Snippet Saturday – the happy stuff

Boy, I waited until the last minute to post this today! Some of you on Facebook and Twitter might remember seeing part of this already, but here’s most of the scene. I’ve been a terrible tease lately with these snippets, so I decided to spoil things a wee bit. Well, then again it’s not spoilery if you believe in happy endings I suppose. Lots more story ahead though so who knows where these crazy cats’ll end up! 😉


“I’m sorry.”

I blinked. To hear those words coming from Jeremiah’s lips was more than slightly odd. “Sorry for what exactly?” I asked, not quite sure what to think about his apology.

“For not keeping you safe.”

Eyes closing, I leaned my head back against the seat. “You really don’t get it, do you?”

“Well, what would you have me say then?”

“What would I…” I let out a frustrated groan, crossing my arms. “I’d have you figure that out by yourself.”


“I was almost raped, almost killed! Maybe you know how to deal with those kind of situations, but I don’t. I needed comfort, and I didn’t know if you even…”

The conversation was making me angry, dredging up emotions I hadn’t yet dealt with. Letting out a shaky breath, I stared out the window, the bumps from the cobbled road beneath us rocking me gently.

“But you blame me for what happened.”

I sighed. “No Jeremiah, I don’t blame you.”

“Then why…”

“Dammit Jeremiah, I don’t know!” At that moment, I wanted to tear my hair out. “Why are we even talking about this? You made it very clear from the beginning that I was no more than a dirty little secret, making me sign that contract.”

“So you think it is my fault.”

“Oh my God.” I covered my face with one hand. “Why am I even arguing with you?” It was like beating my head against the wall.

“I need to understand,” he persisted. “One day, you say you love me…”

“Which you rejected.”

“Lucy, I went for a drive.”

“You told me no and then you. Walked. Away.”

“I looked everywhere for you,” he exploded, pounding the steering wheel. “Dammit, when I got back to that fucking house and realized you’d been taken, I did everything I could to find you. Being without you, knowing you were somewhere dangerous and there was nothing I could do, hurt. I couldn’t breathe, could barely function, because…” He trailed off, going completely still.

“Because why?” The anger had leached out of me with his rant, like his outburst had been my own catharsis. I didn’t know why I was holding my breath, but I was. “Because you loved me?”

He didn’t answer for a long time, staring straight out the window and gripping the steering wheel tight. Then he peeled his left hand off the wheel and laid it across the dash, palm up, as if asking to hold my hand. “Maybe.”

Emotion welled up in me suddenly, spilling over into anger. “You son of a bitch,” I choked out, hammering my fist into his shoulder once, then again. There was no way for me to express myself in that moment; all I wanted to do was hit him for being such a, a man.

He didn’t move a muscle, letting me vent my frustration and keeping his open hand between us. I hated the implacable calm, the patience with which he sat there; my fantasy in that moment was to beat him into submission, but I sat there, stewing in my own juices. “You think holding hands is going to fix everything?” I muttered, glaring out my window.

“No I don’t. But it’s a start.”


I do believe in happy ever afters:-) looking forward to reading the third book. Thanks for the snippets Sarah Fawkes

Vickie Isom

Thanks Sara :) now give me a release date please. Im kinda lost looks like we traveled back in time lol is she remembering things that they talked about before the hotel blow up? Ok now Sara u are working my last little brain cell i love happy ever afters but I need a date…..i am ready to start on your other books now. These 2 are dragging their feet…. OH HOW IS YOUR NEW ADDITION TO THE FAMILY DOING? Are they getting along? Thanks for my snippet now get busy :))


I think it’s in the future. Hints in regards to cobbled road -think europe- and the fact that Jeremiah places his “left” hand on the dash meaning that the driver’s side would be on the other side indicating they are driving on the “wrong side of the road”. Or perhaps i’m reading too much into it. LOL Just a thought!

Josephine F

Hi Sara , Thanks for the snippets.can’t wait any Jerermiah really safe. Is Lucy dreaming……..there was the explosion ….what happened? Where is Lucus? And Alex Rush?

Angela B

oh my gosh, that was such a good snippet. I was waiting and waiting and waiting to see if he would some how omit his feelings. Now i cannot wait to read this part of the book. Thank you so much Sara, I am a huge fan of this series.


oh finally Jeremiah and Lucy together again, thank god! now we need the rest of the darn book, and the series for that matter! love it! Team Lucy and Jeremiah


oh my!! can’t wait to read it!Thanks Sara Fawkes for this wonderful snippet.:)))
i love you forever,Jeremiah!^^


Thanks for keeping us rolling while we wait for the release. I just hope that it is soon. I need my Lucas fix.

Jacqui Cunningham

Hi thanks for snippet can’t wait for the book is this last one and I really love happy endings team Lucy and Jeremiah.


WOW! Jeremiah really is a stubborn son of a bitch!, i love him to death, but if i were Lucy i’d shoot the man to the head (though i doubt if the bullet will actually go through his thick friggin’ skull),,,but then again i’d shoot myself right after, i love him ehh
😀 😀 😀


love your post! that man needs a slap across the head and an attitude adjustment LOL…he can love, he does feel it..yet he won’t admit it and commit…plus he needs to rip up and get rid of that darn contract he made her sign..


agree, get rid of that darn contract and…. replace it with another contract, you know that one that begins with the friggin’ capital M 😉 😉 p.s. its his delectable bums i want to slap, ;D


that was a great snippet. Remi, Remi,’re going to have to use your words and tell her as well as show her that you do love her…Rip up that contract and declare your love for Lucy!

Nerissa Naidoo

Hi Sara love da fact that u got past da ‘writers block’ thanks for da snippet at least gives us an idea what’s going to happen. I’m so happy that Jeremiah and Lucy r together it’s fine that they r fighting as long as they r together. Can’t quite to read da whole book3. U r a brilliant writer and I knw u will give us a mind blowing story! Don’t forget to give Lucus his own story! He deserves one. CAN’T QUITE!!!!!!


I can really get into these snippets. They really draw me into the story more & more. I hope they get back together and stay together. I guess, I am really looking for a happily-ever after! I love the way you write, you draw your readers into the story. Looking forward to the release, I keep checking for the date. Have a great week!


I loved it and was glad to see Lucy expressing her feelings with abandon! The girl’s got a backbone and deserves to “vent”……bottom line, Lucy & Jeremiah belong together! Thx for snippet; looking forward to book.

Luana Beatriz

Sara adooooreiii! você sempre me surpreende! espero realmente que este final seja feliz! estou anciosa por esse lançamento…. já tem prazo para vendas?


I have been waiting waiting waiting for the book to be completed . Can’t wait:) I look every Saturday for a new snippet.


I am so glad they are finally having this discussion! I want Jeremiah and Lucy back together again. Cannot wait to read the rest of the book! :)


Love the snippets. I really want to get the full story but I get excited seeing your posts. I’m anxiously waiting to read the whole thing. You are a great writer and I love the story you created. I’m a big fan!

Mrs. Marshall

oh my Sara..this is one of my favorite snippets so far…Sure to love me some Jeremiah…I am anxiously awaiting the next serial..I have reread the whole set before now lol..Cant wait til its here…Youre an amazing writer girl…


Hi Sara

I honestly do not know what my saturday’s would be without my snippet fix of the “Hamilton Hunks”
I truly cannot wait for the book to be released in SA.

Jeremiah and Lucy belong together forever,no question about it. But Lucas is a real women’s man and I think he deserves a happy ending of his own,perhaps a long lost love. “Fingers crossed” for the release date.

Love your writing ,never stop please!!!

Ps:what I wouldn’t do to swap places with Lucy n have the Hamilton hunks all to myself…. :)