“Castaway 4” release day – links to ebooks and MORE!

Oh, I LOVE release days!!! New, shiny stories that are set loose on the world make me SUPER happy!!!


Forgiveness is sought and deadly deadly decisions made in the electrifying climax of the Anything He Wants: Castaway series!

They say the sins of the father are passed down on the successive generations, and no more so than in the Hamilton family. What little hope remains in Lucy’s heart is shattered by events and the trauma of a madman’s pursuit. Outmatched and outsmarted at every turn, Lucy will be forced to make a terrible choice that will have lasting consequences, no more so than with her heart. For in her hands lies the fate of two men, both of whom she loves, and she must decide which will live, and which will die.

With no light at the end of this dark tunnel, will Lucy be able to choose the right path? Or will she be destined to bring down the Hamilton family legacy?


**** BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! ****

I’ve teased this before but it’s something I’ve been working on in the background and FINALLY, it’s available!! As an author, there is nothing like holding your book in your hand, and now via Amazon and Createspace, the serials are in paperback form! THIS MAY ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME so get yours today! I’ve set the price as low as I can go with print-on-demand, since this was never meant to be a money-maker for me just a bonus for readers.


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GET YOUR COPY: Amazon | Createspace


GET YOUR COPY: Amazon | Createspace


GET YOUR COPY: Amazon | Createspace


Oh my gosh, I loved it, but please you can’t stop now, they have to have a love affair, and then get married, and Lucas also needs his HEA! thank you so much for letting them be together! I bought the book and read the ending before I actually started reading it, I don’t normally do that, but I have loved this series so much, and I knew that Lucy and Jeremiah love one another and they needed to be together! so again thank you! I definitely enjoyed the HAE for these two, looking forward to reading your next book.
You actually could write several more books in this series, you need to bring down Georgia Hamilton to. she is such backstabbing witch, and she needs to be taken down!


Will you be putting all the Castaway serials together to make one book=AHW Book #2, or will it just be in the serials book form?

Chai Dackermann

OMG, I read this Saturday all the way through, no stopping. I could not put it down till I got to the end. At the memorial service for Lucas I had a feeling he was still alive as there was no body found. I absolutely love this series and would love to read more, maybe something on Lucas and his new love since Anya. Thank you for your talent.

Tracy Horton

I’m so sad it’s over…please say it isn’t!!!!!
We need to know whar will happen to their future and what will happen to Lucas!


WOW!!!! I loved it! But you have to continue with AHW! J & L need to continue and so does Lucas! You could write more about how the 2 brothers truly dislike their mother! That bitch needs to be taken down! Lucy needs to have a family the she craves! Jeremiah needs to be embraced with real love and support! I would love to see them live in her family house.
Once again you kept me on the edge of me seat and I thank you for that. More Please!


It was well worth the wait, the scene in the park was wonderful, very moving I thought. What a horrible man Rufus really was, you could almost feel Alexander Rush’s pain, Lucas attempting to reason with him gave you an insight into the totally dysfunctional character that was Alexander although it still does not justify his actions. I still wonder where he got the money to fund all the attempts on the Hamilton brothers lives, maybe we could discover it was actually there mother who funded his pursuits with the thirty million she stole, now there’s another book.Enjoy your new home, may you have many happy years there.


Bought and read last night, couldn’t put it down I love the story so much…Please write more i don’t want to say goodbye to the characters just yet. I would love to read a story about Lucas.


Amazing! Loved this series! I always looked forward to these stories as we as your snippet Saturdays! Hope you write more about Jeremiah and Lucy’s story!


I agree with everyone!! We need more Jeremiah and Lucy!! I want a happy ending! I want to see them in a realtionship together! You skipped so much through the end though I still loved the book! I would love to see Lucas annoying Jeremiah about being so smitten with Lucy! I just love Jeremiah and Lucy I would love to see some actual dates, a proposal, marriage, etc…


i love the ending of cast away 4, but I love lucy and jeremiah I wish there is still one more book about them. :). looking forward to the story of lucas and agent anderson.


Hey Sara!!!!

Just finished the book couldn’t put it down. Just want to say great book I hope it’s not an ending to the story line to Jeremiah and Lucy but also Lucas. I have so many questions towards Lucas I mean how did he come to know Anderson? Was that one of the reasons why he sold under the radar? Is he in love with Anderson? Will the brothers ever see each other again? Please tell me that your not done PLEASE!!!!

I love the Hamilton boys!

PLEASE PLEASE WRITE MORE!!! I love this series! I just reread for the 3rd time! I want to hear more on Jeremiah, Lucy and Lucas! Please include Lucas when you write more!!!


Please please HELP!
I need somebody to list the entire series in order from start to latest book of the AHW & CASTAWAY series… Am so confused… I believe I’ve read the first 3??
So please help as I need more!!
Thanks :)


I just finished reading ahw castaway 4 and absolutely loved the series. In the end it said to be continued. Is there another book coming out???


Parabéns!! A seria é maravilhosa…..Adorei o Final… Porém ficou com um gostinho de quero mais… Por favor continue, quero saber da historia de Lucas, ele tem que ter um final feliz com uma mulher e gostaria muito de ver um final triste para a mãe dos dois!! Depois vou ler a serie novamente!!!!! Bjs