The black moment, and AHW news

Do you know what is one of the hardest, for me, parts of a story to write?

The climax.

… … okay, you can stop laughing now. No really, I don’t mean THAT kind of…oh bother. This is what I get for writing erotic romance. 😛

What I’m talking about is that point in a story, any story, where the plot comes to a head and the black moment occurs. The part where everything goes to pot, where the villain is about to win or everyone is set to die. Now I read/write Happily Ever After endings so if the villain DOES win, I’ll usually throw the book against the wall. Still, to make the moment truly pop, you need to go as dark as possible to make the resolution that much more awesome.

For a writer, that’s a LOT of pressure.

I am a “pantser”, a writer who starts writing without (generally) any idea where the story will go. I don’t always have the plot climax in mind; I may have the resolution, who ends up where and with whom, but that black moment, the most dangerous part of the story, often eludes me until the last minute.

This week I had an epiphany, which my Tweeps and Facebookers saw the posts with me flipping out that I’d finally figured out my ending. That form of writing, releasing each part without knowing the ending, scares many of my traditionally published author friends, but it’s what I’m used to with fan fiction. Heh, it’s definitely more pressure on me to get everything right the first time, but I really enjoy releasing my stories as I write them versus waiting for the whole thing to be done.


The toughest time right now, visiting my sister and two nephews, is finding time to write. I’ve made mention before that “Castaway” will have five parts, but lately I’ve had a change of heart due in no small part to the natural progression of the story winding down. I could always extend it out, make things stretch to meet some pre-specified number of serials, but that doesn’t appeal to me. If the story is ending, let’s end the story – the climax is planned and I’m eager to write the resolution, so for those who are doing the serials I’ll be completing the main story with part four of “Castaway”. I’m working right now on the possibility of more, but it would be one-off shorts for the time being.

Okay, the sibling is motioning for me that it’s time to go, so I gotta pack up my computer. We’ll be back on Monday, keep your fingers crossed that there will be wifi in this lake cabin!! 😀

Snippet Saturday – winding down to the end

So Facebookers and Tweeps probably saw my happiness two days ago when I finally had a breakthrough with the “Castaway” story climax. It’s no surprise that I am a pantser when it comes to writing; I don’t always know my ending until I’m almost there in the writing process. For “Castaway”, I knew how I wanted the end of the relationship to go, but hadn’t figured out what the plot ending would entail.

Now that it’s decided, I feel much better. While I’m not much of a plotter as I hate writing a story “twice”, it’s sometimes to know what direction I’m going. And, yes, sometimes and outline is the only thing that gets me out of a writing slump.

Anyway. 😉 It’s Saturday once again and this week went by fast! Nephews and diapers and house cleaning and entertainment to wear out a two-year-old, and somewhere in there I’ve found some writing time. Let me tell you, I now have the UTMOST RESPECT for women writers who do this career as a full time mother!!

So without further ado, here is this week’s snippet. Enjoy!!

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Snippet… *eep* Tuesday?!

The newest nephew of AWESOME!!

Boy, I sure dropped the ball on this one!! I spent the last several days running distraction for a 2-year old while my sister and BIL got used to having a tiny baby again. Today is the first real day I have to myself (the toddler just went to daycare and my sister will take care of the baby), so it’s time to play catchup from the last week or so. First thing’s first: get out that overdue snippet!

Due to kids and nonstop traveling these last couple weeks, as well as focusing on Castaway 3’s release, my word counts haven’t been as high as I’d like. Hopefully the next few days will get me more new material, but here you go! As always, the story is subject to change in edits and/or rewrites, so on and so forth. :)

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New iTunes record!!

I’ve had so many folks ask me on Twitter and Facebook (and blog comments!) about when “Castaway 3” will be available on iTunes. I released the latest part late last week, but iTunes has always lagged in getting stories uploaded.

Well, I’m pleased as punch to report they did it in a record-breaking (for them) time of four days. “Anything He Wants: Castaway (#3)” is LIVE on Apple iTunes and iBooks!!!

Because of the delay, I’ve extended the $.99 promo on the new part until Friday, July 26. I appreciate everyone who waited so long, and wanted to say a huge THANK YOU as best I could. All I ask is for an honest review letting me know what you thought. 😉

And as always, enjoy!!! 😀

Snippet Saturday? Let’s go the full monty!

A week or so ago I asked my Tweeps and Facebookers how they’d feel if I released “Castaway 3” earlier than the proposed Monday, July 22 date and they were, hmm, fairly gung-ho on that idea. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it because of RWA, edits, and not having the cover art in, but miraculously the stars aligned and everything came together all at once.

So I figured, what the heck. 😀 In appreciation for taking so long this time, the latest part is ON SALE AT $.99 until next Wednesday, so better hurry! All I ask is that you pretty-please remember to review: let me know what you think!! This is the penultimate chapter of “Castaway”, and with only one part left (with no cliffhanger book endings this time!) the story is winding down (while winding up to its climax! …no, not that one lol).

As always, enjoy!!!


ISBN: 978-0-9882954-4-5

Secrets are revealed in the thrilling third part of the Anything He Wants: Castaway series!

Every action has its consequences, and the day of reckoning has come. Jeremiah Hamilton is not a man inclined to forgive, and a broken-hearted Lucy is left shattered and desperate to get back home to her mundane life. There, she can nurse a broken heart and try to go back to normal far away from danger.

But the promise of safety is an illusion. Someone has marked her a target as surely as any Hamilton male, and believes her to be their key for revenge against the family. There is nowhere Lucy can hide, but her help comes from a most unlikely source.

With lives on the line, can they outwit a predator who is constantly one step ahead of them?



I just feel the need to add this because OMG OMG OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m currently #1 on the Kindle Movers and Shakers list, over the ENTIRE Kindle store!!!!


Midweek check-in: RWA ’13!!

I’m sitting in the Avon Digital Day panel, next to both my FLING anthology-mate Lauren Hawkeye and editor Chelsey Emmelhainz, listening to the feedback and research on marketing over the last year. It’s so interesting how diverse online marketing is for books these days. Apparently, readers love social media and blog posts to keep in touch with authors.

Which, of course, made me want to do an impromptu blog post. Hello pretty people!!! 😀

I mentioned last Saturday that I finished “Castaway 3” and had edits to come, but that went MUCH faster than anticipated! I’m now waiting on the cover artist of awesome to get me final copies of the chosen cover, which I’m SO TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH… *ahem* Which is really pretty. 😉 And which I promise to show you the minute I have the final copy!

On Facebook and Twitter I mentioned a few days ago that I might be able to push out C3 early. It’s been so long since I got something new out that I’m as eager to get it into your hands as you are to get it. The last cog in the self-pub works is that cover, once I have it in hand I can start the whole process! I’m excited about this part, and am looking forward to sharing with you.


Some of you have noticed and commented on the Street Team sign up link that showed up mysteriously, silently, on the right column. I’m trying to put together a team of folks who would be willing to help me get the word out on new releases, giveaways and upcoming stories. It will be different from the newsletter which is more about announcing to you what’s coming up; the street team works a bit more closely and gets prizes and first looks at what’s coming up. All I ask is that you broadcast what you find to everyone you know, and get the word out. I’m still feeling it out and am not sure who might be interested, but would love ANY help you all can provide!!

Now, back to looking interested listening to the marketing panel here for Avon. 😉

Snippet Saturday, and NEWS!

This announcement was supposed to come last weekend, but I needed to get the story done first for my own peace of mind.

And the story, or rather Castaway 3/AHW8, is finished!!! At least, the rough draft is done. 😀 There’s still a lot to do with edits (my pass, the editors pass, beta readers, back to editor, formatting, etc), but holy carp, after FAR TOO LONG the next installment of Anything He Wants is finished!

So, mark your calendars, because “AHW: Castaway part 3” will officially be made available on Monday, July 22nd. Why so far out, you ask? Continue reading Snippet Saturday, and NEWS!

Happy shiny things!

Less than one week to the Romance Writers of America convention, and the stressing is very well underway! *eeek*

Many things were promised this week and it’s time to deliver! Remember that little contest we were having for a signed FLING paperback and gift certificate? Well, I got a nice surprise in the mail this week:


So guess what? MORE WINNERS!!! Only one person will get the $25 Amazon gift certificate but I will now be sending out 10 more paperback books to ten lucky winners. Continue reading Happy shiny things!

Snippet Saturday – the happy stuff

Boy, I waited until the last minute to post this today! Some of you on Facebook and Twitter might remember seeing part of this already, but here’s most of the scene. I’ve been a terrible tease lately with these snippets, so I decided to spoil things a wee bit. Well, then again it’s not spoilery if you believe in happy endings I suppose. Lots more story ahead though so who knows where these crazy cats’ll end up! 😉

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