Snippet Saturday – enter the villain!

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I did a snippet! You all have been incredibly patient with me as I was struggling with, well, whatever it was that had me frozen. This week I’m also really excited about the release of my short story in the “Fling” anthology this Tuesday. I’ve been readying several posts for a blog tour, interviews (some deliciously racy!), etc. Combined with the house stuff (which deserves a post all its own!), it’s been pretty busy here, but I still managed to get some decent writing in! 😀

I sometimes worry that I’m going to give key information away with snippets, but this is a part of the story that I’ve had in my head since BEFORE I even started Castaway. So, a little longer snippet than I normally do in the hopes of making up for the last several weeks of, well, nothing. As always, this is an unedited version of the story, small details might be changed later, so on and so forth. 😉



I stared at the bartender poured colorful drinks on the countertop, trying to decide if it was worth it to get wasted or if that would make things worse.

Winter storms had extended my layover in London Heathrow, so I’d retreated to a nearby bar. The British airport was very different than in Dubai, but its inhabitants no less varied. It felt much more normal to me, more western, but I missed the exoticness of the Arabian airport. Dubai was an experience I’d never thought I’d have and, while not every part was perfect, it was a memory I’d treasure.

But mostly, I missed Jeremiah. He was the one I wanted to forget, as well as my choices that had damned me to a dreary life.

It was tempting to try forgetting but, somehow, I doubted alcohol would help much.

“Can I buy you something?”

I looked beside me as a man around my age sat down in the seat beside me. He was handsome in a normal way, wearing a light suit that complimented his dark hair. His expression was placid and friendly, but I gave him a wan smile and shook my head. “No, I’m good.”

“You sure? Look like you could use one.”

Great. Now strangers were commenting on my melancholy. I must look like a wreck, I thought, and shrugged. “I don’t even know what to order.”

He flagged down the bartender. “Two Midori sours,” he said, then turned to me. “So, where are you headed?”

“New York City.”

“Ah, an east coast girl.” He cocked his head sideways. “You have a faint accent though, French Canadian?”

My eyebrows shot up. Most people didn’t notice; even Jeremiah, as astute as he was, had never mentioned it. “I was born in Quebec,” I replied, more than a little impressed. “Moved to New York when I was ten.” It had been the year my grandfather died, leaving us the house where my mother had been raised.

“That must have been tough for you.”

I shrugged. “No little kid likes to move, I guess.” He seemed nice enough, not as overbearing as Jeremiah or as wily as Lucas. He seemed like a businessman, clean cut and well dressed, but I could tell from my brief time with Jeremiah that the man before me wasn’t rich. His shoes weren’t high-dollar, the suit not an expensive cut. He seemed normal, the kind of man I should end up with.

Once upon a time, I would have been attracted to someone like this. Now, they seemed so drab in comparison.

I took a deep breath, fighting against my own disappointment. Would I always compare other men to Jeremiah? “What about you?” I asked, forcing a friendly smile, “where are you heading?”

“Oh, I’m travelling to see family,” he answered as the bartender arrived with our drinks. I sniffed the green liquid then took a sip, and was pleasantly surprised by the sweet taste. “So is anyone special waiting for you at home?”

His innocuous question destroyed my mood. I set my hand with the drink on the countertop, the syrupy liquor turning to ash in my mouth. It was difficult to tell if he was hitting on me or just making conversation. “I just got over a bad breakup,” I answered, hoping he would get the hint.

“Ah yes, how is Jeremiah doing these days?”

At first, his response didn’t register. “Excuse me?”

“You’ve had quite a rough time lately,” he continued blithely, waving around his drink for emphasis before taking a sip. “Of course, that probably started more with when your parents were killed by that hit-and-run driver than when you were seduced in an elevator.”

It was like someone had reached inside my chest and had a stranglehold on my lungs. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t even move. In my hand, the plastic cup rattled against the wood bar, but no one around us seemed to notice my distress.

“I took a little visit to your family home in upstate New York,” he continued, stirring the green drink with the little straw. “Very pretty, more so in person. The family inside it now hasn’t kept up the place.”

“Who are you?” I whispered, the words squeezed out of me.

“But I suppose the sins of the parents are passed down to the next generation,” he continued, seeming to ignore my question. “Your parents couldn’t see past the moment, mismanaging their finances so that when they were killed in a silly accident, they ruined your life…”

Throwing my drink in his face wasn’t a conscious decision. The sound of the ice cubes hitting the linoleum below shocked me, but the other man’s expression didn’t change. A few people looked over at us, but nobody seemed interested in joining our discussion.

He paused, then picked up a napkin from the counter and wiped his face. “I probably deserved that.”

“Who are you?” I repeated, my voice shaky but louder this time. Inside I was a mess; that he knew so much about my life had me in a panic, but I had nowhere to go. I’d abandoned the only people who could help me, believing myself not involved in their problems. Now I was sitting alone, thousands of miles away, being told that I was now as big a part in this story as any Hamilton.

For a brief moment the stranger didn’t respond, just stared at me. “What do we know about the Hamilton family tree?” he said finally, tilting his head sideway in thought. “Certainly an ignoble heritage going back several generations. Their money was made on the backs of others, trampling lesser men to achieve their ends. The current generation boasts an arms smuggler who’s taken an untold number of lives, and a commando who is no better than his father with his own militia.”

No better than his father. My adrenaline-fueled brain put together the pieces. “You’re Alexander Rush.”

“Ah, you’ve heard of me. Rufus Hamilton’s bastard, one of many no doubt – is that how they described me? Loki’s friend is very good at gathering information, but guess what?” He leaned forward. “I’m better.”

The blithe tone as he spoke, the way he ticked off details of my own life to me, cut me to the quick. The danger I thought I was leaving, the deadly intrigue and drama, had followed me. I was being pulled into the snare as surely as any Hamilton, except I didn’t know how to fight this. I didn’t have military contacts, or a spy network, or an armed militia.

I didn’t stand a chance.


Wow! The third Hamilton brother arises…I wonder how this brother will get to her. I can’t wait to see. 😉


Loved it…I can’t wait to read the new book. I do feel sorry for Alexander though because he may be angry at what his father did to him but he is messing with J’s girl and he is in for it!

Anna Marie Kenward

Omg! Omg, Omg!!! I agree with Sherry. Please don’t let coerce her into sleeping with him. And when did she break up with J? thought they were in love! Hope there’s a happy ending.


Never saw that coming, he seems to be a cross between Jeremiah and Lucas perfect! now I really can’t wait. Well done Sara for keeping us on the edge of our seats.


Please let her be with Jeremy! We need them together!!! When would that be released?? Can’t wait anymore!!!


Omg well worth the wait

sara ill wait forever if that’s what it takes, things are getting interesting.

Alexander rush let’s see what you got…..Bring it on!!


Omg thank you for that Sara I miss Lucy and Jeremiah and even Lucas though I am team Jerimiah can wait for next book


wow! This girls gets into more predictments……but I love the fact that she does……can’t wait to see what happens next. thanks for the snippet.


Please don’t have her sleep with the 3rd brother..didn’t like the fact she sleep with the 2nd brother within 48 hours of leaving “J”


Please don’t tell me she sleeps with him too!!! That will just screw it all up…. I still can’t get over the fact that she cheated on Jeremiah with his brother!


Oh man the suspense is killing me!!! I love this story and cannot get enough of it. PLEASE HURRY!!!

Janaina Godoy

I am one of the readers Brazilian … sorry if you have something wrong because I’m using the translator .. lol
I would like to know the continuation of the book What You Want .. because I’m super excited …
Congratulations on the book!!


I think the 3rd brother is going to take Lucy as a hostage, and Jeremiah is going to have to rescue her again, they need to bring back there love story, that’s why we all started reading this series after all, can’t wait to get this whole story…………….. when oh when is the next installment coming? HURRY!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG….I love it.. I can’t wait to read the next part. You have to write faster. The anticipation is killing me.

Michelle Blaker

I agree, let us not have her sleep her way through the family, I would totally loose respect for her …that is just wrong…very juicy but, still rooting for her to get the man she really connected with, and I think it was Lucas… Sorry those of you pulling for J.


Sara, im falling more and more about this book!! Thanks that you have bem giving us some of castaway 3!! Im ansious and crossing fingers to have a date to wait for to read it all!! And please, Jeremiah need to finally put his barrier down for her, after all, he is learning to love right?! Cant this break any wall?!?

gisele brito braga

Por favor que a Lucy não durma de novo com um irmão Hamilton, já achei tão esquisito ela com Luko…


Hi, I’m from Germany and I love your little stories.
I hope for Lusy’s return to Jeremiah but I think she is also in love with Lucas und so in the end I hope she will find a way to be engaged with both brothes. *flushed* I think for the hot scences it will be also a very very interesting thing. 😀


Ah well, my darling Sara, the reason I don’t read the snippets is basic… it’s like giving a woman with pms a bite of a chocolate bar when she wants the whole damn candy bar lol. I am waiting patiently for the entire book….release date yet??


Sara, so glad to see you are past your writers block. Love the snippet. Can’t wait for the book.


Ai Meu Deus, você é de +!!!! Esse post é simplesmente maravilhoso! adroro essa história e sinceramente, mal posso esperar pra ver os proximos episódios dela! rsrsrs… como sempre querida vc arrasou nesse trecho!

Dee Lo

OMG!!! Seriously Can’t Wait!!! I am sooooo bored with No New Material to read… I read a Sample of Fling, and I love it, but I wanna see if I win a hard copy, ergo the reason to not read it right away, cause if I buy at Amazon, I will finish it within a day or so… <3

Judy Cagnina

Oh my, and the plot thickens…Can’t wait for the continuation! Keep up the great work Sara.


Loved it!!!!..That Alex Rush is scary, sinister, creepy, Wow…Thanks for the snippet..!!! keep up the great work!!


I know some are going to call me crazy but I have to say I would love to see what can happen between Lucy and Loki. I have a thing for bad boys lol.

Nerissa Naidoo

Please can somebody tell me what happened from da time Jeremiah asked Lucy in dubai about she telling him she slept with his brother and Lucy getting to london airport . Omg! am I missing some parts of da story? I don’t knw what happened in between I’m lost and dying to know what happened between Jeremiah and Lucy when he found out that she slept with Lucus .Or is there a jump in da story. ‘SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP’