“Unraveled” Snippet 1 – Vivi Anna’s “The Vampire Design”


Each day this week, I’ll be giving readers a sampling of what’s inside the “Unraveled” boxed set. We’ve got eight incredible authors in this little bundle, and I hope you like the stories as much as myself. 😀



I watched as Ethan moved Paige around the floor. It almost looked like he knew what he was doing. Except for when he dipped her and almost dropped her on the floor.  Laughing, Paige slapped at him, and they went around the floor again nearly colliding with every other couple.

A small pang of jealousy filled my chest. I loved Paige and Ethan, together as a couple they were great, but seeing them like this happy and enjoying each other, made me long for a partner. Someone who would accept me for who I was, and who I wanted to be.

The heat in the room of so many people crowded inside and dancing enveloped me, and I felt a bit faint.  I flipped open my fan and cooled my face. Before I could cool down, someone bumped into me, and I dropped my fan. I stooped to pick it up, but someone already beat me to it.

He was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen in my life. Tall, lean frame, (he wore his tux like a panther), with slicked back black hair. The ends skimmed the collar of his jacket. His face, of what I could see beyond the mask, was sharp and angular. It looked like it had been carved from white marble. It looked just as smooth, and I had to tamp down an urge to test that theory with my fingers.

“This is yours, I presume.”  His voice was lilting. A European accent to be sure, but I couldn’t quite place it. Regardless, it was music to my ears.

“Yes, thank you.” Nerves shot through me, and my hands shook as I reached for the fan.

His eyes pierced me through the black mask he wore. And I knew I’d finally found the man I’d been searching for. His gaze was even more affecting up close.

“Thank you for inviting me to your party.”

He smiled then, revealing perfectly straight white teeth, and my knees went weak.

“I will only accept your thanks if you dance with me.” He held out a white gloved hand.

I took it, and he led me out onto the dance floor. Most people stopped and stared as we passed by. I spied Paige and Ethan gawking as Xavier positioned me on the floor, my hand in his, his other hand firmly on my waist. I was shaking, but I tried to keep my head up and keep his gaze.

“Don’t be nervous, we are only dancing,” he said, right as the music started.

He moved me around the floor effortlessly which surprised me because I was not the most graceful on my feet. His firm grip on me afforded no room for mistakes. He led me like a master. Commanding. Yet gentle. By the time the song was half way done, we were floating across the floor.
“What is your name?” he asked, after spinning me.

“Emily,” I said, breathlessly. “Emily Brooks.”

“Why are you in Germany, Emily?”

“Sightseeing mostly with my friends,” I said, trying hard not to watch his mouth when he spoke. It was difficult though as his lips were so lush and kissable. “This is a beautiful country,” I quickly added.

“Yes, I have found many beautiful things here.”

“Like the subjects of your paintings.” I didn’t know why I said it, but it was out before I could think about it. I’d never been bold before, especially not with a man, but Xavier made me want to be.

He smiled then, it was slow and easy and sexy as hell. And I had an instant reaction in my belly and lower that made me bite down on my bottom lip to stop from moaning just a little from the groin punch of desire.

“Yes, like my subjects.”

He spun me once more, then dipped me a little, and when the music stopped we were face to face. Well, I had to tilt my head up even though I was wearing two and half inch heels.

“Ah, thank you for the dance.”

As if remembering himself, he lowered my hand, took a step back, and gave a little bow. “It was my pleasure.”


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