Snippet Saturday once again!!

Hello beautiful people!! May is turning into a very busy month, but I haven’t forgotten about you!! No snippet from Castaway 3 this weekend, but I do have something else for you. 😉 There’s so much history about the Hamiltons in my head I could write an entire encyclopedia based on them alone!!

For now, I give you yet another small snippet into their history. 😉


If it had been a week earlier, Jeremiah would have been on maneuvers and could have had a valid reason to skip his father’s funeral.

Even from the grave, Rufus Hamilton still played the lives of his family like a symphony.

“Ah, the prodigal son returns.”

Jeremiah ignored his brother’ comment, keeping his position against the back wall as the current CEO entered the small office with his entourage. Lucas was dressed in an expensive suit befitting his title and seemed quite at home taking the chair nearest the desk. He studied Jeremiah before adding, “We missed you at father’s reception.”

It was difficult to get a rise out of someone who didn’t care. Jeremiah knew Lucas meant nothing by his comment. Both of Rufus Hamilton’s sons hated their father, even now after his death. Being the newly minted head of Hamilton Industries however meant that Lucas had to keep up certain appearances.

Jeremiah was free of such responsibities, and thanks his lucky stars every day for that freedom.

“It’s been a long time, brother,” Lucas mused, smoothing down the suit jacket absently. “I forget the last time we were all together.”

Jeremiah didn’t. He remembered with vivid clarity the last time he’d seen his father. Alive, at least. The Hamilton family patriarch had been livid when he’d discovered his youngest son had enlisted in the Army. Jeremiah had avoided any contact with his famiy for nearly two years, until he’d joined the Rangers. They’d required him to tie up loose ends which included wills and personal affairs.

Unfortunately, it also meant returning home, and having his last encounter with his father.

*”I have no use for you anymore. You’re already ruined.”*

How strange that some things stuck with you forever. Jeremiah couldn’t even remember what they’d been arguing about, and yet that phrase stayed with him. They were the final parting shot by the old man, and the last words Rufus ever said to Jeremiah. While he’d brushed off the words at the time, believing that they meant nothing, they stuck to Jeremiah’s soul like a brand. *You’re ruined.*

His lips thinned. A psychiatrist would probably have a field day with that one.

“So sorry I’m late. Oh, hello darlings.”

Jeremiah didn’t even bother to greet his mother as Georgia sashayed into the room. She was elegantly coifed in black chiffon with a veiled hat, making the grieving process look positively elegant. Despite her words, she ignored both her sons, and neither acknowledged her entrance. A few older members of Lucas’ entourage expressed their condolences; Georgia preened and pouted at the attention.

Beside her, Lucas lips compressed into a thin line. He looked bored, staring idly at his fingernails and picking lint from his pants. Jeremiah had grown up with the other man and could see the nervous tension emenating from his brother. Familial duty hadn’t brought him to this room any more than it brought Jeremiah. An empire was at stake: Rufus Hamilton had been worth billions, and that money had to go somewhere.

“Thank you everyone for coming.” The lawyer closed the doors to his office and returned to his desk, flipping out papers. “I’ll be brief and concise, and will answer any questions you may have after the reading is done.”

He held up a small manila envelope. “First, I would like to declare, as per my late client’s wishes, that I have three signed affidavits from psychiatric professionals proclaiming that Rufus Hamilton was indeed of sound mind when creating this will. Apparently, he feared it would be necessary.”

Jeremiah snorted as the lawyer began reading. Rufus never feared anything, he merely calculated all possibilities to maintain the outcome he wanted. The man had always been a master manipulator; it didn’t surprise Jeremiah that this continued beyond the grave.

“To my son Jeremiah…”

Jeremiah’s head snapped around at the sound of his name. He honestly hasn’t expected to hear his name called, given his father’s obvious contempt. The lawyer did a quick scan of the room and cleared his throat before continuing. “To my son Jeremiah Hamilton, I bequeath all shares and holdings of Hamilton Industries Corporation.”

A collective gasp came from around the room. The lawyer continued in the stunned silence that followed. “Pursuant to this, Jeremiah Hamilton must take over as action CEO immediately. If this condition is not met, then all holdings, institutions, and businesses are to be liquidated…”

At that point, Jeremiah tuned out. He stood there, stunned, as several people surrounded him. They were asking questions but nothing got through the fog surrounding Jeremiah’s mind.

“What about me?”

The strident tones of Georgia Hamilton had the lawyer looking through paperwork on his desk. “Ah,” he said, brandishing a sheet. “Apparently you had a signed prenuptial agreement which released any entitlement to future holdings…”

An outraged shriek filled the small room, but Georgia’s protests were drowned out by the myriad of statements from the men surrounding Jeremiah. Phrases like “Thousands of jobs lost” and “Billions of dollars at stake” were being tossed around. Jeremiah idly noted that the fancy suits clashed with his military BDU’s. That thought was almost amusing.


As if a giant eraser had fallen into his life, Jeremiah watched helplessly as the future he’d planned was wiped away in an instant. For the first time in his life, he’d found a purpose; the military had given him the stability and family he’d always craved. The decision had already been made for him to re-enlist; he was to sign the paperwork immediately following his return from New York. What had been a way to rebel against his father, slip free of the chains, had blossomed into so much more.

That life he’d wanted for himself, gone in the blink of an eye.

Off to the side, Lucas sat alone in the same seat, staring straight ahead. The men who had only moments before stood around him had abandoned the man in favor of the new scion, flocking to Jeremiah and all talking at once. Between their questions and wheedling tones, combined with his mother’s shrill protestations as to her own lack of inheritance, Jeremiah found it difficult to even think. Lucas’ face was partially turned away, so Jeremiah couldn’t make out his expression, but there was a stillness there that he’d never associated with his normally frenetic brother. Finally, unnoticed by everyone in the room except Jeremiah, Lucas stood and quietly left the room.

Well played, father, Jeremiah thought bitterly, watching as the last vestiges of his dream flowed away. Well played…

Misty P.

Hi Sara. Have you consider writing a book about the Hamiltons. I love the these snippets. They help you to understand the men Jeremiah & Lucas became. My friends look at funny when I told them I liked Jeremiah’s character a little more than Christian’s. I think it has something to do with ruggedness & toughness of Jeremiah’s character. Thank you again for sharing this story with us.


I agree The Hamiltons I would love to about them and how lucas became to have such wonderful sense of humor


Poor Jeremiah and Lucas , there father was indeed a piece of work, it’s hard to know who to feel the most sympathy for. Instead of trying their best to hurt each other they should join forces and come to a compromise which suits them both. Where this would leave Lucy I don’t know, but maybe she loves remy enough to let him go.


Did the father really die? Sounds like the old man is playing head games with all of them and setting the for disturction! Jeremiah seemed like the money didn’t faze him! Hope he wins the girl and the a happily ever after!


Their family is about as dysfunctional as my family. I would like to read more about the hamilton family. Reading this helps me have a better understanding of the relationship among the two brothers and their mother. Thanks for the snippet 😀

Jennifer H

I am so glad to be following your page so I can reap the benefits of the weekly snippets! I am so in love with this story and look forward to these extra looks into the story line… it makes me feel more attached to my fav characters! Keep up the amazing writing so I can keep enjoying reading it!

Jennie Vendrasco

Another turn, yea, I love that you are going back and talking about the Hamilton’s and maybe even bringing in the third brother’s mom (affair) at the time. Yes, My darling Sara you have me sitting on needles awaiting every snippet! Thank you!

AV Anderson

I love the back story. You could write a book on the brothers. I would love to read the story of how Lucas got into running guns. Thank you, I look forward to Snippet Saturday/Sunday!


At the end of the complete Book 1 Sara has an added bonus story about Lucas called “Devil’s Due” it tells a bit of what happened to him after he found the missing corporate funds and was immediately suspected of being the one who stole it. He make the choice of running instead of defending himself and then Sara writes how he was introduced into gun running…


I love this too!!! But the word count is still 23% I notice……you’re killing me with the wait!!!! Love ya Sara!!!! Keep up the great writing!!!


That was very interesting its helpful to understand the brothers relationship when you give us the historic snippets. Can’t wait for the next book :)


As much as I love reading about the Hamiltons, I’d love to hear about Lucy’s life prior to meeting Jeremiah. For someone to make the decision she did to be his PA, and “anything he wants”, she had to have lived an interesting life as well.


I agree with Gin! what would make a person just turn her whole life over a total stranger? a pretty amazing, intense, and extremely attractive stranger at that! I suppose the loneliness of losing both parents at such a young age, and then no other family members to really speak of. I can’t wait for this book to come out! doesn’t really look like it’s going to be coming out in May though! it’s worth the wait, can’t wait for the HEA for Jeremiah and Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loooooved it!!! I read Devils Due at the end of Book 1 and this scene is what days? no more than 1 week before, Lucas is unceremoniously introduced into the criminal world by a business colleague of Hamilton Industries…So after this Lucas finds the discrepancy in the corporate funds and is immediately eyed as the prime suspect and instead of defending himself he makes a stupid move and takes off.
So now that I have read ‘Devils Due” at the end of Book 1 I am getting a clearer picture of what happened after Rufus died and turned the lives of his sons upside down….Too bad Lucas didn’t figure out at the time it was the mother who stole the funds..but I wonder why Jeremiah didn’t dig enough to find who the real thief was.

I love these back stories..keep them coming!!!!!

Carolyn Perry

The snippets you’ve written on Jeremiah and Lucas are fascinating. I would love it if you wrote a complete novel about the Hamiltons!


Hurry up :) I’m in love with both guys, but to be honest I see Lucy pregnant and not knowing which one is daddy, cause she did not get her shot of birth control due to her traveling :)) when will the next book be out?


I really miss the Saturday snippet this week. 8-( After a long hard weekend of working, the Saturdays snippets are the highlight of my weekends. I didn’t realize it until I didn’t get it this week. I miss you, Sara. But I hope you had fun. Your new toy looks like it will be fun. We rode them a lot when I was a kid.


I agree, I missed the snippet Saturday or Sunday snippet, hope you aren’t at a stall mate so to speak, please don’t make Lucy pregnant, that would be very predictable, and that’s what every other book author has done so far. I am missing the Lucy and Jeremiah storyline so bring it on please. you know everyone is busy blaming Lucy for climbing into bed with Lucas, and I agree, however why in the world would Lucas sleep with his brothers girlfriend, shame on him! and he knew lucy loves jeremiah. waiting for the HEA


I keep checking the progress bar for Castaway #3 and it doesn’t seem to move…This is like torture, I need more! I agree that I miss the Jeremiah and Lucy story line.


I agree with other that you need to write the Hamilton Prequel. I’d love to see the dynamics previous to their father’s death.


Love the back stories! Gives some insight into how the boys got so broken. Can’t wait to see how Lucy and Jeremiah work together to help heal each other. No way should she end up with Lucas! He’s a criminal and by logic there would be no future. The whole story so far is about how she loves Jeremiah and for her to end up with Lucas, with no future, would be sooo disappointing and a compromise. In my line of work I see a lot of crap that leaves me wanting HEA, and I look for that in the stories wonderful, talented people like you create. I got so frustrated and burned out a number of years ago with work burn out and then having no great stories with HEA that I stopped reading altogether, for over 10 years. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying your story… but really, really hoping for a HEA with Lucy and Jeremiah. Good Luck!


I really enjoy reading your books and your snippets… I really like how you went into depth about the Hamilton men. Have you ever considered writing about Jeremiah and Lucas’s childhood?


has anyone ever written a series that split into several books taking each in directions that didn’t consider the others….like team Jeremiah, team Lucas, and even team Lucy? Then, all of us readers get to “win” in the end.