In Memorium

One of the things I’ve promised myself is to keep my blog and other social media as clear of my political views as I can morally bear. However, today is the anniversary of one of the biggest tragedies on American soil, and I can’t in good conscience let it pass without saying something. I’ll never forget where I was in my life when I saw the planes hit the World Trade Center towers. While I was on the opposite shore in California, I watched the entire proceedings in absolute horror. Watching the videos of the event still fill me with horror and such sadness.

I’ll never forget, something like this should always be remembered.


Re watching those videos makes it seem like yesterday. You are right, it will never be forgotten. May all of the victims rest in peace. We watched the whole thing from the west coast, too, but in Canada. After work, I just couldn’t drive by the airport and not do something, so I ended up with 2 billets who were on an airplane that was diverted to our airport. They were from Texas, and had no idea what had happened….I explained it to them on the way to the house, and watched them view it on the TV, after they had called their wives to let them know they were safe. I will never forget that, and I still hear from them every Christmas. We are thinking of our American neighbours today and ugh…I’m flying later tonight. Thank you for that post.


Well said Sara! While I was not personally effected (I am not sure that is a right way to phrase it, because I think as an American we were all effected) my cousin was sitting in a plane at JFK waiting to take off at the time it was occuring and we had no idea where he was or if he was on one of those planes.

I am only one voice, but this proud American will never forget and I will do my best to keep everyone I know from ever fogetting that painful day.

Rachel Rain

I try not to let my personal feels for political things enter into my world as a Romance writer as well. But this is something that was not political but personal, even though I did not now anyone affected; I did, we are all Americans so we were all effected that day.
I posted on my blog as well, because I just could not let the day go by without letting them know we still remember them and will not forget.
My husband had been in the Pentagon just the week before, checking on crews his company had working there. I still get chills when I think of that.


I was talking to my sister in law on the phone when it happened, we were both struck dumb by the events happening before our eyes. Lest we forget, this is what is said about the world wars, it applies to this act of terror also. Shame on anyone who forgets and bravo to the USA for not giving up on Bin Laden.