Snippet Saturday, and NEWS!

This announcement was supposed to come last weekend, but I needed to get the story done first for my own peace of mind.

And the story, or rather Castaway 3/AHW8, is finished!!! At least, the rough draft is done. 😀 There’s still a lot to do with edits (my pass, the editors pass, beta readers, back to editor, formatting, etc), but holy carp, after FAR TOO LONG the next installment of Anything He Wants is finished!

So, mark your calendars, because “AHW: Castaway part 3” will officially be made available on Monday, July 22nd. Why so far out, you ask? Well, next week I’m flying across the country to Atlanta, GA, for the RWA Nationals conference!! I’m leaving this coming Tuesday and won’t be back until the following Sunday, and almost immediately after THAT I’m heading up to Canada to visit family. So to say July is jam packed is an understatement! Part 3 was supposed to be done a long time ago, but I kept running into snag after snag after…well, you get the picture. 😉

Anyway, that said, let’s get to the meat of this post!! It was hard deciding what to choose; most of what happened in this week’s new stuff was *clears throat* action of one variety or another. And since I like keeping my site from being labeled Adult, I’ll go ahead and give you a conversation snippet. Not as fun as last week’s maybe, but I still enjoyed writing it. 😛 As always, this is unedited and subject to change between now and time of publication. Enjoy!


I stared at the small cottage. “So what are we going to do,” I asked, “walk right up to it?”

“Not quite. You stay here, and I’ll go check it out.”

I glared at him. “Like hell.”

Jeremiah gave me a droll look. “Do you have training to sneak into an open location like this undetected?”

“Well, no, but… Why are we even here? If you know this is a trap, why are you playing right into it?”

“If we run, he’ll chase us. If we play into his little game, there’s a chance he’ll slip up and give us the chance to take him down.”

“That is the stupidest…” I groaned loudly. As much as I didn’t want to be left alone, I also didn’t want to go into that cabin. “What am I supposed to do if someone comes down the road?” I asked in a sarcastic tone. “Hide in the grass? Maybe pretend I’m some kind of rock and hope they don’t notice.”

Jeremiah just watched me for a moment, and then, surprisingly, he wrapped me in his arms. “This is going to be okay.”

I had no idea until I felt his arms around me how scared I was. Everything welled up suddenly: the fight earlier, the running and hiding and thievery to get where we were. I’d held myself together pretty well, but there on that English dirt road, I wanted nothing more than for this nightmare to end so I could have a good cry. The safety in his arms was an illusion, and I hated that.

No. I will not break down out here.

My breathing was shaky as I stepped away, out of Jeremiah’s arms. I didn’t want to admit it, but he was right: this exercise wasn’t for me. “Fine,” I said stiffly, “I’ll stay here and try to keep out of sight.”


Hi sara, So happy Castaways is almost in our hands. Can’t wait! Thanks for the snippet. Suspence is killing me! LOL!!!!


omg loved it…seriously cant wait…your snippets are great to keep up the suspence while were waiting for the next serial…wonderful idea!!anyway youre doing an amazing job… im a firm believer in happy ending..gooo #teamjeremiah


Okay. I am a little confused as I just finished ready Anything He Wants: Dominated by a Billionaire which is a combination of all the short series of Anything He Wants. I got the book yesterday, the 13th and finished it today July 14th. I was left holding my breath with the way the book ended with Lucy and Jeremiah and then Lucas kidnapping her once again, so is this new book going to pick up where that left off? Totally on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next!!!!


Hi there!…the complete book 2 Casataway has not been released yet. BUT, Sara has been releasing her work in E-serial we do have Casataway part 1 and 2 and we are eagerly waiting for the release of part 3 on Monday July 22…Castaway part 1 picks up where book1 ends,,,with Lucy and Lucas and continues on..Hope this Helps

cely dos santos vianna

Oi, Sra,
Quem bom? Não estava aguentando mais esperar. Depois do 8 haverá quantos mais?
Quando vc virá ao Brasil?

cely dos santos vianna

Oi, Sara,
Quem bom? Não estava aguentando mais esperar. Depois do 8 haverá quantos mais?
Quando vc virá ao Brasil?

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I love this series so much!!! Can’t wait till july 22!!! My birthday gift to myself. How many more books in this castaways series i’m so excited! I want them all!!

will it be available on BN on July 22nd? Also, are there more in the series?

Will it be available at on July 22nd? Also, will there be more books in the series?


OMG, I can’t wait until July 22nd. You are my favorite author and trust me, I’ve read a lot of books that are along the same line of writing, but I just love how this series has meat to it. It’s not just a sex book, cause it has kidnapping, attempted murder, explosions and so much more. Your writing keeps me on the edge of my seat with every page i turn. You should realize what a great writer you are and be proud of your work. Monday will not get here soon enough.


How many books is there going to be all together? Was also wondering why google doesn’t offer the castaway portion of the series?
When will pre-sale orders show up on either google play books or kindle?
Love Jeremiah & Lucas both…

Kelly Nunes

Hello Sara here in Barsil are looking forward to book 8 ….. please do not derora ….


Hi fro greece. I and the ‘Castawy2’ today and i can’t wait for ‘Castaway3’. You just AMAZING!!!


Hi from greece! Yesteday i finish ‘Castaway2’ i can’t wait for ‘Castaway3’ and you’re AMAZING!!!


I was able to purchase Castaway 3 from Amazon this morning! Just read and OMG when is the next installment coming, WOW!!!


How could you end Castaway 3 like that! It’s going to kill me to wait for the next part. I loved it but really! Suffering!


Any idea when the next book should be out? I read this new one in a few hours and am already dying to know what’s going to happen next! Such a cliffhanger ending! I love you books Sara, you are truly an amazing writer.


Castaway 3 IS VERY GOOD. I am happy that Jermiah and Lucy got back together. Can’t wait for next installment, please don’t keep us suspense to long. Can’ t believe you left us with our mouths wide open.


In anticipation for Castaway 3 I re-read the whole series. So to my surprise that I was able to purchase last night and finished it. All I have to say OMG.. at first I was thinking no way is she going to end it like that. Now I’m sure you’ll have everyone begging for the next installment. So good! Love this series and the characters. Your amazing Sara


I LOVED IT! Castaways 3 had my attention the whole time. I couldn’t put it down. I am so excited for the next book. Please say there is a next book and that I don’t have to wait long. Thank you for keeping it entertaining!