Snippet Saturday – on the west coast anyway!

Things are finally winding down with this story and I’m excited to write everything, but endings always make me freeze up. It isn’t that I’m unsure what happens, I just worry that somehow I won’t get it RIGHT. I’ve had this plot climax percolating in my head for months, but the actual execution is oddly stressful. Think of it like a speech you’ve been gathering information and data for, and right before the big night all your notes disappear. It’s in your head, but making the right words seems a daunting task.

Well, unless you’re good at public speaking. I’m a teensy bit shy in front of large groups. 😉

I sure do put these things off until the last minute! I had another scene planned for this weekend’s snippet, but didn’t get to it in time. The Dude distracted me most effectively today with a Greek festival here in town. (I’ll be honest, I definitely wasn’t kicking and screaming when he brought me there, it was fun!)

As always, these snippets may change in the final story: last week’s offering has already been tweaked a bit, and edits haven’t even started yet in earnest. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!


“There’s nothing you can do at this point,” Lucas murmured. “He either forgives you or he doesn’t.”

“But…” I swallowed back the bitter gall in my throat, knowing he was right. “But how will I know if he’s truly forgiven me?”

“That’s for you two to decide.” I kept staring at my fingers, and the silence stretched between us. “Lucy, look at me.”

I dragged my gaze up reluctantly to see him watching me, head cocked to one side. The scar across his face stood out in stark relief to the pale skin, but his blue-green eyes were as alert as ever. The dark hair was no longer combed back, but shaggy and pasted to his face with sweat. Gone was the suave, sophisticated look I’d equated with the former smuggler; here was someone who looked every inch like they needed to be in a hospital.

Unbidden, I leaned forward and smoothed away a strand of hair stuck to his temple, pushing it back behind his ear. His throat worked soundlessly at the gesture, his eyes boring holes into me. He looked ready to ask something, but someone knocked on the door behind me, startling us both.

Swallowing, I opened it a crack to peek outside. The lady agent who I’d spoken with earlier stood outside the entrance. “I thought you should know,” she said softly, only loud enough for me to hear. “I’ve received word from Agent Gautier. The team left at the cabin hasn’t checked in for over an hour. We don’t know where they are.”


Wow! You really do have a hanging…….Is Lucas really very sick & possibly dying? Has Jerimiah on purpose missing? Waiting for the final out come. Please give us a hint when the book will come out.

Liza Johnson

I think your trying to make me cry! I feel bad that Lucs is hurt but Jerimiah needs to be there with Lucy and he needs to forgive her!!!!


I love Lucy w/Jerminiah, please make him forgive her. Also sorry to have Lucas hurt, I liked him to but just not w/Lucy

Sally Gee

Stranger things have happened but for Lucas to work with Lucy we would have to lose jeremiah. And eventually Lucas would know he was second best, could he live with that?