Snippet Saturday – hope this works!

If you’re reading this, then the cabin where we’re going doesn’t have Wifi and the first “scheduled” post for my blog has gone through. My family is spending the weekend at a nearby lake, borrowing a friend’s cabin, and we don’t think there’s going to be internet.

I don’t know how I’ll survive!!

As I don’t intend to forget another Snippet Saturday, I decided to set it up ahead of time. It’ll be the first scheduled post for this blog and I only hope it goes through correctly. I’ll miss you!!!

Hope you enjoy!!


“Jeremiah,” I said in a firm voice, “you’re coming with us, aren’t you?”

“Doesn’t look like it,” Lucas piped up, not moving from his spot against the hood. His teeth flashed in the darkness. “My guess is he’s going to stay behind and play hero again.”

No! I looked over at Jeremiah, but it was too dark to read his expression. “Is this true?” I asked, my voice tight.

When he still didn’t answer, I reached out and grabbed his sleeve. “Are you staying here?”

“Only for a little while.” The words sounded ripped from him, as if he hadn’t meant to tell me. “I’ll help with the third car and be right behind you.”

“How long will that take?”

“It shouldn’t be long. But we have more wounded who need to get to safety. I’ll be right behind you.”

I want to stay with you. The words stuck in my throat as my breathing grew ragged, anxiety threatening to overwhelm me. The idea of begging went against every aspect of my being, but right then it was the only option I could imagine. I kept my lips tight however, staring at him silently as he helped the last few people inside. “What about the other car?” I asked

“It was too small to fit any more people, and is carrying most of the equipment as well. Both vehicles will be taking different routes home in case you’re being tracked, but you should reach it at the same time.” He closed the door and leaned against the open window. “We’ll get this other car running, and then meet you at the final destination.”

Something told me there was no changing his mind, and that made me want to hold onto him all the more tightly. Out here was too dangerous; who knew what lurked in the shadows. But I swallowed my doubt and fears, knowing they wouldn’t help, and laid a shaky hand against his cheek. “Be careful.”

He grabbed my hand and kissed the palm. This close, I could see the approval and gratitude in his eyes, as if he were proud of my response. I ran my fingers along his face, memorizing the textures and shape, then reluctantly pulled my hand inside. I wanted to cry and argue, plead and beg, but it wouldn’t do anything except make me look pathetic. Swallowing my fears, I pulled my hand in the car and sat back in the chair, biting the inside of my cheek to keep from crying.

“Come on, Lucas,” Jeremiah said, signaling to his brother to follow.

Lucas shifted against the hood. “I’m…” He trailed off, his head turning to catch my eye through the windshield. “I don’t think I can.”


I gave a strangled cry as Lucas slid sideways and collapsed into a heap beside the wheel. Immediately, Jeremiah was at his side, and I craned my neck around the window to see what was happening. Lucas’ breathing was shallow, and he gave a small moan when his brother’s fingers pressed against his abdomen. Jeremiah jerked up the shirt and, even in the dim light, I could see the dark bruising along his belly.


So true…every time Lucas shows up I am either laughing or my heart is sad for him…I love the way Sara has written the character of Lucas.


Me too. I am hoping Lucas and Jeremiah rebuild their relationship…from the snippets Sara gave us into the past when they were young boys Lucas protected his little brother. Lucas took the blame and the beatings from father Rufus in order to spare Jeremiah.


Woman!! the getaway with family did wonders for you……. Love the affection and suspense. Do what you must with the characters….. But hurry!!!!!!!


Ohhhh, Does the near death of Lucas bring the brothers back together as a family again? I hope something happens to get them both to realize that NEITHER are to blame for the major clusterfunk of their messed up life with a TCF (Total Control Freak) of a father still controlling from the grave until they realize they are the ones still LETTING him exert that power. Only then will he no longer have no power.


hmmm…thinking back to the BONUS Story at the end of the AHW Complete Book 1 and the back story snippets Sara gave us, I don’t think we have found out how he got his scar. Hopefully it will be revealed to us in AHW or (keeping my fingers crossed) in a book series based on Lucas!!!


What NNNNOOOOO not Lucas I mean I know he’s mischievous but he can’t die. Wait technically it didn’t happen cause you haven’t finished it and I haven’t read it so anything can happen right?!?!

Waiting reader here and trying my best to be patient :)


He’s character definitely adds laughter, sarcasm and the lighter moments in tense situations…Love Lucas!!


I hope Lucas doesn’t die. If he survives, please consider giving him his own book with a worthy heroine. Maybe he can redeem his past sins by working for the CIA or something. He’s one the most interesting characters that I’ve read in a long time, such a likable bad boy!