Saturday’s Snippet!


This week I’m going to be featuring a snippet each day from the various stories within the Unraveled anthology. As links appear on the various sites, I’ll be certain to post them up as they go live. I really hope you enjoy this boxed set, it’s got some phenomenal writers and stories!

AHW10 is only a day away, and already I’m almost sorry to see the AHW saga coming to an end. Really, “Castaway #4” wrapped up most of the loose ends, but there’s always more story to tell when you know the characters well. Yes, I do plan to continue the story so perhaps I’m being somewhat melodramatic (hah! Nothing new here! 😛 ), but for now I’ll be focusing on making the upcoming “Breathe Into Me” the best it can be while I let Lucas’ (and Jeremiah/Lucy’s) continuing story percolate in my brain.

😀 Now, on with the show!!


A long SUV limo was parked in front of my apartment building, but there was no sign of Jeremiah. I got out of Cherise’s rental care and bent down. “Thanks again for the talk, I’ll see you around.”

“Yes, you will,” she said with a smug smile. “Now, go kiss that hunky boy toy of yours.”

The driver stood on the sidewalk beside the SUV, and as I approached he pointed toward the building. “He said he’s waiting upstairs for you, Ms. Delacourt.”

When I opened my door, the apartment was dark. I was just about to turn on the lights when a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside, shutting the door behind me. I yelped in surprise as I was spun around, and then a thick body pressed me up against the wall.

“You didn’t answer your phone.” Jeremiah’s voice flowed over me like a sensual storm, igniting my body. “How should I punish you for that?”

I gave a little sigh, not answering him but rotating my hips to rub my backside against the growing bulge I felt. The light stubble of his cheek scraped down the side of my neck as his lips blazed a trail along my hairline. Resting my head against the wall, I repeated the motion with my hips and was gratified when he pressed himself against me.

He pushed away from me, running his hands down the arch of my back and cupping my ass through the jeans. “I’ve been thinking about you all day,” he murmured, moving his hands back up my body in a caress that left trails of fire in their wake.

“You left me,” I murmured, and then squeaked a laugh as he spun me around and pulled me flush against his body.

“Not by choice.”

I had no chance to say anything before his lips descended on mine, stealing away any more protests I might have raised. He swallowed my moan, strong hands gripping my backside and lifting me off the floor. I wrapped my legs around his hips, twining my arms around his neck as he pressed me back against the wall. His mouth alternately nibbled and sucked, and I sighed with enjoyment. He really was the most perfect kisser.

“I thought of a few more uses for that chair of yours,” he murmured against my mouth, and I grinned into his lips. “But first, we need to get you out of these damned clothes.”

“Anything you want,” I murmured, and heard him chuckle.


Looking forward to this but, I must admit, I’m REALLY looking forward to Lucas’ story. When he was “doing the deed” with Sara, I realized quickly he is more my type of lover than Jeremiah. *sigh* So bring on the lover Lucas! :-)