2014 – a year in review

It seems that every other post consists of me apologizing about not updating my blog enough, so I’m going to skip that and dive right into the meaty part of the post. (But I really am sorry)

I have several projects in the works for this year, and that is SUPER exciting to me. Through winter and into spring, I’m basically releasing a new story every month, and I hope to keep up that pace as well as my muse will allow. 😀 For two years now I’ve been defined by the “Anything He Wants” series, and while yes, there is one more story for Lucy/Jeremiah left (AND Lucas, don’t think I forgot him!), I’m also looking to branch out into new territories. I’ve loved New Adult stories since before I knew what that was, and this April I have my very first coming out. I’m also a biker, and the recent surge in motorcycle club romances makes my inner biker chick wanna dance for joy.

How does 2014 break down in the way of releases? Well, let’s see:


FEBRUARY 17: I, along with 11 other authors, will be releasing a biker boxed set – all brand new stories, from some of today’s hottest authors. My own story, Savage Heart, will kick off a brand new series for me about the Savages Motorcycle Club. The story as it sits right now is 30k in length, half again as long as any Castaway serial; the sequels I have imagined will be longer yet. I’ll be releasing some snippets very soon (Facebook and Twitter users may have already noticed a few) so stick around. 😉



MARCH 11: Above I mentioned I’ll be making my foray into the New Adult genre, and this is the start of that. My story Shake Me will be part of the Spring Fling NA Anthology released by Avon books. The novella kicks off my Southern series about the residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast town of Oyster Cove. This series is near and dear to my heart as I lived down there for a while right after Katrina, and fell in love with the area and people.


Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.50.35 PM

APRIL 8: So you know how many people despaired that I would ever write a novel that wasn’t serialized? Well, you’re getting your wish. 😉 St. Martins Press will be releasing my first full-length NA novel Breathe Into Me. This is the first novel in my Southern/Oyster Cove series, and if it does well I’m hoping to continue it to more books! This book was something completely different than I was used to writing, but oh, I love it so!!! This story IS STANDALONE, with NO CLIFFHANGERS. Total HEA ending, but with the potential for more characters to get their own love stories. 😉


MAY/JUNE: A brand new Savages MC biker novel (and it will be a novel) continues the story of my “Savage Heart” characters from the RIDING DESIRE boxed set. As I get a better feel for the series and figure out covers and such, I’ll definitely let you know more. I’m very excited about this new project however, it combines two of the things I love most in this world: my motorcycles, and writing. Well, and hot Alpha heroes who live in very dark worlds. Ooh, I have so many plans for these books!!


JUNE 17: This year, I’ve linked up with a fantastic group of writers to bring readers “Invitation To Eden”, something like a Fantasy Island meets Love Boat. 😉 More news will be coming in the next few weeks, but my story will be about Gabriel Knight, one of Jeremiah Hamilton’s best friends, who showed up in the “Unraveled Anthology” AHW story, and is titled “Queen’s Knight”. I have a cover but we’re waiting to do a big reveal for it, so stay sharp!


2014 Plans Without a Set Date:

AHW 3: I mentioned above that I have one more AHW story in me. I wasn’t lying. 😛 Details are fuzzy, mainly because I’m trying to decide whether I should release the third Lucy/Jeremiah book as another serial, or do it as a novel. I’d love to hear your comments on the matter: a serial could release sooner, but a novel would be cheaper in the long run and all together in one spot. We’ve got a wedding to plan, relatives coming out of the woodwork, and sinister forces this time coming after Lucy! Should be one wild ride. 😉

SAVAGES 3: I’m hoping to get the second Savages story out by late spring/early summer, and I REALLY want to get a third book out by fall/winter 2014. That’s my plan, and I’m sticking to it!

SOUTHERN/OYSTER COVE BOOK 2: I’d always envisioned this as a series, and although BREATHE is a standalone novel, there are many characters in this world that I’d love to give their own happy endings. 😛 I have one pair in mind now, and I’m dying to continue with their story!!


So, that’s my 2014 writing schedule in review. Between all the writing, I’ll also be visiting a few conventions, most notably (and excitedly!) the RT Convention in New Orleans. 😀 I am absolutely in LOVE with that city, and I simply canNOT wait to go back! I also have tons of swag and prizes for giveaways, so stay tuned because we’re going to have fun this year!!

Ellen Marston

I love your stories and characters. I look forward to anything and everything you write. I too am a biker and have spent a lot if time around that world. It will interesting to see the stories that come out of this. Please just make the woman strong and smart. We all like tough Alpha take charge men but the men I know that are like this also want tough woman who can stand up for themselves and stand up to them. I love the humor you put in your stories too. I lcant wait and will read every word you write .


Well the serials would be three bucks a piece, yes? I would chose the serials because they would be cheaper at least when coming out and of course it would be faster than the novel. Most novels are like ten to twelve bucks so I can’t imagine it would be cheaper down the road. But I wouldn’t know. But my vote is for serials.


Love Lucy and Jeremiah can’t wait to read more about there story and there future together. I personally would wait until the full novel came out, but also think it should be put out as serials for those who want it that way.


Îm french si morte easy to me on french…j’ai juste dévorée adorer l’histoire de Lucy et les deux frères. Vraiment trop hâte d’avoir de leurs nouvelles. En France un vrai carton pour la série. J’attend vraiment une suite avec impatience. Pensez a nous tenir au courant de l’avancée de la future histoire!

Crystal Viverette

I love your ahw stories I can’t wait until the next story comes out you asked about novel or serial I really wish you would do it as a novel it is so much easier to read that way. Thank you so much for your stories you are one of my favorite writer’s. Crystal