Happy shiny things!

Less than one week to the Romance Writers of America convention, and the stressing is very well underway! *eeek*

Many things were promised this week and it’s time to deliver! Remember that little contest we were having for a signed FLING paperback and gift certificate? Well, I got a nice surprise in the mail this week:


So guess what? MORE WINNERS!!! Only one person will get the $25 Amazon gift certificate but I will now be sending out 10 more paperback books to ten lucky winners.

Excel’s random number generator has given me eleven lucky numbers, and the following people are winners:


Leesa Strawbridge


Kim Porter
Cayce Chavis
Karrie Stanger
Andi Tilley
Liza Johnson
Erin Stewart
Lori Wells
Stacy Seefeldt
Kristy Wilkinson
Aurora Jamaica

Congrats to you all, I’ll be sending you an email shortly. Hope you enjoy the book!! A big thank you for everyone who signed up, I’ll be doing more giveaways via my newsletter so it pays to check it out! 😀


Liza Johnson

OMG!!!! I’m excited I can’t wait!!!! Its been for ever since I won something!!! Thank you so much!!!