The black moment, and AHW news

Do you know what is one of the hardest, for me, parts of a story to write?

The climax.

… … okay, you can stop laughing now. No really, I don’t mean THAT kind of…oh bother. This is what I get for writing erotic romance. 😛

What I’m talking about is that point in a story, any story, where the plot comes to a head and the black moment occurs. The part where everything goes to pot, where the villain is about to win or everyone is set to die. Now I read/write Happily Ever After endings so if the villain DOES win, I’ll usually throw the book against the wall. Still, to make the moment truly pop, you need to go as dark as possible to make the resolution that much more awesome.

For a writer, that’s a LOT of pressure.

I am a “pantser”, a writer who starts writing without (generally) any idea where the story will go. I don’t always have the plot climax in mind; I may have the resolution, who ends up where and with whom, but that black moment, the most dangerous part of the story, often eludes me until the last minute.

This week I had an epiphany, which my Tweeps and Facebookers saw the posts with me flipping out that I’d finally figured out my ending. That form of writing, releasing each part without knowing the ending, scares many of my traditionally published author friends, but it’s what I’m used to with fan fiction. Heh, it’s definitely more pressure on me to get everything right the first time, but I really enjoy releasing my stories as I write them versus waiting for the whole thing to be done.


The toughest time right now, visiting my sister and two nephews, is finding time to write. I’ve made mention before that “Castaway” will have five parts, but lately I’ve had a change of heart due in no small part to the natural progression of the story winding down. I could always extend it out, make things stretch to meet some pre-specified number of serials, but that doesn’t appeal to me. If the story is ending, let’s end the story – the climax is planned and I’m eager to write the resolution, so for those who are doing the serials I’ll be completing the main story with part four of “Castaway”. I’m working right now on the possibility of more, but it would be one-off shorts for the time being.

Okay, the sibling is motioning for me that it’s time to go, so I gotta pack up my computer. We’ll be back on Monday, keep your fingers crossed that there will be wifi in this lake cabin!! 😀


It doesn’t mean that the whole history will end in the 4# Castaway, doesn’t it? It’s gonna have more from Lucy and Jeremiah isn’t? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee *——–*