Anti-social writer mode

Well, I knew it was going to happen. The closer I get to deadlines the quieter I become, and I’ve got some real doozies to pull off in the next 30 days or so. Add in the fact that I just moved into my (first) belongs-to-me Casa de Fawkes and, yeah. Between turning on utilities (I FINALLY got to take a fairly-hot shower this morning), setting up services (Comcast internet customer service is a joke, for the record), and starting to decorate (my parents arrive today to help with that thank goodness, because I stink at decorations lol), I’m swamped.

What does this mean? I’ll probably be going silent for a little while, despite my best intentions. I hate to ignore anyone but I get super stressed out the closer I get to deadlines. Somehow, even when my intentions are the very best, I always seem to wait until the last minute to finish things. It’s not a conscious decision, but my brain doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of deadline until it’s looming over us like a hockey goalie with a machete.

Hmm, nice imagery. Perhaps I should do one of those life-sized wall decals just to constantly motivate me. Or maybe that would scare me out of my office.

So pretty please forgive me if I go silent for a while. Folks on Twitter and Facebook have probably already noticed it, but I felt the need to address it so you wouldn’t feel as though I was ignoring you. Because I’m not. I’m just, um, not responding. Being anti-social. Locked in guilty-writer-mode, the I-must-finish-this-story-or-I’m-a-failure kinda zone. Never fun, but it does usually get the job done. 😉

Laura Jeffers

I read your AHW book/series and am a fan for life. I do hope that after you deal with the craziness of your life you will consider doing a follow-up to AHW featuring Lucas and maybe intergrating Lucy and Jeremiah into it as well. No pressure or bitching, just hopeful. Thank you for your incredible work and good luck with the new adventures of your new house.


I’m so happy for you and your new house! Enjoy getting it setup even though it might seem daunting while doing it, after all is said and done you will love it more because it’s yours and you worked your ass off on making it YOUR HOME. 😉