“Unraveled” Snippet 3 – Cathryn Fox’s “Yours To Take”


Hello beautiful people! Day three of the “Unraveled” snippets has us doing Cathryn Fox’s “Yours To Take”, bring sexy back to this little blog of mine! 😀

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He stepped up to her, and she took a quick step backward, but he matched it and soon had her in his grasp.  He thumbed the material of her dress, enjoying the feel of the cool silk on his fingertips before he bunched it in his palms.  Pulling it higher and higher on her thighs, he slipped a hand between her legs.  A cool breeze blew off the ocean and washed over them, but he suspected the quiver in her body was from his intimate touch, and not the misty air. 

He looked at the bun on top of her head. “Was there an elastic on your bed?”

Her brow furrowed and her words were rushed, breathless when she asked, “No why?”

“Then why is there one in your hair?”

She blinked, looking confused for a second then answered with, “I put my hair up this morning.”

“Take it out,” he demanded.

He pressed his cock against her midriff, and a tremble moved through her.  She lifted her arm, and then hesitated, like she was having second thoughts.

He leaned closer and spoke quieter.  “I said, take it out.”

Her full, lush breasts, which were high and pert in the formfitting dress, rose and fell erratically as she quickly pulled the band from her hair, letting her long dark curls fall down her back.  His hands traveled higher on her thigh, only to discover that she’d once again strayed from his instructions. 

In a shaky voice she began, “You weren’t serious earlier, were you?  I mean you’re not really going to pun—”

He made a tsking sound and when he grabbed the band on her panties, giving them a good hard yank to rip them from her hips, her words were replaced with a broken gasp.

“Quinn…” she shuddered.

He tucked the scrap of material into the back pocket of his khaki shorts, and dipped back under her dress.  He slid his palm along her soft, supple skin, until he reached her backside.

Testing her, he pulled her against him, and gave a slap to her ass cheek, the sound curling around them in the most sinful way.  He stifled a groan, his cock throbbing and pulsating inside his unforgiving pants.

Rebecca let out a ragged cry of pleasure and Quinn kept the satisfaction from his face as he spun her around.  He crushed her breasts against the exterior wall of his estate as he caged her with his chest.  He put his mouth close to her neck, and whispered, “Were there panties on your bed?”

“I just thought…I decided…”

“Everything that happens here, every choice involving you is mine to make, not yours.  So from this moment on, you’re to stop making decisions, and enjoy the freedom that comes with that.”  He kept her pinned to the wall, his hard cock pressing into the small of her back. “Speaking of Freedom, that is your safe word.”

“Freedom?” she murmured, her voice husky.

“Yes, if you don’t like what is happening, all you have to do is say that one word and I’ll stop.” 

She angled her head to see him and when she opened her mouth, like she was about to speak the word that would put an end to her initiation into the BDSM world before he even began, he warned, “Be careful, Rebecca.  Only use it when you really mean it, only when something is happening that you don’t want.  But you can be assured that I plan to give you everything you want.”