Snippet Sunday – just barely!!

This is embarrassing! I’ve been so busy with travelling home that I forgot this week’s snippet!! Apologies to anyone east of the Rockies, I’m cutting this almost too close to properly call it a “Sunday” snippet!!


I subsided, watching helplessly as the doors slid shut. “Will he be okay?”

“Who can say, but these doctors will do the best they can.” She indicated my ankle. “You should have somebody check your leg.”

To try and prove her wrong, I flexed my foot, laying it flat on the floor. It was stiff from the swelling, and while the pain was still high it was no longer excruciating. “I’m fine. What about Jeremiah and the other agents?”

“His group checked in thirty minutes ago that they were on the road heading this way.”

My shoulders sagged, the breath I hadn’t realized I held whooshing from my body. I wouldn’t feel safe until Jeremiah had arrived, but it was good to know he was on his way.

“We were never able to talk fully about what happened to you after you left London. Perhaps we can catch up?”

The agent was being almost friendly, and I stared at her suspiciously. “We were cuffed and under guard the last time we talked.”

“You had just shown up at a protected location, in the middle of a major operation. So we were understandably a bit suspicious.”

*Point taken*. “I’ll tell you everything you need to know,” I said, then sighed. “I’m more than a little tired of adventure at this point, ready for a boring life again.”

“Be careful what you wish for, it might not be enough after what you’ve been through. While I certainly understand the sentiment, you’ve fallen in with company that may never give you peace like that.”

“No kidding,” I muttered, but one side of my lips tipped up. “You have someplace where I can prop up my foot?”


Seems things are coming together, but will Lucas survive and will Jeremiah make it, can’t wait to find out . Well done Sara for keeping the suspense going.


Thank You once again for a wonderful snippet. Jeremiah is on his way, Lucy is with the Agent and Lucas who is injured, we are not sure the extent of his injuries but from the snippet it is seems he is seriously or gravely injured. Please Save Lucas!!!! I too am looking forward to the release.


I think the bastard brother must be working with the family business security and no one knew his identity. He knew too much about everything.


I hope Jeremiah & Lucas make a mends and become a family again and Lucas gets his name cleared, while tracking down their brother they didn’t know they had. Love the suspense. Can’t wait for the release……


I’m good with the suspense and am hopeful Lucas survives and finds his happiness…..but not with Lucy. It just HAS to be Lucy & Jeremiah…..go team Jeremiah! Lovin’ it!