Snippet Saturday #5 … or is it #4?

I’m so confused as to what to call last weekend’s Saturday! Let’s just say that one didn’t count and this is officially SS #4. :)

Only a couple hours more for the cover wars poll!! Let me know which cover you’d like to see on AHW6!

It’s been brought to my attention that I’m giving away a LOT of story with these weekly posts. I know I know, that’s kind of the point isn’t it, but I want there to be something interesting for when you actually DO read the story itself. So SS will continue as ever, but with slightly less words. I know, sad face. :(

“You didn’t want to come, did you?”

My statement was pure conjecture, but he nodded. “We aren’t safe out here,” he said over the rumble of the motors. “I don’t know why Rashid or Lucas would agree on an outing like this.”

The exact same thought had been bouncing around my head all day. We were isolated out here, caught in the middle of nowhere. “Lucas said the trip had been given as a gift, and we’d be rude to say no.”

“That’s what he told me too.” Jeremiah scowled at the sandy view. He looked uncomfortable, which was something I didn’t equate with the big man. He was always in control, kept an iron fist on his life, but the last few days had stripped him of that.


My breathing came in little gasps as he let himself out. I stood still for several minutes, afraid that if I moved, it would be to run after him.

*Would that be so bad?*

I didn’t know any more.

Part of me wasn’t sure whether my defiance was a result of self-preservation, or a way to punish him. Except, now I didn’t know whom I was punishing more, Jeremiah…or myself. I craved his touch, needed him with every breath in my body. Being around him brought out the best and worst in me; as much as I wanted him, I feared what would happen if I gave in. All I knew was that, this time, I wouldn’t survive it if he rejected me.

The last time I’d bared my feelings, he’d walked away, leaving a crack on my heart that I still had no idea how to fix. How could I even consider trusting him with that power again?

And would he even want me when he knew my secret?


Three more days!

Only three more days until the release of “Anything He Wants 6: Castaway”, which continues the story of the novel and serials! Yesterday I took the first steps, uploading the book to iTunes. Unfortunately, Apple takes the longest to approve a book for distribution, so it might not be available on Monday like the rest. As soon as there’s a link however, that will be posted to you all.

Hugh Howey posted an excellent writing guide to today’s publishing world. He says everything I’ve noticed myself, so if you’re an aspiring author looking to publish in today’s market, this is an excellent introduction to today’s world of publishing. 😉

I got the MOST AWESOME VIDEO EVER today in my inbox: my newest niece/nephew’s sonogram!!! 😀 😀 😀 My sister didn’t want to know the sex but the doctor was 99% sure she knew, so now all is family are making guesses and trying to decide what colors and toys to get. I’m so excited; my sister is due in July right during RWA Nationals (which I will be attending), so if you are me and I’m a little distracted, that’ll be why. 😉

Right now the Dude and I are heading down to San Diego to pick up a refrigerator that my sister is giving us. I’ve always loved that coastal city, but holy crap driving through Los Angeles is almost not worth it!! While I’d love to live in SD, I don’t think I’d be heading north out of town too often… 😉

Cover wars!!


Alright, I need your help!! I’ve got two awesome covers that I can’t choose between, and since this will eventually be your story (FOUR MORE DAYS!!!), I want your opinion!!

Cover number 1:


Cover number 2:



Crunch time is upon us!! Let me know which cover you like and whichever one has the most votes by Saturday night wins!! 😉

No Snippet Saturday today, but…

This week has been full of many non-writerly things, so I apologize for not having new material to show off in that respect. May I, however, introduce the cover for the next AHW serial, Anything He Wants 6: Castaway!! 😛




I’m pretty pleased with the final result, courtesy of Cover Magic. While its a slight change from the previous covers, I grew a little tired of seeing the same stock images on other books and wanted a cover that told a story. 😀

Thoughts? Comments? Hate it, love it? 😉

EDITED TO ADD: Hmm, not much excitement about the cover. Glad I gave myself enough time to go back to the drawing board if necessary, thanks for all the tips and thoughts!! 😀

A day in the life

Heh, I can’t seem to start this post. 😉 First impressions and all that (opening lines suck anyway lol).

Today, I’ve been more focused on the business of writing than on writing itself. *sigh* The jury duty thing is on recess until next week, but instead of adding more words I’ve been working at the business end of things. I’ve spent most of my day messing with the website (blog posts have been exported over, hooray!), coordinating with my cover artist, poking at my editor, trying to get my CPA to tell me a smaller tax number (*find my happy place, find my happy place…*), etc. This evening I’ve been replying to a backlog of Facebook, Twitter and blog comments (I do read them all and try to respond to everyone!), and stressing a bit over Snippet Saturday since most of the week has been focused less on writing and more on day-to-day matters. The next few scenes of AHW7 are pretty fun though, so hopefully I can get through this tax stuff enough to write that in time for tomorrow. 😉

I figured any avid blog readers might want a heads up: my website has been sitting unused for way too long, and this week I’ve made the decision to begin transferring everything here (not that there’s much) over there. The beautiful Lex Valentine of Winterheart Designs helped me design the template, and I’ve been slowly filling in the various pages. The blog is up and running however, a mirror of here, and soon this WP site may redirect to the website directly. I’m still figuring that part out, but I’ll be using the website more often now for day-to-day activities. :)

I’m really excited for March 18 to come around, but also really nervous. Much of that trepidation is typical artist nerves, where I worry if anyone will love me my story. A good portion however is also worry that things will go wrong, or I’ll upload the wrong file, or my editor/cover artist/computer won’t get me the final [fill in the blank] in time, leaving me to look like a total schmuck.

You know. Nervous. 😉

So I’m going to try and get some good words in tonight. Tomorrow the Dude’s nephew is getting baptized, which means I have to worry about looking nice for pictures. Somehow, I don’t think my normal writing attire of flannel PJ bottoms and sweatshirt are gonna cut the mustard here. 😛