Anything He Wants series FAQ

FAQ for the “Anything He Wants” series

Are you continuing this series?! (biggest question I get asked)

    YES!!! Yes yes and a million times yes!!! I ended book one (or part 5 if you’ve read the serials) on one doozy of a cliffhanger. Despite my hiatus, I AM continuing the series!!! Contrary to popular opinion, I am a fan of Happy Ever After, I just prefer to make my characters suffer a little beforehand. 😉


You mention “serials”, what is that?

    From the definition:

    se·ri·al [seer-ee-uhl]
    anything published, broadcast, etc., in short installments at regular intervals, as a novel appearing in successive issues of a magazine.

    Essentially, a serial is one story released in smaller segments. There’s a reason why I love this format so much: it allows me the ability to give readers exactly what they want (more story) AS I FINISH EACH PART. Sure, I could wait until the story is finished and just release the novel, but I came from a fan fiction background where authors give their readers the story in progress. AHW was meant to be an experiment to see if that format could have a wider market, and as such was a wild success!


I am SO CONFUSED as to the reading order for the series!!!

    I totally get this, and apologize for the confusion!

    There are (essentially) two ways a reader could have come to this series: 1) You read the serials, or 2) you read the novel. The serials are how the series was originally released, but in November of 2012, St. Martin’s Press released the novel to much wider distribution. The novel is available in paperback format as well as ebook, while the first five serials are only available as ebooks. An easier explanation: if you read a story with a feather on the cover, that was the novel. If there’s skin on the front, that’s the serials.

    If you’ve read the novel itself, DISREGARD the first five serials. You have the compiled version in your hand of Anything He Wants parts 1-5; the novel is essentially the same as the serials. While there IS a bonus short story in the novel (feather cover) version of AHW, this was added at the request of the publisher and does not affect the ending of the story in any way. (as in, this isn’t an epilogue that ties the cliffhanger in a neat little bow)


So what is the plan for the series from here on out?

    I did a blog post in February 2013 detailing how I intend to continue the AHW series. It’s easiest to read the post itself for clarification, but essentially I will continue releasing the AHW serials (continuing where we left off at AHW6), then compile what will be the next book into a novel come Summer 2013. No, I do not yet have a date for the novel’s release, but as soon as I have one you’ll be the first to know!!


How many books do you intend to write in this series?

    The AHW series is going to be three books, with either a four book or an offshoot series planned for the future. Saying exactly what that will be would be spoilers, plus the whole deal is still in too early a phase to be certain. I haven’t finished the stories, and have a long way to go before I’m finished torturing my characters. 😉 There are so many stories clogging my head, desperate to be written, but I’m committed to this world and its characters; it’s my main objective to get it finished and out to you.


What about foreign rights and translations? Will you be translating the serials themselves?

    I don’t know about the translations. I wish I had a better answer than that, but right now uncertainty is where it stands. As the end of the story looms closer, I’ll be able to nail down dates. My agent is, as we speak, negotiating with the foreign publishers about the release of this sequel. Most publishers like to have the finished copy in their hands however, not just the first quarter or fifth of the novel, before they draft contracts. As soon as I hear anything however, I PROMISE to let you know!


Okay, so the rest of the series will only be released in ebook and serial form from now on?

    NO. I am releasing the serials as a way to get the story out faster to ravenous readers (I’m so flattered by the way!!), but I’m not forgetting the readers who’d rather have a nice thick paperback book in their hand, or prefer not to have everything at once. There WILL be a novel; there WILL be a paperback version of AHW2, there will be a compiled AHW2 ebook. Distribution channels may need to be worked out, but I’m really, really hoping to have the novel ready this summer. While the book might not be in the same stores where you found AHW1, it WILL be out and available on the market. If a publisher agrees to do the distribution, there might be a slight delay past summer but I’ll try my best to mitigate that. I want this story out to you, to everyone who wants to read it, in whatever format you choose. The serials are only one choice; you can skip them entirely and wait for the full story. So please don’t feel pressured into HAVING to get the serials, that’s the last thing I want you to feel.


Did I miss anything? Forget an important piece of information? I won’t provide spoilers for the series but I WILL try and answer any questions you may have!!

stacey Harrell

You said that the next book is out on Monday March 18th. I don’t see that we can pre-order it? Will it just be available to buy on Monday?


Will there be a second book (rather than just the parts) for the next part of the book? Do you know how many more parts (or books) there will be in the series.
PS huge fan love the story and was sooooo worried you were going to leave it a book 5 so glad you haven’t. Can’t wait to read what happens next.


Need more!!!! The wait for the Cast Away 3 is seriously killing me!

It’s official. AHW>50 the 10th power!!!!!


I just read the story through Castaway #2. I’m hooked! I’m a sucker for a happy ending. I can’t wait until the next segment is released.
Thank you for some great reading 😉

A Texas fan


I have stayed up all night reading through 7!! I am hooked and hungry for more. Great job!! Awesome work and story thus far!


I too got confused as I am reading the paperback book. Didn’t know if their were more books. Thank u for clearing it up. Can’t wait for the next one!;)

Rita siemon

Please don’t make us wait too long!!!! I can’t put the books down and my husband as threaten to take my ereader away
From me. I love your work, you have given us such great pleasure, thanks!!!!!


how many books will the castaway portion have??? waiting for #3 now, I just dont want the story to get drawn out and start to go wildly unbelievable…you know?

Amy Iler

I need the second novel!!!!!!! I have waited so long…It’s summertime….Please let us know soon when it’s going to be available. Love reading your work…Keep up the good work.

Lou A.

What is the name of the 2nd novel??? Can’t really understand the flow from the list on “fantastic fiction”. Just finished your 1st novel, (with the feather), and really am anxious to find out what comes next for Lucy and Lucas!! Never mind that stick up his a**, Jeremiah… There is also nothing in your book saying what is coming next.
Love the story!!!
Thank you…


I am so hooked on this story. I do not know who I want her to be with but I need to know how it is going to develop!!! When is Castaway #4 going to be released?


I have read part one through 7 in the last two days when will I be able to get part 8? Please let me know I read a lot one avarage a book every other day so I want to make sure I finish this. By far my new fav series.


OMW!!!! just loved these books …I was hooked the whole time and I didnt even know it existed…lucky for me I read all 9 books and I wish you would write more…Jeremiah and Lucy changed so much from where they started from…

Elaine Cardoso

Hello Sara. We Brazilian, we are following the series, and we want to know: You will write a book just to Lucas? Particularly, we are passionate about Loki and want more of it. I look forward for your reply. Kisses. You’re awesome!



I read “anything he wants” but I have the trade paperback… I need the trade paperback for “castaway” and the other books that are coming. When will they be out? How can I order?


Jojo m

Hi sara
Firstly can I say I love the anything he wants series and adore Jeremiah Lucy and Lucas and wait for each one eagerly. While I was so happy that things worked out for remi and Lucy the one thing that disappointed me was the fact that at the end when they went to the club that Lucy was happy to have sex in public. I am not a prude at all and love all the erotica in the storyline including the domineering Remi but it just did not sit right that she submit to that. It just did not fit with her. That is just my opinion and as I said I loved it all and will be first in line for the next book if you decide on writing more but it just made me a little sad.

dinorah serra

Can u please advise when the next book of this story will be out . I would like to know know how Lucas story continues and if if Lucy gets married and how the handle Georgia Hamilton

dinorah serra

Can you please advise when castaways #5 will come out. I would like to see how the story continue. I have been waiting for the end for several month . Can you please advise?


Just curious as to when the AHW Castaway novellas will be all in one book.. Will that happen this year? I love the series and haven’t read the Castaway parts of the series yet as I have been patiently waiting for it to come out as 1 book and not 4.


Seeing as Castaway didn’t have five books. When it does become one whole book, is there still actually going to be a third book? Or well another round of mini chapters to be made into a third book?


Hello Sara Fawkes !!
I’m from France (so sorry for my bad english)
Thank you so much for your amazing series !!! I love it !!!!!
But, will it be a suite of Castaway part4???
Thank you so much for answering me !

Kelly Lott

I really loved the frist book and have been trying to find out about the second book castaway . Has the book been released yet? If not will it be soon?


Hi ! I am a bit confused . Is the last ending the one in the park were Lucy and jeremiah was at the funeral ?
Im from norway so it a bit difficult to get the hands of the books, so i struggled to find the parts, so just wondering if the series is finished for now ? or if i missed following parts ? :))


And is the second book Castaway = ? Is there just been 2 books was that the last one . Haha Im sorry its confusing :) Just don’t want to miss anything because I Love this series :)


Your Castaway novel is said to be released late 2013 on this site, but When I try to look it up to purchase for my library it gives a 10/21/14 release date…did editing & publishing just get behind, or is this a re-release & I’m missing the original release somewhere??


I recently purchased AHW from book store (full novel with Feather on cover) and then purchased the Castaways series as ebook (serials). I couldn’t wait until October 2014!! What a great story!! At the very end you ask if there is more to Lucy, Jeremiah, and Lucas’ story, and my reply is “I sure hope so!” It would be great if you can continue their story. Seems there is so much more to tell!! Would love to read more, so am hoping you will consider!!
P.S. Because I am one who likes to hold a book in hand – I pre-ordered for the Oct release, too!


Hello Sara!

I’m from Czech Republic and I just finished reading Anything he wants- all books-1-9 and I found that there is one more story about Jeremiah and Lucy. But the Unraveled book isn’t more aviable on itunes nor on amazon…:(
I loved the whole story, is there any chance to read the “atonement”? Please, please, please….
Lucy Veselovska

Ivana Martinez

It is my understanding that Castaway is the continuation to Anything he wants. However I’ve only seen the ebook series, so when is the actual compiled novel going to come out?


I just finished reading the series and loved every minute of it. Now I just want to know if you’re planning to write about Lucas? I love his personality an kind of want to learn more about is hidden life.


I just finished Anything He Want #9. I need to know what happens. I understand that Anything He Wants Atonement was released in a box set. Where can I find this box set? Will Anything He Wants Atonement be released by itself anytime soon?

tamra johnson

Hi I was wondering if you could send me a complete list in order how your series or books go for AHW..I’ve read some and than cont.with castaway. Thanks

Donald Barker

I just finished castaway where they get together at the charity event is that the last book so far or is some out I don’t see

Pamela McFadden

I purchased Anything He Wants and Castaway on iBooks. I was in the bookstore today and noticed that these two books were combined and sold as one book. While looking through the book I noticed there was a bonus book at the end. The bonus book was a continuation of the story of Lucy and Jeremiah. This was not in the original iBooks sold. I went to iBooks to see if it might have been offered as a separate book, but it wasn’t. Where can I get a copy of this? Why don’t you offer it on your web site?

teresa burden

Please when is castaways book5 out.going mad for next book.Have read all of ahw.please let it be soon.go on holiday in June love to be able to read it while relaxing


I became hooked on your AHW series a couple of years ago through reading the serials. I feel in love with the characters and really hope that we haven’t seen the last of them.

Hopeful for Lucas’s story soon…

chantil francis

I just finished the paper back version of AHW and castaway and I read somewhere that there is a third book where can I get it and what is the name (slowly dying) need to know how it all ends.


i am so lost. where is SARA FAWKES i have read all of her books she is my favorite author. is the AHW and CASTAWAY books all in ONE NOVEL. (AHW & castaway NOVEL) is it the complete book of both. i have been trying to contact Sara but i cant get through. i was told she quiet writing and the only way to contact her is through someone else but i have been trying and no one will tell me. i truly hope she keeps up her writing because she is the greatest writer ever.

Sarah allen

I’m so confused! I have read the novel of AHW and then downloaded castaway thinking it was the next story and then realised it was the same story broken down! So is there a second part to the novel?? Not the shorter stories and when is it out?? Thank you


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