About Sara

The first AHW coverSara Fawkes is an introvert who likes to write. The end.

…not enough? Hoo-boy, alright let’s try this again.

Okay, I was born in Germany and raised all over, although I spent most of my time in California. I’ve been reading and writing since before I could read and write – just ask my mother, she has some of the “books” I “wrote” while in preschool. 😉 Elementary school had a lot of essays about, strangely, crocadiles and dragons (thank you Anne McCaffrey); middle school was mostly about telepathic animals. High school was hell, but college was heaven because I found a beautiful thing: fan fiction. I cut my teeth writing what was essentially Young and New Adult fanfics in a variety of fandoms (usually based off scifi TV shows or video games), honing my craft little by little.

My biggest dream was to write for a living, but publishing seemed like such a far-away goal, and difficult to break into. I found out about self-publishing in 2011, and in early 2012 I decided to try my luck with that bold new frontier. Serialized fiction appealed to me; I followed innumerable writers within the fan fiction community who put out their story as they wrote it, and whose work I’d have paid to read. So I figured I’d do an experiment, try my hand in a genre that seemed hot (no pun intended): erotica.

photo-51Wow. If I’d known my little story would blow up like it did (in ALL the right ways!)… Wow.

So yeah, that’s me. I currently live in central California, ride a motorcycle, shoot an Olympic recurve bow for fun, hack at my violin when the mood arises, and write for a living. My life has become awesome, and it’s all your (my readers) fault. 😉 I’ll never forget that, and am always humbled by that fact.