bit from Castaway 3. Hope you enjoy it! (Facebookers, you’ve probably already read this bit.)


He swallowed. “We’re quite a pair, aren’t we?” he murmured, pushing back the hair that was plastered to my face.

Lifting my shoulder slightly off the ground, I finally levered my hand up to touch his face. “You’ll never be able to forgive me.” My eyes closed as my hand fell back to my chest. “I’ll never be able to forgive me.”

“No.” But I saw the truth in his eyes. My actions lay like an abyss between us, and I doubted either of us would ever be able, or willing to bridge it.

Foreign chatter surrounded me, and Jeremiah’s grip on my body tightened. I looked up to see his gaze darting at several points, but I didn’t take my eyes off him. “You deserve better,” I murmured, and saw his stricken gaze fall back to me.

My strength had returned enough to push away from him, but I couldn’t make myself do it. In his arms, I was safe for the first time in what felt like forever. My brain told me I needed to let go, leave and get on with my life, but my heart wasn’t ready.

I doubted it would ever be.


I’m so excited your writing… I can’t wait.
I actually had a dream about the ‘Secret Brother 3rd brother’ kidnapping her and Jeremiah and Lucas had to work together to save her… of course she was saved Jeremiah and Lucy lived happily ever after 😉


Alguém Pd me mandar por email a2parte do livro do Lucas e jeremias estou louca pelo desfeixo. Da história . Agradeço a bondade meninas.

Tammy M

That little pie e was an insult. I would have preferd that you just didn’t post anything. Now I’m truly done.


Tammy, After all she’s been through lately in her personal life, I think you are being selfish and rude. It is just a book, for goodness sake. Get over it! Give her a brake. She had to step away from writing for a bit and she let us know this and we understood that being human is normal and LIFE AND HEALTH comes first. There was nothing wrong with this snippet, just your attitude.


Well, I would have preferred to NOT read your comment……good-bye!

Thank you, Sara….I appreciated it!

Misty P.

I’ve been trying to hold out for the complete book instead of buying the parts but these snippets have me wanting more. Anything He Wants will be one of my top books that I’ve feel in love with the characters & story. Thank you once again for sharing this wondering story with us.


So happy to see you getting past your “Stuckness”……the road of LIFE happens to all of us, the trick is to just hang on until you get past those hairpin curves! Enjoyed the snipit and wouldn’t expect Lucy to feel any other way…..(however we ALL know Jeremiah wasn’t completely blameless in this whole senario). Looking forward to their journey to forgiveness and HEA.


Keep going! You have my attention and my heart is craving for more! I can’t wait for this book! Waiting patiently!

Aline Brazilian Fan

I love this book!! I love Jeremiah!!! He did not deserve it!!! Lucy, I can’t forgive….. Congratulations Sara. Take your time. Sorry for my english.


Did not deserve it? Oh come on! He kicked her out! Left her heart broken! She needed closeness with a human being to feel alive and needed and not just a clause in a contract. But i may be biased because i like lucas better – he is more fun and wit and not just blunt strength :-) Sara, thank you for the great book, and i really look forward to the next chapter!

Aline vc tem os trechos do livro 2 de jeremias? Por favor Pd me enviar por email? Ob


Glad to see you writing again. Secretly hoping one of your snippet Saturday’s has the back story of Remi **before** the elevator. I suspect he did a bit of stalking and watching her himself.


That is a great suggestion for a back story snippet!….Hey Sara!!!How about a Book 1 from Jeremiah’s Point of View…and while your at it a book from Luca’s POV…Am I asking for too much? LOL


When should we look for the next book? And are the snippets all we will countinue to read? I have followed u all the way and if my read is going to be only a paragraph here and there. I will go nuts I NEED me some Lucy and them Hamilton men. Please answer my question it is not a hard one :)


Thank you for this snippet, please try to ignore people like Tammy M. True fans will be behind you and you will survive a lot better without people like her, if she is done well she is the loser. Keep well and keep going Sara.


loved the snippet…cant wait for the book; do you by any chance know when itll be here??? i love the AHW series…and btw despite other people you have true fans and are an amazing writer…


oh my Gosh, I can’t believe how cruel and selfish some people can be, Tammy needs to learn to be a little more respectful, maybe she has never had a big enough bump in her road ever to learn to think about others. Love the little snippets, so happy to see Jeremiah and Lucy together, we know they love one another, so just need to work past all this crap and learn to love and trust one another again. I can’t believe how hard some are on Lucy either, although she was wrong to sleep with Lucas, I think she just felt very hurt, and heart broken, and acted wrongly) on her feelings, and has certainly learned from and paid for her mistakes, how many times can a girl be kidnapped, drugged, and held hostage, before that really starts messing with your head! she has had a crappy life, and maybe one to many curve balls thrown at her through life, give the girl a break, She love Jeremiah and we all know it, and so does Lucas, so bring on the HEA! Sara I love your books, the snippets keep me going and longing for more, but I’m so willing to wait, but really can’t wait until the next part comes out, I have these all on my kindle, and I also bought the book in paperback when it came out. so hooked! Take care of yourself, and remember your loyal fans got your Six( which means we all have your back)
looking forward to the release date, I check everyday to see if the % bar has moved any! you are an amazing writer.


Susana por favor me manda essa parte do livro de Lucas e jeremias estou louca p ler estou amando a história pena q demoram muito p traduzir os livro. Ob.

Tammy M

Susan, I have had bumps but I also believe in honesty and if a job is to be done then it. And me being a women has nothing to,with it.
Drama much?


Tammy you are a moron! Everyone loves this book and I’m sure I speak for everyone that has replied when I say this……no one cares when you say “your done”! Good riddins! Your comments are just rude. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”? Seems to me you need to find some positive things in your life. BTW no need to respond with your “drama much?” ……I won’t be responding after this. Love the Snippet Saturday….. :-)


Curious as to why women must be harder on women than they are on the men who make the same mistakes in judgement and action. We all deal with pain and loss in different ways. It makes for a good story because Remi and Lucy will really have to talk, share, and trust to have a healthier relationship then when Lucy left/ was kidnapped. Although that hot Lucas guy needs some love of his own…Sara, I’m enjoying the snippits and bits you give us and can’t wait for the conclusion. I hope your journey in writing this is a joy for you instead of a headache.


I just finished Anything he wants, by Sara Fawkes. I’m confused. Is this the first book of a series? Where do I find the series? I only see kindle versions available on amazon. Can someone steer me on the right direction. I need to see what happens with Lucas!


At first Sara released Anything He Wants as a 5 part mini book or serial format, then all 5 books were combined and published as Book 1 ” Anything He Wants: Dominated by the Billionaire” . In regards to book 2…She has not released the complete book 2 “Anything He Wants: Castaway”. BUT..She has continued to release in mini book or serial format and has released Castaway 1 and 2 . we are eagerly awaiting the release of Castaway 3… Hope I have not confused you. LOL Aaaah Lucas…I love all 3 characters but I have a soft spot in my heart for Lucas. If you need a Lucas fix I suggest buying Castaway 1 and 2 unless you wish to wait for the complete book to be published.


Sara, Thank you for this snippet. I understand you have had writers block, had functions to attend, setbacks with purchasing a home and I read the post about someone you know passing away recently.. You choose to give us snippets and back stories into the life of the Hamilton family and for that I would like to say Mille Grazie! Merci Bien!.. I am glad to hear you are writing again!!

Maureen K

Sara… so glad you are back to your amazing writing! Also so glad to see Lucy back with Remi. (I can sleep better tonight!) As was said earlier, we all know they love each other! Can’t wait for the conclusion! Take your time and make it great (as we all know it will be).


:(( I really hate it when someone tells the line “YOU DESERVE SOMEONE BETTER.” I just think it is so unfair. :(
I do hope you’ll be able to finish Cast Away 3. I’m really excited!! No matter what, we’ll be here for you. :))) Go Sara!


I am so looking for to the next book and hope it gets finished soon. I would like to thank you Sarah for the joy I feel reading your books. I hope all is well and you are able to get the next book out for Castaway. Good luck


I have read 50 Shades of Grey, The series with Stark as the main character and another series with Gideon as the main character and other books but none of them got me so captivated and hooked as your books. Since i don’t have a kindle, I had to download the kindle program to my laptop cause i can’t wait for Anything he wants castaway book to come out so I ordered Castaway 6 and 7 and read it all last night into 2am this morning. I can’t believe you left it where Jeremiah found out that Lucy slept with Lucas…….This is killing me to find out how he found this out. Please hurry and finish with part 8. You could be responsible for driving me crazy if i have to wait too long… Thank you for being such a great writer. This series is so much more than just sex.


Por achei seu blog apos uma procurar ardua para encontrar noticias do segundo livro !
Pooor favor me envia o segundo livro .. super nervosa , ansiosa … por saber de desfecho da lucy …,
meu e-mail é

Quem poder enviar para mim agradecida demais desde já …bjs


hi hope the writing is going well. im trying to find your other book Take Me, Sir but i can’t seem to find it. is it out yet or not?


Can’t wait for the next instalment !! read parts 1 – 7, fantastic, thoroughly enjoyable read


Sara, i just wanted to thank you. I had a horseback riding accident 1 month ago. I broke my humerus and it reached my radial nerve which meani cant move my hand and arm anymore and its a pain in the ass. I discovered your books on saturday night and I just cant stop now. I was done with AHW by sunday morning (sleeping is so overrated anyway!) By sunday night i was done with Castaway 1 and 2. I want (see need here) C3 soooooo bad, while im reading i forget about that crappy arm of mine! I thank you so much for these stories!


ok finished two other of my series books, really would like to have the next installment of this book, any news yet?

Nerissa Naidoo

Hi guys can somebody please tell me exactly were this scene fits cos I think i missed this snippet. Please can someone clue me in ? is this scene b4 Lucy left Dubai or after? I’ve been flowing all da snippets I don’t knw how I missed this one. Please, please I’m dying to knw (going crazing here……) somebody! Thanks