Snippet Sunday AND cover reveals!

First off, a big thank-you to everybody who voted in the poll I put out on Friday. Some perhaps not-so-surprising results, lots of interesting comments, and food for thought on which direction I should go next with writing! I appreciate every response so far. 😀

Why am I doing a Snippet Sunday instead of Saturday? Well, I was waiting for a few things to come into my email Inbox, and they finally arrived not too long ago!

Yesterday (or rather, very early Saturday morning), I finally finished the rough draft for Castaway 4. The next week is the big push towards publication, and I’m trying to do as much as I can to make this a memorable occasion (although shh, don’t tell anyone, but there’s at least one more installment slated for this year!). One of my goals is something completely new to me. Nearly all the books I read nowadays are ebooks; it’s very rare that I pick up a paperback anymore. That isn’t to say I don’t love print books, in fact if I love a book enough I’ll deliberately find the paperback (or hardbound) version just to keep it on my shelf!

And when it has your name on the cover? Priceless.

So you can imagine my joy when the Cover Artist Of Awesome finally sent these babies into my inbox tonight. They make me squee SO BIG!! More information will come as I work on finishing touches but, yup, the individual serials are going to be out in paperback for a limited time. I don’t know about you, but I’m DYING to hold these pretty puppies in my hand!!!





With only a week until the release of Castaway 4, I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to see the latest cover. It had me smiling BIG when I saw just the concept, and I couldn’t be happier!



Image overload! Danger, danger!! And all you came to see was the penultimate Snippet Saturday Sunday for Castaway. 😉 Well, I figured I’d choose a juicy tidbit to tide you over for the next seven to ten days. 😀 As always, this is an excerpt from the rough draft and subject to change during the editing process. Enjoy!


“But we aren’t here to reminisce about the past, are we?” Dismissing Lucas, Rush turned to me. “You have a choice to make, my dear. Which will it be?”

I stared at him, trying to keep my emotions in check. “Which what?” I asked, deliberately misunderstanding.

Rush was nothing if not patient. “I’m giving you a choice. Two of you will walk off this bridge, allowed to live one more day. But you must choose the one to die.”

Words failed me. My mouth moved as I struggled to speak, but there was nothing I could say that would make this situation any less hideous. “Just one?” I said breathlessly, unable to wrap my mind around the concept.

“One will walk – or in their case, stagger – off this bridge with you, and one will sink to the bottom of the Thames beneath this bridge. And don’t you two gentlemen try and decide for her,” Rush added, raising his voice so he would be heard by the brothers. “If either of you take matters into your own hands, you all die. No, this choice is up to your mutual lady here.”

“Lucy, no.”

The phrase was more a grunt than speech, but was the first time I heard Jeremiah speak. I made a small mewl of distress as I saw him try to lever himself upright and slip on the wet cobbles. His hands were black in the low light, and something told me that dark stain pooled beneath him wasn’t mud.

“Yes, actually,” Rush said as if scolding a child. “And don’t think I’ll let the leaving brother free for long, but you have another day of life depending on what the lady here decides.” Rush turned back to me. “My dear, both of your men are in dire need of medical attention. It would behoove you to choose quickly.”

The face staring down at me couldn’t be much older than I was, yet the evil I saw chilled me to the bone. Rush was close enough to me that it would only take a few steps for me to attack. The weight around my leg wouldn’t normally be much of a problem, except that I’d be pushing off with my injured ankle. The offending joint pulsed with each heartbeat, swollen but not outright painful, but I couldn’t trust it to hold me up.

After a moment of nothing, Rush sighed. “I see we need to give you added incentive.” He moved to the center of the bridge and, reaching under his jacket, pulled out a long handgun and pointed it toward Jeremiah. “One.”

Begging would change nothing, but I dropped to my knees anyway. The uneven cobbles dug into my shins, my ankle burning at the new position. None of that mattered however; I was about to lose everything no matter what I decided.

Rush swung the weapon toward Lucas. “Two.”

“I choose myself.”

He paused. “That wasn’t one of my options.”

“I’m serious. Think about it,” I replied quickly, surprising myself by how strong my voice was. “They both love me in their own way. You could still exact your revenge in the future but make them both suffer in the meantime.”

Rush studied me for a moment, then his lips twitched up ever so slightly into what might have been a smile. “Okay, go ahead then. Throw yourself off the bridge.”

Everything inside of me seized up. It was one thing to say you’d sacrifice yourself – it was something else completely to go through with it. “Do you promise,” I asked in a shaky voice, “to let them both go if I do this?”

“No.” His answer cut through the air like a knife. “But,” he conceded after a moment’s hesitation, “you do make a compelling point.”

“But you won’t kill them here on the bridge?” My voice wavered, the chills that held me stiff with fear giving way to a quaking that shook me apart.

“I might.” Rush shrugged. “You will get no guarantees from me, except that I will kill all of you if you don’t make a decision soon.”


Sarah, this is awesome! I felt teary eyed after reading this. So far, this is the snippet that had an impact to me! -_-

I love the three of them—in my own little ways. And Lucy sacrificing herself is a big boom. :(


Wow, Sara. I’m not sure I’m ready to read this……You leave me holding my breath. I know who I want to get the girl but I also want all to be happy some how after all the struggle.
Great covers, by the way!

Debbie Allison

SHIT!!!! I have tears starting. I can only hope that Jeremiah & Lucas think of something to save all of them. I have had enough death and sadness this year I need happy happy… I want all three to be happy with happy endings….

Natasha Giagnacovo

OMG OMG!!!!!!! My heart is pounding!!!! They can’t die Lucy and Jeremiah need a HEA and Lucas needs to fall in love with the right woman and have his HEA!!!!!! I have to believe that the 2 men will think of something.


I absolutely love it!! And thrilled that there will be another installment thank goodness, I cant get enough of your books. I have read them all at least 3-4 times a piece. Once all the books are finished and out in books stores or amazon I plan to buy them all done told me husband to clear a shelf for me lol!!! You are an amazing writer keep going girl!

Anna Marie Kenward

Can’t speak, I am so emotional right now. Please don’t have Rush kill any of them! I couldn’t stand it!! :( I need a happy ending to this story, please…

Misty P.

Love the snippets. I’ve been holding out for the complete story to be finished. I think reading this in prices would be very difficult because I’ve fallen in love with the characters. Love the covers. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)


Damn woman!!every time I read some of your snippets, I think to myself, yes she is so worth the wait. I love your wicket, erotic,cliffhanger,action, mind…..soo sleep some more and let that beautiful talented mind of yours work it’s magic that keeps your readers in need…. Love you;)


I have to say I’m slightly confused, will these 4 books be put together to make one book (therefore forming book #2 in paperback) or will the only be out separately with the covers shown above?

nigeria larkins

Love the snippet can’t wait for the book hope Jerimah and Lucy end up together and Lucas finds true love


Daaaaaanm…that is an intense thriller scene….You actually have me scared after reading this snippet…You are an awesome writer. Thank You.
Love the new Cover it is one of my faves next to Castaway 2.


Wow! Never thought it would come to this… really have a great imagination! Can’t wait until the book comes out. I love the cover, it is so sexy, romantic. Thanks for all the snippets, I really enjoy reading them. Good luck in your decision on what to write next.


1st. Love, Love, Love the covers!!!!
2nd DITTO on the OMG!!! The boys need to save Lucy and rush Rush off the bridge! The dynamic trio MUST live and continue fighting for true love! L & J forever!


Covers are spectacular!
I’m in aww….nail biting doesn’t begin to describe my feelings when I read this snippet. Again you wow me. Can’t wait, looking forward to Castaway 4!


A capa estar “Show de Bola”, louca para ler o Castaway 4, esses trechos me deixam em uma sociedade louca, chega sinto vontade de reler do primeiro até a ultima parte publicada….


It has too be Lucy and Jeremiah!! Just getting a peek into Jeremiah’s tortured soul sees him beginning to open up to Lucy. Their love must continue!!! Cant wait for Castaway 4, soon I hope.


Okay so I just started the books all day and I have read them on the bus, train, work, with friends, boyfriend, I’ve ignored everyone and up to Castaway Three, but there are Amazon restrictions on you’re account, which doesn’t allow me to buy it! tem Under Review

“This book is currently unavailable because there is an issue with its description, content, or formatting.

We are working with the publisher to fix the issue. As always, we value customer feedback.”



Sara, I really admire your ability to craft an engaging plot. Most romance writers don’t do it well enough for me and end result is a storyline that doesn’t go anywhere interesting. But you’ve managed to keep the story going and keep dramatic interest. Way to go! I can’t wait to read the whole thing.


Just finished reading part4. Loved it! I hope everyone reads the very last pages. They are a bit hidden. I hope you write more about Lucas. I loved his point of view at the end but I hope you still include Lucy and Jeremiah. I want Lucas to sneak into their wedding or show up in the delivery room for their first child. He tends to pop up when needed even if they can’t admit it.