Things long overdue


How does one say that they’re back after falling off the face of the earth? Well, I can’t quite say that: a lot has happened over the last several months, including marriage to my very own dreamboat. Taking a hiatus from writing helped me come to grips with a lot of things about my career that had bugged me, and while I felt terrible for not being as present with social media as I once was, it really helped my mental health to take a step back and re-evaluate.

So I suppose the easiest way would be to jump back in feet-first. 2014 was a hard year to describe: I had a handful of releases, all of which I loved, but looking back they didn’t feel true to form for me. “Anything He Wants” and its sequel “Castaway” sometimes felt like the pinnacle of my writing career. Not only were they well-received, I freaking loved how the story evolved. Then, once it was done, I suddenly hit this self-imposed wall that I couldn’t shake.

What if I couldn’t ever write anything like it again, replicate the “success” that made the first one so enjoyable? While I wrestled with those thoughts, I experimented with some different genres and projects, when my gut told me I should stick with what I know my readers enjoyed.

Now, that being said, here I am once again, working on a new story that I’m SUPER excited about! It’s set in the AHW universe, and while I don’t want to give much away, I do have to say I’m having a TON of fun working on this one. While I know a lot of you will be disappointed that it isn’t another AHW book (I haven’t ruled that out, for the record!), it WILL feature both Jeremiah and Lucy in pivotal side roles, as well as give you an outside view of their relationship.

I’m also pleased to mention that I’m (finally, right?!) reinstating my Snippet Saturdays (or Snippet Sundays when I’m being particularly lazy 😉 ) for this new story! That will start this weekend officially, but you can see the first small cookie over on Facebook, which was posted up just today. Saturday’s will be different, and I think you’ll really enjoy Cat and Damian’s relationship. 😀

And can I just say, I’ve missed you guys!!! {{{{{ HUGS }}}}} Many of you have sent me little notes over the last several months just to see if I’m doing well, and you’ll never know how much I truly appreciate it. So this next story is dedicated to you, and I hope when it’s finally published (working now on solidifying a release date) that you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. <3