Elana Cravey

I so enjoyed the first book in the Anything He Wants series and in fact I enjoy all of your books so I am extremely disappointed to find out that the other books in this series are ebooks only!! For those of us who don’t have kindles how can we read the rest of series…what a pity!!

Sara Fawkes

Yes I’m releasing the serials in ebook format, but the full novel itself WILL be available in both ebook AND paperback format this summer. Check out the blog for more information, I’ve written several posts detailing my plans for the series. 😉

Dawn P

It is killing me to wait until Mon. I love this series and can’t wait to see what is in store for them all. Thank you for a great series.. Type faster…lol

Amy Iler

Do you have a fan club? Just some way we can get updates sent to us about upcoming releases…I was devastated after reading the 1st AHW. I was literally like what the heck is going on…I know she’s not leaving me hanging like this…Then after several stressed out hours, I decided to check out your web site. I sure hope I read it right…So I’m looking forward to the release of AHW2 this summer…


I was wondering if the book anything he wants that is posted as e-book is the combination of all6 parts???

Sara Fawkes

AHW parts 1-5 already constitute the novel, but the sequel is first being released serially THEN put into novel form later this year. :) So if you want to wait and read the whole thing, that is certainly an option!