Snippet Saturday – enter the villain (2/2)

So last week I gave a (rather long) snippet introducing the villain to our heroine. I asked via social media (hi Facebook and Twitter peeps!) if I should continue that part this week or do something new, and a narrow majority favored a continuation. So here is part two of that scene, the ending of which was originally meant to be the ending of “Castaway 3” but…well, it needed a few more pages. 😉

Yes, this excerpt is unedited; yes there’s likely errors; and YES it will be edited and fixed before actual publication. Enjoy!! 😀


I didn’t stand a chance.

“You’re very lucky to have left when you did.” Alexander looked at his watch. “I need to make my exit, but it was wonderful talking to you. I wanted to meet the woman who brought both Hamilton men to their knees.”

Something about the way he said that made me tremble harder. I couldn’t open my mouth to deny it; my body was frozen in place. I sat there unmoving as he stood up, grabbed a jacket from the back of the seat, and walked past me. My brain played out scenarios on how I was about to die, but the seconds ticked past and nothing happened. I couldn’t, however, make myself turn around to see where he’d gone.

My brain told me I was hyperventilating but I couldn’t stop my racing heart. There was no way I could have imagined all that; the two glasses were still on the counter in front of me. For several seconds I sat there, trying to control my breathing. I had nowhere to go, nobody to call.

My brain told me I was hyperventilating but I couldn’t stop my racing heart. There was no way I could have imagined all that; the two glasses were still on the counter in front of me. For several seconds I sat there, trying to control my breathing. I had nowhere to go, nobody to call.

I was alone.

“Oi, can you turn that up?”

The loud question next to my head startled me. A quick glance around the bar confirmed that nobody was watching me, but I still felt horribly raw and violated. That stranger had known too much about me; to have my life be such an open book, to have him speak of my parents… I had to get out of here, and grabbed my thin sweater off the back of the chair.

Words filtered to my ears as I tried to slip out of the airport bar. “…bombing in a Dubai hotel…”

If I thought I’d already reached the end of my chain, those words shattered the links. I whipped around to see images of the Almasi Hotel on the small television behind the bar, smoke all but obscuring the tower.

No. Please God, no. The newscaster was saying something but I couldn’t hear, my thoughts too jumbled. I covered my mouth in shock, then turned and stumbled out into the causeway.

I had to get ahold of myself. Danger seemed everywhere; the busy terminal had hundred of eyes, any of which could be deadly. Not knowing where to go, I staggered toward the nearest chair. The gate was all but empty; I shared the space with one other lady, but the rest of humanity poured through the narrow walkway. I felt trapped inside the tube; taking deep breaths wasn’t helping.

Something vibrated in my coat pocket.

Startled by the sound, I jumped in my seat, then tentatively reached inside and pulled out an unfamiliar cellphone. It wasn’t mine, in fact I had no idea where it had come from. Freed from my pocket, it rang loudly, the display displaying a blocked number. Holding my breath, I pulled the clamshell open and pressed the green button with a shaky finger. “H-Hello?”

“What’s up, gorgeous?” Exuberant tones spilled through the phone. “Miss me?”

“Lucas?” A cold wave of relief rolled over me, and I clutched the phone to my ear. “Where are you?”

“Well, funny story that. Still in Dubai, technically, although I’m not sure how international…”

“Someone was here.” The words spilled out, the sobs I’d been holding down threatening to rise to the surface. “Somebody approached me at the bar. He knew my name, he knew everything about me…”

“Lucy, calm down.” The jovial tone was gone, replaced by a much needed calmness. “I need you to start from the beginning.”

But I didn’t care about that, I needed to know information. “The television said there was an explosion,” I asked. “In Dubai, at the hotel. Lucas, the man said I was lucky to leave when I did, what happened? Is Jeremiah alright? What about Amyrah?”

“There was an explosion, but I need you to get to safety. Where are you right now?”

I looked quickly around. “I’m at gate B13. Lucas, is Jeremiah alright?” I had to know, and his pause after my question only made my heart race faster.

“Listen Lucy, I’m going to get you help. Right now however I’m a little bit tied up with…”

What about Jeremiah?” I hadn’t meant to shout the words, but it felt like my heart was going to burst from my chest. I ducked my head, covering my eyes with my hand to block out the swirl of people around me. “Please Lucas, tell me he’s alright.”

It was several long seconds before he finally spoke. “I’m sorry Lucy, but I–”

The line went dead.

“Lucas? Lucas?!” I pulled the phone from my ear and stared at it. The call had been dropped with no way to reconnect.

I’m sorry Lucy. In my mind, that only meant one thing.

I wanted to throw up. Wrapping my arms around my stomach, I leaned forward until my head was between my knees. I kept my eyes tightly shut, struggling to breathe around the icy clamp around my heart.

No. No no no no. I could have lived my life without Jeremiah. It would have hurt knowing he was no longer mine, but I could have dealt with that. If he was dead however… Moans escaped me, and I put the back of my hand across my mouth.

I was holding my breath, and I forced myself to exhale, then take another breath. Another small moan came with the exhalation, and I felt tears spill over my hand.

Anna Marie Kenward

Aarrgh!! Too short! My heart is literally racing. I was there in the airport with Lucy! OMG! Can’t wait to find out more. Hope you can put us out of our misery soon. Thank you for the taster. :)

Lil Max

Why, why, why would you do that to me! Talk about a teaser! Please finish soon so you can end my agony. You don’t want me to suffer do you?

Mrs. Marshall

no no no no…please tell me jeremiah had already left dubai and lucas was mistaken…i sooo cant wait until this comes out..btw do you have a tentative release date??? i cant wait and I am overly anxious…


Wow, sara ur such a tease. I freakn luv it. Aarrgh, cant wait for the whole book to be ready. I guess all great things do take time. Awsome J.O.B!


Oh my gosh, now I’m pissed, when the heck is this book coming out? was so looking forward to a great snippet about Lucy and Jeremiah, really your killing us all here!

Tracy Horton

So happy you’ve got your grove back!!! I think I can say for all of us…we can’t wait!!!!


This is too much… Too exciting! Well done!!! I’m so happy you are making so much progress and finally feeling better about everything! Keep it going because the suspense is killing me! Xx


Ok Sara….I can’t take much more!! I need some Jeremiah in my life!! I have resorted to obsessing over instead of reading anymore books till I get to read yours! Please oh please hurry!!! 😉


Sara…As I was reading this I literally was screaming OMG OMG OMG!!! My husband was looking at me like what is your problem :). I am so unbelievably excited for the next installment I totally can’t wait. I don’t mean to rush you because I know perfection takes time but….PLEASE HURRY!!! #teamjeremiah

nigeria larkins

When is Castaway 1 & Castaway 2 complete books coming out and when will Castaway 3 be finished and is Jeremiah dead

Sue Griffiths

OMG!! Jeremiah, cannot be dead!!! Him and Lucy belong together!! They have come so far not to have their HEA!!! When is this book coming out???


I’m dying to read the whole story!!!!! Please do not let anything happen to Jeremiah!!!!Save him!!!! Please release the next part soon…..Love this story!!!!


If Mr Rush is not as wealthy as the Hamilton brothers, where is he getting the money to fund all these attempts on their lives?? could it be there mother?
Keep up the good work sara.

Thelma McNaught

I have a feeling Rufus Hamilton is still alive coz either that or their mother is the one behind the many attempts on their lives..please save Jeremiah no matter what be him crippled or blind but seriously don’t kill him…if anything kill Lucas…you’re killing me here..can’t wait


Sara, quando será o lançamento desse novo capitulo?? Estou muito ansiosa para saber o final dessa historia. Bjs


Sara, when SERA O LANÇAMENTO Desse novo capitulo? ESTOU Muito ansiosa parágrafo sabre o último Dessa historia. Bjs


Wow Sara!!! that was AWESOME!!! That Alexander Rush is so sinister and bent on murderous vengeance and boy what vengeance he has!…I hope you will reveal to us why he is so vengeful and bent on destroying his half brothers….NO WAY do I believe Jeremiah is dead or hurt…but thanks anyway for the cliffhanger..I am getting ideas that Remi and Lucas has teamed up and have a plan…it may be wishful thinking because I want the 2 brothers to reunite and fight against Alex..

Josephine F

Please hurry…….can’t wait anymore. Your making me very angious….please don’t kill the Hamilton men! Love them…..Lucy needs them……..she deserves happiness with Jeremeh! Hurry,


I am engrossed in these stories and have been waiting for casaway3 how will we know when they are released. I do not wan I miss a lick of this story-pun intended

Nerissa Naidoo

Nerissa,south africa
Hi Sara love da story but I’m disappoint that u let Lucy sleep with Lucus. Love Jeremiah and Lucy’s story they meant to be together cos their relationship started first. Lucy’s first love. Can’t wait to see what happens next ! Please let jeremiah b ok!

Jacqui Cunningham

Jacqui,Ireland Hi sara that was great but your killing me here please please don’t kill Jeremiah off Lucy and him belong together .There great you can just picture them together and it’s hot.Lucus is great 2 but not for Lucy u could bring in a love interest for him and I think Lucy needs 2 great a bit stronger and fight for her man.This would make a great movie when it’s all finished


Hi, Sara! I’m from Brazil. When part 8 will be in stores? I fell for your history; my favorite character is Lucas. I haven’t read what you posted about Castaway 3. My afraid is… humm… My afraid is stay so excited with the expectation, that I possibly don’t like. Kisses!


Hi Sara, random question (as in totally unrelated to AHW, which I LOVE btw), but will be seeing anything more from the Back into the Groove series?! I really enjoyed the 1st book!!


Oh for the love of god! when the heck is this book coming out? I don’t believe for a minute that Jeremiah is dead, or even hurt or missing, I miss the love story between Jeremiah and Lucy, I thought you were going to have a release date by last week! your killing us all here you know?


she’s killing me too – i miss the love story between jeremiah and lucy too release date please and a HEA would be nice :)

Michelle Caputo

Please, please! I need more… I dont speak English, but I try to talk about here: I’m desperate for a third book…