Midweek check-in: RWA ’13!!

I’m sitting in the Avon Digital Day panel, next to both my FLING anthology-mate Lauren Hawkeye and editor Chelsey Emmelhainz, listening to the feedback and research on marketing over the last year. It’s so interesting how diverse online marketing is for books these days. Apparently, readers love social media and blog posts to keep in touch with authors.

Which, of course, made me want to do an impromptu blog post. Hello pretty people!!! πŸ˜€

I mentioned last Saturday that I finished “Castaway 3” and had edits to come, but that went MUCH faster than anticipated! I’m now waiting on the cover artist of awesome to get me final copies of the chosen cover, which I’m SO TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH… *ahem* Which is really pretty. πŸ˜‰ And which I promise to show you the minute I have the final copy!

On Facebook and Twitter I mentioned a few days ago that I might be able to push out C3 early. It’s been so long since I got something new out that I’m as eager to get it into your hands as you are to get it. The last cog in the self-pub works is that cover, once I have it in hand I can start the whole process! I’m excited about this part, and am looking forward to sharing with you.


Some of you have noticed and commented on the Street Team sign up link that showed up mysteriously, silently, on the right column. I’m trying to put together a team of folks who would be willing to help me get the word out on new releases, giveaways and upcoming stories. It will be different from the newsletter which is more about announcing to you what’s coming up; the street team works a bit more closely and gets prizes and first looks at what’s coming up. All I ask is that you broadcast what you find to everyone you know, and get the word out. I’m still feeling it out and am not sure who might be interested, but would love ANY help you all can provide!!

Now, back to looking interested listening to the marketing panel here for Avon. πŸ˜‰