Vickie Isom

Hild up did i see somewhere part 3 will be availiable July 22 on monday? That would be like in 3 1/2 days like whats left of thursday then friday,saturday,sunday?


Hi Sara, stunning cover it blend into da castaway series perfectly. C u having a ball in Atlanta. All da best! So when do u think we would b able to read castaway 3? Can’t wait feels like its taking 4 ever lol! I’m like a drug addict without my drugs! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sara love it! Thank you!!!!!!!!L!L Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Keep reading Anything he wants……over a d over again! Thanks for the suspense and hookline and sinker.


Read Castaway 3 today, and of course I absolutely loved it. Now I eagerly await #4. BTW Sara..way to leave us hanging with that ending! ๐Ÿ˜‰

fatima andrea gomes lopes

estou muito anciosa pelo a parte 3 jรก li os primeiros 2 vezes cada e a cada lida amo mais lucy jeremis e lucas


I just finished reading Castaway 3 and loved it. I am ready for the full story, the entire book. When will that be? How many more parts to go?

Nerissa Naidoo

Hi Sara just finished reading castaway 3 gripping stuff but tooooo short! I wish there was a little more to it! Loved da story and da action nyc twist. Plse tell me that Jeremiah and Lucy r permantely together now! Cos da last snippet didnt seem like so. Im so confused ;/ ‘plse can u explain about tht part’ would love to hear from u. Can da next part b a little longer and tht Jeremiah and Lucy have a happy ending with them getting married with some details to it plse! No1 fan!!!!!

Nerissa Naidoo

Hi Sara ! sorry I more thing plse u can not end this so quickly I understand da story is winding down but u have to give Lucus his own story and let him find his own love cos this ‘story ‘ is not complete without lucus’s story. Don’t 4get Lucus!