So excited!!

Earlier today I got a brief look-see at the other stories for the upcoming “UNRAVELED” boxed set and, holy crap, I’m in love!! This is the bundle that will include the AHW10 story, and with a starting price tag of $.99, it’s SUCH a great deal!! I’m counting down the days, November 4 can’t come fast enough! I wanted to get AHW10 out to you lovely folks, but now I want to show you some of the stories in this anthology because they’re awesome!!


Eight original tales of passion from eight bestselling authors… save $22.93 by buying this boxed set!

Jeremiah and Lucy have been through the fire and barely escaped with their lives, but can their love survive the real world?

Six months after having her baby, Laura finds that her sex life has unraveled, even as her BDSM fantasies heat up her eReader. Puzzled and frustrated, her partners Mike and Dylan resort to a little spying — and what they find on her eReader ties someone in knots…but it won’t be them. When their best friends take the baby for an overnight, Mike and Dylan show Laura just how alpha they can both be, as Laura surrenders herself to them with complete abandon

TAKEN BY STORM by Opal Carew
Jessica doesn’t like to take risks, but when she’s almost run over by a red hot rock musician named Storm on his motorcycle, she realizes that some risks are worth taking.

A naive young artist travels through Europe searching for the most infamous painter ever to live… and who also happens to be a 300 year old vampire.

YIELD TO ME by Sarah Castille
An ambitious MMA fighter struggles to resist her attraction to the dangerously sexy fight coach who awakens in her secret erotic desires that could destroy her fighting career.

YOURS TO TAKE by Cathryn Fox
Revenge takes on a sexy twist when a powerhouse lawyer is stripped of her control and held captive by the handsome multi-millionaire she once took down in the courtroom.

HOT ISLAND NIGHTS by Lauren Hawkeye
When Alessandria Reid travels to her friend’s vacation home on a private island, all she wants is some quiet and solitude in which to put her life back together. Instead, she gets demanding rock star Benjamin Hawke, a man used to getting what he wants… and though she can’t quite believe it, what he wants is her.

When Tessa Savage is forced to choose between two hunky cowboys while vacationing at the Lazy L Dude Ranch, she finds herself at a loss; the Marlborough Man look-a-like or the fun-loving exhibitionist. Help Tessa decide in this smokin’ hot interactive tale.

Snippet Saturday – three in one!

So last weekend, caught up in the craziness of life and deadlines, I totally skipped doing a Saturday snippet. You know what that means this week, right?

Yup! Three, count ’em, THREE new snippets!! The “UNRAVELED” anthology is set to release in early November and will be the only time AHW10 will be released solo. At $.99, along with several other stories from big names like Julia Kent, Lauren Hawkeye and Opal Carew. I’ve had a peek at the ARC and, yowzers, those are some hawt stories!! 😉

Meh, enough marketing! Let’s get to the fun parts, shall we? 😀


“So you’re not going to tell me where we’re going?”


“Not even the slightest clue? A hint?”


I let out a breath. “You know I’m not a big fan of surprises nowadays.”

Jeremiah’s green eyes glittered like emeralds in the darkness as his lips turned up slowly into a sexy smile. “I think you’ll like this one.”

Swallowing, I hid my body’s reaction to his words by turning to look out the window of the limousine. Gone were the tall buildings and familiar New York City silhouettes I’d seen now for several months. Wherever this car was taking us was far outside the city limits. The countryside rose around us, spots of snow still dotting the landscape despite the warmer weather.

Jeremiah’s hand smoothed down my leg, giving my knee a squeeze. “We’re almost there.”

Almost where? I bit my tongue, however, as the headlights shone onto a tall set of gates that opened as we rounded the corner. Trees lined the winding driveway, dense enough to block out the setting sun. It seemed like forever before the stifling trees open up into a large roundabout leading up to the biggest house I’d ever seen.

My mouth dropped as I stared up at the structure. Mansion didn’t quite cut it: it looked more like a castle than a home. The building had at least four stories, with separate wings on each side. Stairs leading up to the door curved around the driveway, leading to large wood doors. The driver parked at the base and then opened our door as I continued to stare out.

“Would you like to see inside?”

The humor in Jeremiah’s voice finally got my attention, and I turned to see him holding a hand out toward me. He was as handsome as ever in a black shirt and pants, his hair pushed back on his head. A few dark locks still framed the strong face that I’d grown to adore. Taking his hand, I stepped out onto the driveway, staring again up the giant structure. “And I thought your Hamptons home was large,” I murmured.



The harsh, grating note in Jeremiah’s voice cut off Georgia’s gloat. Her lips tightened into a thin line, but Jeremiah continued before she could speak. “I’ve given you full ownership of the house Rufus left to me,” he said in a low, angry voice. “Keep it, sell it, I don’t care. Father treated you badly in his will, leaving you nothing. That is now fixed.”


“If I ever hear you bad-mouth Lucy in my presence again, I will make it clear to the world that any friends of yours are not friends of mine. I will cut you off, mother, as surely as Rufus ever did.”

I blinked at Jeremiah. He had never defended me quite so brutally before; usually, he had a resigned tolerance for his mother’s actions. Even Georgia seemed startled by his outburst, although she tried to gloss over his words. “I’m only looking out for your well-being,” she said after a terse silence, rearranging the napkin in her lap. Her eyes darted around, as if to see who was watching. “Must you raise your voice to me in public?”

“This lunch was meant to be just for Lucy and I,” Jeremiah continued. “I do not remember inviting you. I’ll make certain to tell the host as much when I make reservations from now on.”

Georgia went stiff, and then she threw her napkin onto the table. “I can tell when my presence is not wanted,” she said in a voice like ice.

*Yeah, right.* I snorted but didn’t say anything. Georgia leveled a glare at me, and then rested a cool expression on her son. “You choose this, this girl over your own family?”

“Good day, Mother.”


My apartment had always been tiny, but having grown used to Jeremiah’s penthouse, it looked practically miniscule now.

I wasn’t sure why I kept it at this point. Nearly all my nights were spent in Manhattan nowadays, falling asleep locked in Jeremiah’s arms. There wasn’t any place I’d rather be, so my insistence on keeping the tiny studio baffled both Jeremiah and myself. I’d barely even decorated, as if knowing my time here would be short, yet I couldn’t quite give it up.

Sitting down on the large papasan chair, I picked up the photo closest to me. My parents had been married by my age; their smiling faces stared up at me, recognizable to me despite their youth. They’d been gone nearly four years now, and I was only just now finally moving past their deaths. Still, sometimes I would have given anything to see them again, or ask their advice on questions I needed answered.
I sighed and set the picture back on the small table, leaning back in the wide chair. If I was being perfectly honest with myself, I knew why I kept this apartment. Too often in the last few years I’d been set adrift, forced suddenly to make my own way in a harsh world. My parents’ deaths had been the first blow; losing my family’s home had sent me into yet another tailspin. Combine that with the rollercoaster ride that was my dealings with the Hamilton family…

There was a home waiting for me in northern New York, a gift I had never expected to get. Except for one trip after Jeremiah came back into my life, however, I hadn’t gone to see it. Instead of giving me any joy, looking through the old house, which had been neglected by the previous tenants, had filled me with an aching sadness. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but without my family there, it was only a structure. There were memories in every nook and cranny, but seeing it only brought back the pain of their loss all over again.

Someone knocked on the door, startling me out of my reverie. Levering myself up from the chair, I padded across the studio and looked through the peephole, and then opened the door.

“I thought I’d find you here.”

I spread my arms wide. “Here I am.”

Jeremiah stepped inside, and then surveyed the small apartment. His eyes fell on the round papasan chair, and he quirked an eyebrow. “A new acquisition?”

“It’s comfortable.” The papasan chair was big, with more than enough room for me to curl up into a ball or lay spread eagle across it. I’d already napped in it, and had grown to appreciate the unwieldy piece of furniture. To prove my words, I sat down in the wide cushion, spreading my arms across the top. “See?”

Jeremiah didn’t take his eyes off me, but something in his gaze made me swallow. I squirmed as he walked over to me and, placing his arms on the wicker sides, leaned above me. “I can see some of its more entertaining uses,” he murmured, and my body tensed with anticipation.


As soon as I have links available for “UNRAVELED”/AHW10, I’ll be sure to post them! 😀

All the rage these days

I’ve noticed more and more book “bundles” hitting the USA Today and NYT bestseller lists. They’ve been on my radar since earlier this year, and are becoming a great deal more popular. Imagine, five to ten (or more) full novels in one purchase, usually for the absurdly low price of $2.99 or less (most debut at $.99). I’ve been snapping these puppies up like crazy, ready to start binge-reading between writing deadlines. 😀

Thought I’d share the love since I’m not the only voracious reader out there, so here are a few links to some of my favorite examples:


Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo Books

LOVE IN DISGUISE (7 Book Romance Set)

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo Books


Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Apple iBooks


Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Apple iBooks


Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Apple iTunes


* If you noticed that some books lacked a Kobo link, it’s because Kobo Books went cray-cray this week and laid waste to nearly its entire indie library. Check out Selena Kitt’s blog post to find out what happened with that whole mess.

** If there’s no iBooks links, well, that’s because Apple moves at a glacial pace with publishing. No surprises there…

Putting the *ugh* in “rough”

Greetings from the pits of deadline hell! It’s funny, every book is a different experience. I wish I had a formula or “cheat” for writing each book, but alas, each one is different.

Take, for example, the first “Anything He Wants” novel. It was released in serials online, each ranging from 8k-20k words, and was fairly easy to write (despite the sudden popularity, which was stressful for an introvert like me). I had a similarly nice and easy path with “Castaway” – there was a rough patch in the middle where I doubted myself and developed a mad case of burnout that lasted three months – but for the most part the story flowed.

And yet we get to my current work, and suddenly I’m realizing the UGH in “rough draft”. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and I don’t remember a book that’s harder to finish, one that just won’t cooperate. Some books, however, don’t truly come alive until the editing phase. The key is to FINISH, to get to The End, and then you can go make it pretty.

…is it masochistic of me to say I’m eager to dive into this one? 😉


The gorgeous ladies of S&M Book Obsessions have revealed the cover for the “Unraveled” anthology and it’s SO PRETTY!! My submission to the book is kind of an epilogue to “Castaway”, one last part to the “Anything He Wants” series. Does this mean I don’t intend to continue it? Well, I can’t say that because there are still ideas swirling around my head on how to continue the story, but it does give some closure to a few bits (as evidenced by the Snippet Saturday post I did a week ago). :) Lots more things coming in the future, but for now I’m wrapped up in deadlines, which means I’m stressed, which means I tend to go all ultra-mega-introverted and forget that, hey, there’s a larger world out there!

So if I seem to be ignoring you, PRETTY please don’t take it personally! *hugs*

The ultimate Snippet Saturday?

I posted this up to Facebook and Twitter, but I guess it won’t be an “official” Saturday Snippet until there’s a blog post. 😉 It’s only 6pm here in California, but heck with it.

It’s already Saturday somewhere, right? 😀 😀


Jeremiah took my hand in his and laid a kiss on one knuckle. “You know that I love you, right?”

He was staring at me intently, as if trying to gauge my expression. I lifted my arms around his neck, tilting my head to one side. “Of course I do.” It was a silly question, but I wasn’t about to tell him that.

“I’m not one for big showy gestures, and I tend to get it wrong when it comes to the romance department.”

“I’d have to disagree with that assessment,” I added, making a big deal of looking around the room and all our guests, but he wasn’t finished.

“I can’t imagine ever loving anyone as much as I love you, and there’s nobody on this planet I’d rather spend my life with.”

As Jeremiah slowly sank down to one knee and reached inside his pocket, I clapped my hands over my mouth. I couldn’t tell if the guests had grown quiet, or if I’d just tuned them out. All I saw was the man I loved kneeling before me, opening a small white velvet box.

“Lucy Delacourt,” Jeremiah said, presenting me with the largest diamond ring I’d seen in my life, “will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Anti-social writer mode

Well, I knew it was going to happen. The closer I get to deadlines the quieter I become, and I’ve got some real doozies to pull off in the next 30 days or so. Add in the fact that I just moved into my (first) belongs-to-me Casa de Fawkes and, yeah. Between turning on utilities (I FINALLY got to take a fairly-hot shower this morning), setting up services (Comcast internet customer service is a joke, for the record), and starting to decorate (my parents arrive today to help with that thank goodness, because I stink at decorations lol), I’m swamped.

What does this mean? I’ll probably be going silent for a little while, despite my best intentions. I hate to ignore anyone but I get super stressed out the closer I get to deadlines. Somehow, even when my intentions are the very best, I always seem to wait until the last minute to finish things. It’s not a conscious decision, but my brain doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of deadline until it’s looming over us like a hockey goalie with a machete.

Hmm, nice imagery. Perhaps I should do one of those life-sized wall decals just to constantly motivate me. Or maybe that would scare me out of my office.

So pretty please forgive me if I go silent for a while. Folks on Twitter and Facebook have probably already noticed it, but I felt the need to address it so you wouldn’t feel as though I was ignoring you. Because I’m not. I’m just, um, not responding. Being anti-social. Locked in guilty-writer-mode, the I-must-finish-this-story-or-I’m-a-failure kinda zone. Never fun, but it does usually get the job done. 😉

“Castaway 4” release day – links to ebooks and MORE!

Oh, I LOVE release days!!! New, shiny stories that are set loose on the world make me SUPER happy!!!


Forgiveness is sought and deadly deadly decisions made in the electrifying climax of the Anything He Wants: Castaway series!

They say the sins of the father are passed down on the successive generations, and no more so than in the Hamilton family. What little hope remains in Lucy’s heart is shattered by events and the trauma of a madman’s pursuit. Outmatched and outsmarted at every turn, Lucy will be forced to make a terrible choice that will have lasting consequences, no more so than with her heart. For in her hands lies the fate of two men, both of whom she loves, and she must decide which will live, and which will die.

With no light at the end of this dark tunnel, will Lucy be able to choose the right path? Or will she be destined to bring down the Hamilton family legacy?


**** BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! ****
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The final “Castaway” Snippet Saturday!!

Oh holy crap, I can’t believe there’s less than two days until the release of the final “AHW: Castaway” serial!! I’m so excited to get this baby out, this ending has been percolating so long in my head and I’ll be glad when it’s finally released!

Thanks again to everyone who voted in the “what my future holds” poll from a week ago, I appreciated all the answers and comments! I have some plans to share within the coming weeks, but for now I give you the final snippet (*sad face*) for the “Castaway” series. The tradition will continue, with new material showing up starting next month! 😀

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In Memorium

One of the things I’ve promised myself is to keep my blog and other social media as clear of my political views as I can morally bear. However, today is the anniversary of one of the biggest tragedies on American soil, and I can’t in good conscience let it pass without saying something. I’ll never forget where I was in my life when I saw the planes hit the World Trade Center towers. While I was on the opposite shore in California, I watched the entire proceedings in absolute horror. Watching the videos of the event still fill me with horror and such sadness.

I’ll never forget, something like this should always be remembered.