Is the Cast Away part 3 gonna come out soon? I’m one hell of an impatient person, ESPECIALLY when it comes to an epic series!!!!!!


Love the Anything He Wants books….please please tell me that Lucy ends up with Jerimiah? The fling with Lucas has to be over…he doesn’t love her he just wants what his brother has. Lucy loves Jeriamiah let her finally get the man she loves and be happy with him.


I love the Anything He Wants books….read all seven with in two days. I really hope Lucy ends up with Jeriamiah because that who she loves and he does love her.

When is the next book coming out, I hope it is sooooooooooooooon.


I do not believe that Lucy had sex with Lucas. I know this is common in the world, but … Damn, my books are windows to heaven, where the happy ending is at the end of the rainbow of pain that is life … and love and truth go hand in hand. I will read all the other books … but Jeremiah did not deserve to be betrayed. Edilma. Brazil.


I really want Lucy with Lucas, damn he deserves her, Jeremiah is such an asshole, I’m completelly in love with Lucas

Sandra mara

hello Sara,
I finished reading the first book “WHAT YOU WANT, INVOLVED WITH A BILLIONAIRE” loved. I wonder if there is any definite date for the second volume.
Thank you