Snippet… *eep* Tuesday?!

The newest nephew of AWESOME!!

Boy, I sure dropped the ball on this one!! I spent the last several days running distraction for a 2-year old while my sister and BIL got used to having a tiny baby again. Today is the first real day I have to myself (the toddler just went to daycare and my sister will take care of the baby), so it’s time to play catchup from the last week or so. First thing’s first: get out that overdue snippet!

Due to kids and nonstop traveling these last couple weeks, as well as focusing on Castaway 3’s release, my word counts haven’t been as high as I’d like. Hopefully the next few days will get me more new material, but here you go! As always, the story is subject to change in edits and/or rewrites, so on and so forth. :)


Waking up was painful.

I stayed in a fuzzy stupor for too long, my brain unable to deal with reality quite yet, before I finally came lucid. My whole body hurt, as if I’d been body slammed repeatedly by a team of linebackers. I lay there for a moment, taking inventory of all the small pains, before daring to move so much as an inch.

Immediately I knew I was in trouble when my leg wouldn’t budge. Something heavy lay atop it, but in the darkness I couldn’t see what it was. I coughed, the air a mixture of smoke and dust. My brain didn’t seem up for the challenge of thinking, the act sending shooting pains through my skull.

Stuck in place, I laid back down on the uneven floor, closing my eyes and trying to breathe. My lungs hurt, too full of particulates, but right then breathing was all I could manage. It hurt to do anything else, and when the coughing started it brought sharps pains up the pinned leg.

Jeremiah. The memory was there, but distant. I saw a familiar man’s face in my mind, green eyes staring down at me, but anything more hurt too much to think about. I squeezed my eyes shut, tears leaking out and drying almost instantly against the dust on my cheeks.

I reached out blindly with one hand, feeling out my surroundings, and felt something shift nearby. A groan echoed through the small space as someone else woke up. “Are you okay?” I managed to croak, my voice all but gone.

There was silence for a long moment. “Lucy?”

The voice put me in mind of a carefree, flippant personality. I closed my eyes. “Lucas. What happened?”

“Dunno.” I heard him shift next to me, and then he gave a small groan. “Hang on.”

Light illuminated the space, and I squinted as it was pointed directly on me. Shielding my eyes, I looked around the small area and saw thick pieces of wood holding up rubble less than a foot away. “I liked it better when I didn’t know what was on me,” I whispered faintly.

“No kidding, right?”

The silence had sharpened my hearing, and through the pain in my skull I thought I heard voices. Lucas must have as well because he said, “Help is on the way.”

I squeezed my eyes tight, lethargy overwhelming me. “So tired,” I murmured, only wanting to sleep.

“Hey!” The sharp voice reverberated inside the tiny space. “No sleeping until we’re out. You might have a concussion.”

The lethargy continued to spread however, and no matter how I tried to keep awake my body demanded otherwise. I reached out a hand toward his voice. “Lucas.”

I vaguely remember someone tugging at my arm, but nothing I did could keep me awake.


oh my : ) i cant believe it So so good. and that baby is beautiful. Thanks doll & enjoy them little ones they grow up so fast. I personally enjoyed my neices and nephews more then my own cause I know them little beggers where leaving lol. Please dont make me wait so long again : ))


First off super cute adorable baby (squeals)

I looooove this snippet …im looking for other words to express what I feel but im drawing up a blank

I love you writing. ..can’t wait from the rest
amazing as always

Nerissa Naidoo

Very,very interesting must say ! Where’s Jeremiah Sara ? Getting a bit teary eye @ da moment. Waiting to read more. Ur nephew is so goreous! Kiss,kiss!


Can’t wait thanks for the snippet always keeping us informed really appreciate it looking forward to Castaway 4 conclusion though i will miss Jeremiah and Lucy when its done it will be nice to have an ending then I would like to read Lucas’ story :) I like Lucas just not with Lucy :) Oh and adorable baby by the way :)


I agree that baby is just so darn cute! Love this whole series, love the way you keep us on the edge of our seats, however, hopefully we don’t have to wait that long this time around! looking forward to reading how you put lucy and Jeremiah back together in a great honest loving relationship. I to love Lucas just not with Lucy. Jeremiah and Lucy are perfect for one another.


I loved it!!! Makes me want more!!! I seen someone comment with they like Lucas just not with Lucy! I have to say I agree!!! I like Lucas just not with Lucy!!! I’m with Jeremiah and Lucy all the way!!!! Hopefully castaway4 is soon on its way!!! So excited!!! :) <3

Jacqui Cunningham

Loved it so good cant wait for the next one .I hope Jeremiah is ok and I’m with the others Lucy and Jeremiah are great together make all good for them .love Lucas would be great to read his book love it


Loved the snippet…Thanks! I agree with everyone else I love Lucas but NOT with Lucy! Lucy & Jeremiah need to have a HEA and then a Lucas story would be great!


Olá Sara, quando será o lançamento da parte 4??? Estou desesperada para ler o restante, você nos tortura desse jeito, ficamos sempre querendo mais… rsrsrrs… Estou adorando os seus livros, você estar de parabéns!!!


I must agree Lucy and Jeremiah are hot together, and I hope she’s pregnant in Castaway 4 but which brother will be the father…Please let that be in the plot…


Precious, precious baby! I agree with the earlier responses. I like Lucas, but not with Lucy. She needs her HEA with Jeremiah!!!