Snippet Saturday – enter the villain (2/2)

So last week I gave a (rather long) snippet introducing the villain to our heroine. I asked via social media (hi Facebook and Twitter peeps!) if I should continue that part this week or do something new, and a narrow majority favored a continuation. So here is part two of that scene, the ending of which was originally meant to be the ending of “Castaway 3” but…well, it needed a few more pages. 😉

Yes, this excerpt is unedited; yes there’s likely errors; and YES it will be edited and fixed before actual publication. Enjoy!! 😀

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“FLING” paperback giveaway!!


So, who likes free stuff?!

“FLING” is officially available at online booksellers, and the Ebook is already part of several free giveaways around the web. The gorgeous ladies of S&M Book Obsessions are holding a contest ending next week for a Kindle Fire and 10 ebooks (including FLING) to one lucky winner.

Unfortunately it won’t be available in paperback form for another several weeks. In a way I like this as it allows the book to get out as early as possible, without having to wait for any ink to dry.

On the other hand, I heart holding books in my hand.

So I’m going to give away the only paperback of “FLING” that I currently have to one lucky reader, along with a $25 Amazon gift card. I’m starting up a mailing list that will let me keep readers informed of new releases as they go live, as well as exclusive excerpts and news I may not want to release publicly yet. All you have to do is sign up and you’re entered in the drawing.

I’m really hoping to get more paperbacks from the publisher soon, and if I do then I’ll add more copies to the drawing. For now, the prize is 1 signed copy of “FLING” plus a $25 Amazon gift card. All list members are eligible, and the contest will run from today through Monday, July 8.

Good luck!!!
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“FLING” anthology release day!

Eleven months ago almost to the day, when I was just tarting out on this publishing roller coaster, I had my very first “Big Six” publishing editor contact me via Twitter. To say I was excited that Avon was calling would be an understatement: they asked me to be part of a BDSM erotica anthology, my first “traditional” deal after self-publishing, and I very happily accepted. I met some incredible people through this including my writerly BFF/beta Lauren Hawkeye and had a blast writing the story.

And now, finally, it’s available at all major retailers! 😀


FLING is an erotic collection of three steamy BDSM novellas set in Italy’s kinky Mancusi Resort during its infamous Fetish Week, and features Take Me by New York Times bestselling author Sara Fawkes, Teach Me by Cathryn Fox, and Tame Me by Lauren Hawkeye.

Take Me
Kate Swansea’s fiancée dumps her a day before the wedding. Will wealthy Greek businessman Alexander Stavros convince the BDSM virgin that a sexual adventure is the cure for her broken heart?

Teach Me
Tycoon Luca Mancusi whisks fashion intern Josie Pelletier off to his private resort to negotiate a deal for her boss’s lingerie line. But, by negotiation, he means a long, slow, spicy seduction…

Tame Me
Ariel Monroe, pop-star princess, refuses to sign a contract with CEO Marco Kennedy. She’s furious when he follows her to Fetish Week, although she could use a hot BDSM play partner. If he’s up to the challenge, of course.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | Kobo | iTunes


“FLING” is newly unleashed on the world, but several sites are running giveaways:

Scorching Book Reviews has a blog post from anthology-mate Cathryn Fox, as well as a digital giveaway of “FLING”.

The very lovely ladies over at SM Book Obsessions are giving away another digital copy of “FLING” as well as a Kindle Fire with a handful of other ebooks including Avery Aster’s “UNDRESSED”, Cassia Leo’s “PIECES OF YOU“, and seven other full novels they list as their favorites (so far) of 2013. What an honor to be on that list, and LOOK at the number of entries! Whoo-doggies, those girls know how to spread the word!!

But stay tuned, I have my own little contest to prepare, because look what came in the mail over the weekend:



Snippet Saturday – enter the villain!

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I did a snippet! You all have been incredibly patient with me as I was struggling with, well, whatever it was that had me frozen. This week I’m also really excited about the release of my short story in the “Fling” anthology this Tuesday. I’ve been readying several posts for a blog tour, interviews (some deliciously racy!), etc. Combined with the house stuff (which deserves a post all its own!), it’s been pretty busy here, but I still managed to get some decent writing in! 😀

I sometimes worry that I’m going to give key information away with snippets, but this is a part of the story that I’ve had in my head since BEFORE I even started Castaway. So, a little longer snippet than I normally do in the hopes of making up for the last several weeks of, well, nothing. As always, this is an unedited version of the story, small details might be changed later, so on and so forth. 😉


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Kindle Worlds and fanfiction

wool-uk-cover-finalThis morning while browsing the internet, I read Hugh Howey’s latest blog post “When Words Become Worlds“. He talked about how he’s now put his “Wool” universe up on Amazon’s Kindle World wherein readers and fans can now actually write and publish what is, essentially, “Wool” fanfiction.

That. Is. COOL!

I make it no secret that I once upon a time wrote fanfiction; it was how I cut my writing teeth, to be honest. I learned how to create a story and interesting characters by essentially playing in other creator’s backyards. It’s a time honored tradition; fanzines have been around for decades as readers try to emulate or continue the adventures of beloved characters. Some authors and publishers do see it as an infringement on their copyright (Anne Rice and Laurel K Hamilton come to mind) and some would argue that it could lead to problems in the future should canon and fanon collide.
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Guest blog post: Julia Kent “Erotica to New Adult romance”

I was pleased to have Julia Kent do a guest post about switching genres. Julia is a USA Today bestseller and the author of the popular New Adult romance “Random Acts of Crazy“. She’s here today to talk about crossing the genre barrier, and how being known in one genre doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pigeon-holed forever within that one niche. :)


Aside from the incredibly hot sex scenes and tension so taut you could string a guitar with it, what do erotica and New Adult romance have in common? Writers like Jacinda Wilder and Mimi Strong crossed over from one genre to the other, and so have I. Plenty of other erotic romance and erotica writers are in the process of that same journey, and the reason is easy to explain: because it’s seamless.

Erotica focuses on the main character’s sexual journey. “Journey” is key here – the character or characters have to explore what their own sexuality means to them in the context of their exploration of life. In the end, the sexual unfolding gives meaning to part or all of their life, and forces them to grow in new ways.

How perfect for New Adult! If you ask 20 authors, 20 agents, and 20 editors at traditional publishing companies to define “New Adult,” you’ll get 60 different answers.

Ask readers and you’ll get one answer: “I know it when I see it – and when it’s good, it’s perfect!” You define the genre now. Readers are eagerly reading books like H.M. Ward’s Damaged, Tara Brown’s My Side, my own Random Acts of Crazy, Raine Thomas’s Everly, Katy Evans’ Real, pretty much everything Abbi Glines writes – and so much more. Maybe it’s because it’s summer and the Kindle is easier to grab when time demands lighten up. Perhaps it’s the amazing covers.

Or maybe it’s because we are so enthralled with the journey that new adults face when their first major life decision stares back at them.

There’s that journey element again. In every New Adult novel you read, the main characters face a conflict centered around their first, major, independent decision. No parents to make the decision for them. Oh, the parents might try – and sometimes that’s the theme of New Adult books. Breaking away from parents.

In my books, Random Acts of Crazy (and the next in the series, Random Acts of Trust), the men are all from very controlling families in a wealthy upper middle-class suburb of Boston. Breaking away from “hover parents” and forging a strong, independent identity is key, all while falling in love with a woman who is about as different from the women back home as Remy (from Real) is from Christian Grey.

We are captivated by stories and by the never-ending process of growth. Characters stumble, make poor decisions, go through loads of internal angst and anxiety, and find themselves unmoored and unsure – just like in real life. And then they get out of their own way, feel the fear and take risks anyhow, make themselves vulnerable and hope for the best, and go into the world a little jaded but also more aware of who they are and what they deserve.

It’s all about the journey.


Julia’s bestselling New Adult “Random Acts of Crazy” is available online by ebook or paperback! I’d love to see this very talented (and super sweet!) lady go as far as she can, and personally can’t wait until the sequel!
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Surprise! Look who’s coming home for dinner!


…wait, huh?!

And thus, we somehow managed to welcome a new pup into our household.

Even now, I’m still a little bit shocked by how fast it all happened. Who is this tiger-striped shadow that won’t leave my side?!

I’ve been spoiled these last few years by a wonderful, if very codependent, small dog, so the sudden arrival of a giant (not housebroken, over-excited, BIG appetite, uncouth) puppy has me a tad twitchy. No more so than Dixie, who’s no longer queen of the roost and has to *gasp!* compete for attention! Oh, the insanity!!!

Mommy save me!!

I’m laying on the floor tonight in protest!

…okay so the bed is safer than the ground. But I’m not cuddling, no way! …okay maybe a little.

All of my dogs have been rescues, but never quite in this way. Exuberance aside though, he’s a great dog – he found his way quickly into my heart. He likes to lay behind me in the office, content to stay close. The minute I stand up however, it’s PLAY TIME!!

Heh, the Dude’s a little jealous, Dingo likes me better.

Not that I’m gloating or anything. 😀

Snippet Saturday … finally!

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! 😀

I apologize for no snippet last weekend, it was a tough weekend in that I had no new material that was, well, all that interesting. But this week has been much better in the writing department, and I figured I’d (finally!) share a little bit from Castaway 3. Hope you enjoy it! (Facebookers, you’ve probably already read this bit.)


He swallowed. “We’re quite a pair, aren’t we?” he murmured, pushing back the hair that was plastered to my face.

Lifting my shoulder slightly off the ground, I finally levered my hand up to touch his face. “You’ll never be able to forgive me.” My eyes closed as my hand fell back to my chest. “I’ll never be able to forgive me.”

“No.” But I saw the truth in his eyes. My actions lay like an abyss between us, and I doubted either of us would ever be able, or willing to bridge it.

Foreign chatter surrounded me, and Jeremiah’s grip on my body tightened. I looked up to see his gaze darting at several points, but I didn’t take my eyes off him. “You deserve better,” I murmured, and saw his stricken gaze fall back to me.

My strength had returned enough to push away from him, but I couldn’t make myself do it. In his arms, I was safe for the first time in what felt like forever. My brain told me I needed to let go, leave and get on with my life, but my heart wasn’t ready.

I doubted it would ever be.