“Unraveled” Snippet 4 – Opal Carew’s “Taken By Storm”

Taken By Storm

I’m SO pleased to have Opal Carew featured on my blog! Opal has been in the business for years but I only just got to meet her this year at RWA. What a LOVELY lady, and a kickass writer who I can’t believe is in the “Unraveled” boxed set with us. 😀 I’d also like to say thank you to everyone who’s Tweeted, Facebooked, and reviewed our little endeavor. “Unraveled” is performing well, slowly rising up the various charts and gaining traction. I *SO* appreciate your efforts to get the word out and heart you all SO BIG!!!!

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And now, an exclusive excerpt from Opal Carew for her story “Taken By Storm”:


The eerie sound of scuttling in the bushes sent shivers down Jessica’s spine. She walked a little faster. She thought she heard an engine in the distance, and glanced back, but couldn’t see any lights. Of course, the slope of the hill and the trees would block her view of any vehicle until it was fairly close. The sound seemed to be getting louder, though.

She was wearing a white dress, making her fairly visible, which was great for not getting hit, but not so good for trying to stay out of sight. She walked to the far side of the shoulder, looking for a place where the ditch wasn’t too deep so she could scurry in behind the brush. She glanced back and saw the glow of headlights from the other side of the hill. The approaching vehicle seemed to be moving pretty fast. She stepped carefully down the slight incline of the ditch, watching her footing on the grassy surface.

A crackle caught her off guard, then the bushes rustled. A sharp screech escaped her throat as something leaped toward her. She jumped back, then twisted around and lurched toward the road, her heart thundering in her chest. A light flashed in her eyes—a single headlight—as her heel caught on the pavement and she tumbled forward. The animal bound across the road and tires screeched, then the approaching motorcycle swerved and spun around, barely missing her as her hands hit the ground.

The driver gained control of his bike, then leaped off it.

“Shit! What the fuck, lady? Are you fucking insane?”

She shivered as she stared up at the tall, muscular man in jeans and a black leather jacket, silhouetted by the light of the single headlight behind him.

He offered his hand and she reached for it, then he lifted her to her feet, none too gently.

“I could have been killed. You could have been killed. What the fuck are you doing walking around in the dark?”

She just stared at him, adrenaline pumping through her, as he pulled off his helmet, revealing dark spiky hair.

Oh, God, when she’d feared someone scary would come driving by, this is exactly what she’d had in mind. Only this was worse.

What would he do once he calmed down and realized she was out here all alone. She shuddered.

* * *

Storm stared at the woman in front of him, unshed tears glazing her eyes, though he didn’t think she’d be able to hold them back much longer, and he cursed himself for swearing like a fucking sailor.

He’d been hanging around with a rough crowd lately and had picked up some bad habits. That’s why he’d decided to move on. A band in the little town of Brookfield just ahead needed a guitar player and he’d been offered the gig.

But right now, he needed to try and calm the frightened woman in front of him and see if he could help her.