“Unraveled” Snippet 7 – Julia Kent’s “Complete Abandon”


Julia Kent and I met on an online forum around the same time my “Anything He Wants” series took off. We became friends and, this year at RWA, we met in person for the first time. To say this lady is a spitfire is an understatement: the woman has a wit and a turn of phrase my little introverted self can only dream of! Dinners with her are a constant laugh riot – give her a little alcohol to drink, and it gets even better. 😀

Earlier this year, Julia hit the USA Today list with her New Adult book “Random Acts of Crazy”, bringing menage to a whole new audience. It was last month, however, when Her Billionaires boxed set reached the prestigious New York Times list. Her stories are sensual, incredible, and outright hilarious – the PERFECT combination.

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And now, a taste of Julia Kent’s “Unraveled” story, “Complete Abandon.”



…Ten days after their meeting with Josie and Alex at Jeddy’s they finally had their chance. With Laura sound asleep, and Jillian snuggled up with her, they could take a long look at what was going on inside Laura’s head.


The eReader powered up quickly and Dylan zipped his way through the screen to find her library.

Well, now.

Josie was right, much as Dylan was loathe to admit it.

“It’s like a giant online porn shop!” Mike hissed. His eyes bugged out of his head as he leaned over Dylan and held the corner of the machine.

“This one has ‘fem dom’ in it. What’s that?”

“Beats me.”

For the next ten minutes they scrolled through page after page of book covers in full HD color. Blush by Lauren Jameson. Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes. A bunch of books by someone named Maya Banks. He suspected the book Burn had nothing to do with firefighting.

Surrender by Melody Anne. Bared to You by Sylvia Day. Release Me by Julie Kenner. They all had tasteful little objects on the covers, with pearls and cufflinks and shadowed faces, but as Mike opened one and randomly flipped through to what looked like a sex scene –

My, oh, my.

Laura had quite a little kink going on here.

In her mind.

Dylan’s pants tightened as his eyes skimmed over the words. Women in bondage. Long, drawn out scenes that went on page after page. Master/sub contracts. And then…

Their Virgin Princess! That’s the book Josie was joking about at Jeddy’s,” Dylan pointed out. Mike had remained remarkably silent as they stood there, transfixed.

A few taps and they scanned the first few chapters. Three bodyguards for a princess in a land where three men and one woman was the norm.

“THREE?” Dylan grunted. “Do we need to make room for another razor in the house?” He snorted. “Then again, it’d be just another guy who won’t be getting any.”

“Shhhh,” Mike whispered, entranced. Dylan could see his eyes racing across the page, eating up the words. And those were some words. You name a descriptor for male and female genitalia, it was there. And the dom in the story was – whoa.

He made Dylan feel like a wuss.

Butt plugs. Three ex-military bodyguards. A plane crash in the desert – Josie wasn’t kidding! That meant she was reading these books, too. Were all women reading this stuff now that Fifty Shades of Grey and eReaders had unleashed something? This wasn’t his grandmother’s romance novel. Noni had always read bodice rippers, with covers that showed a gleaming man’s bare chest next to a damsel whose dress was pulled down around her shoulders, his mouth pressed to the woman’s neckline for a kiss.

“My stories,” she called them. Noni invested a lot of money in her stories. When she had died, they’d found more than four hundred paperbacks, mostly Harlequin books, stacked neatly in grocery bags in her guest room closet.

The local nursing home residents had been thrilled to get them.

Now Dylan wondered what the hell was between those covers. This was like crack for romance lovers.

And Mike was quickly becoming addicted as he gently pulled the eReader from Dylan’s hand and walked over to the couch, settling in for a good, long read.

Good and long being the operative adjectives.

Those three bodyguards knew how to please a woman.

Holy BDSM!

Julia Kent

Sara, you’re AWESOME and hilarious and I thank you so much! Meeting/working with you has been one wild ride and I look forward to meeting up again. As for YOUR writing, you had me at the elevator scene in Anything He Wants #1 (er…Jeremiah had me…um, that sounds so bad) back in Spring 2012.

Ashad Hossain

Noni had always read bodice rippers, with covers that showed a gleaming man’s bare chest next to a damsel whose dress was pulled down around her shoulders, his mouth pressed to the woman’s neckline for a