New iTunes record!!

I’ve had so many folks ask me on Twitter and Facebook (and blog comments!) about when “Castaway 3” will be available on iTunes. I released the latest part late last week, but iTunes has always lagged in getting stories uploaded.

Well, I’m pleased as punch to report they did it in a record-breaking (for them) time of four days. “Anything He Wants: Castaway (#3)” is LIVE on Apple iTunes and iBooks!!!

Because of the delay, I’ve extended the $.99 promo on the new part until Friday, July 26. I appreciate everyone who waited so long, and wanted to say a huge THANK YOU as best I could. All I ask is for an honest review letting me know what you thought. 😉

And as always, enjoy!!! 😀


Sara, I read castaway 3 in one day. I couldn’t put my phone down. I can’t wait for part 4 to come out. Awesome work!


I truly loved it. Couldnt put it down and read it in one day. Looking forward to Castaway 4!!!! I love every book in this series. They all keep you wanting more and more. The charactors are excellent and well thought out. Thank you!

Amanda Edwards

Sara, I loved Castaway #3 please tell me there is going to be more and when? Thanks, Amanda.


Sara love the books can’t wait for the next. I read this book so fast the wait is going to kill me. Lol. But every time it is worth the wait. Great work and thank you for the great story.


Loved Castaway 3! It was inevitable to me that Remi & Lucy would get back together…BUT the scene stealer is LUCAS, yet again !! Oh Lucas, how I adore the way you write his character, it is brilliant! With the introduction of Alex Rush we have the Sinister brother, cant wait to see if you write more about him in a back story…Once again you have given your readers a fantastic story to read!!!


I loved Castaway 3. I am anxiously awaiting 4 to see what happens with Jeremiah and Lucy. I read it in a night and wish I would have taken my time to fill the time between that and 4. Awesome writing!

Vickie Isom

Sara, where is my snippet this week? I am so waiting on it i need it. Thanks for it cause i know as im typing so are u :) lol have a great weekend


Loved it. When is Castaway 4 expected to be done? I can’t wait to see how they all end up. Especially Lucas. Will he find away to lead a normal life? And what about their mother? Is she the one behind all of this???