LOVE ME FOR ME by Kate Laurens

Kate Laurens has been one of my beta readers for a while now, and is not shy about telling me what she thinks of my stories. I on the other hand hadn’t been able to read much of her stuff until she finally mentioned a New Adult romance she’d been thinking of publishing. Of course I had to help her with it, and WOW I was blown away. My first text to her was that I hoped to do as well with the genre as she did, and that morphed into me blurbing the story (the first time I’ve ever done that!). :)



A fresh start…

It’s been three years since Serena King learned to say no–no to the boys that were a desperate cry for help, no to the extra weight she put on in self defense, and most of all no to the abuse that has haunted her since she was fifteen. Now a sophomore in college, all she wants is to be normal. The last thing she expects is a guy who can make her want, well, everything.

A new guy…

Alex Blackthorn is a bundle of contradictions, a sexy dark haired badass who goes slow… deliciously slow. And despite the iron will that has gotten her through the last few years, Serena finds herself unable to ignore the heat that sizzles between them whenever they’re together.

A dark past…

Serena never thought she could be involved in a relationship, but Alex makes her long for things she thought were out of her reach forever. When he finds out her secret… when he finds out what she did to keep herself sane… will he still want her, or he will treat her just like everyone else?

And Alex has secrets of his own.


Me: So why do you like New Adult so much?

Kate: I like New Adult because it taps into the wealth of emotions that a person feels as they enter adulthood. As a writer, this is a cave of wonders to explore.

Me: Serena’s had a pretty rough life. What do like most about her as a character?

Kate: I think Serena’s greatest strength is her ability to open up and love despite everything that’s happened to her.

Me: Now Serena’s story was awesome, but I fell in LURVE with Alex – new book boyfriend!! Why is he perfect for Serena?

Kate: Alex is genuinely fascinated by Serena, and he’s willing to put in the time and effort to get to know her. Because of her past, Serena needs someone who shows her that she is the most important thing in the world to him, and Alex definitely does that. Plus he’s hot, of course :)

Me: And those tattoos he has are just as dreamy. Do YOU love tattoos?

Kate: I love SOME tattoos, lol. I definitely prefer the tribal kind that Alex has. :) For Alex though, they’re a symbol. He put his own mark on what happened to him. He made it his own, and there was power in that for him.

Me: So, what’s the future of the series? Inquiring minds and all that… 😉

Kate: Kaylee’s story gets told next, then Maddy’s, and then I’ll return to Serena and Alex. I’m working on Kaylee’s right now, and her hero, Dylan, is quite dreamy, if I may say so myself!

Me: Love the name, can’t wait to meet him!!

Love Me For Me by Kate Laurens is available in ebook form on the following sites:
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Kobo | iTunes | B&N Nook

You can visit Kate online at her website:

Snippet Sunday

Well, this weekend has been…interesting. And not in the nice way. But it’s almost over, and I’m horribly overdue for some snippets, for which I apologize.

Since I was late this week, I’ve decided to add a few snippets extra. You deserve something more for having to wait, after all. 😉


“I’m ready to go home.”

Amyrah nodded. “We’ll be back at the hotel in a couple hours.”

The hotel wasn’t the home I’d meant. I wanted, more than anything, to go back to who I was before, back to the life I’d lived before I even heard of Jeremiah Hamilton. My existence may not have been easy then, but the simplicity and straightforwardness of my situation had been easier to bear.

Now, I felt as trapped as I had when Jeremiah had offered me that contract.

“Is everything okay?”

Shaking my head, I gave Amyrah a small smile. “I’m just tired.” I followed her into the vehicle, wondering what adventures lay ahead of me now.

And finding that I couldn’t bring myself to care.


“Did I ever have a chance with you?”

I closed my eyes briefly, unsure how to respond. As much as I wanted to forget, or rather go back and change, my choice to turn to him for comfort, it had happened. Lucas had, whether I wanted to admit it or not, given me the comfort and safety I’d needed. He deserved an answer, but I couldn’t begin to process the question, not now. Not here.


(snippet from the bonus story)
“Do you know what she said to me in the car?” he said after a minute. “That you’d broken her heart. I believe she also said you called her emotions “platitudes”, which didn’t seem to go over well.”

The conversation was obviously not what Jeremiah wanted to talk about. “She signed a contract,” he said before biting off his words.

“You made her sign a contract?” This was news to Lucas, and touched off a fire inside him. “What did it say, that you got to do whatever you wanted?”

Jeremiah said nothing, but Lucas had spent years reading his baby brother. The truth was written all over his silence. “My god, you turned that poor girl into your whore.”

“Don’t you call her that,” Jeremiah roared, and managed to wrench one arm free. He lunged at Lucas, only to be brought up short by the second man’s grip. Then Kolya appeared between the two brothers, wrestling Jeremiah back into submission.

Lucas stood there, shaking in rage. His hands curled into fists as he stared down at his little brother. “You make me sick,” he spat. The urge to beat the man before him was overwhelming. Remembering everything Lucy had told him, her reaction when Jeremiah had appeared, their kiss. Lucas had seen the love in the girl’s eyes, her fear of Lucas when she thought he would shoot Jeremiah. Struggling to control himself, Lucas took a step back. “You don’t deserve her.”

“Why do you fucking care anyway?”

Why indeed. “Because we’ve ruined enough lives in our time.” Anya’s face flashed through his mind. “I’ll be damned if I let anyone else suffer because of us.”


And a tiny preview of something else I’ve been cooking up while I waited for AHW7 edits. 😉


Mark your calendars!

I was going to post this yesterday, but didn’t want to get anyone confused about April Fools.

“Anything He Wants: Castaway (#2)” will be released on Monday, April 15. I’m still holding out hope that I can get the story out earlier, and believe me if that’s the case I’ll be SURE to announce it everywhere I can!!

And just because I’m still on cloud nine over making this week’s USA Today list, I’ve decided to reveal the next cover! Let me know what you think, but I’m in LOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀
(click the image to make it bigger)


The rough draft is only the beginning

Writing is not as easy as people like to think. We all say that we’d like to write a book, or that we could write a better book than so-and-so, but actually finishing a story? Is half the battle.

Of course, sometimes it helps to have smaller goals along the way. Serialized fiction is perfect for this, giving you those convenient stops between sections that give you the sense of accomplishment without having to wait the full 100k words. 😉

Oh do pardon me, I’m rambling a bit because it’s midnight and I’m quite tired. I’m happy to report, however, that the rough draft of AHW7 (or AHW:C2) is finished. Mind you, there’s still a lot to do; editing is a HUGE step along the path and what I’ll be doing for the next couple weeks. The novel, all told, is at about 42k words with only two parts done, so it’s going to be much longer than the original book. Not necessarily a bad thing, or so I hope.

*yaaaaawn* Bed awaits. Tomorrow (or, okay, later today) will be devoted to edits. But for now I need to head to bed before I start drooling over my keyboard. (oh yeah, sexy writer visuals there *eyeroll*) 😉 😀

Oh, and on an awesome note (that is actually REALLY awesome news, but I can’t quite muster up the proper enthusiasm while this tired): “Anything He Wants: Castaway” (AHW6) made it onto this week’s USA Today Bestseller list at #126. I’m seriously excited by this; it’s a huge shock and something I didn’t think we’d accomplish again. THANK YOU, thank you thank you, this is all you and…thank you SO so very much. ***HUGS***

Snippet Saturday!

Real life has taken me too far away from my writing, but I’ve managed to get a little work done over the last few days. There’s still a few thousand more words left to be written, so I’m determined to focus on that for the next several days. :)

And YAY, we finally get a real Snippet Saturday! I wish I could give more away, but hopefully this little offering will be enough to sate your appetite until next week. 😉

NOTE: Snippets are from the rough draft and subject to change between now and the final release.


I heard the howling winds grow louder behind me and turned to see Jeremiah close the flap over the door. My breath caught as we stared at one another from across the small room. His face was as open as I’d ever seen; deep emotion warred across his features, but he didn’t step forward. I was rooted in place, unable to make a move.

Finally, he spoke. “I admit that I’ve put you through a lot in our time together.” His voice was rough, but his gaze on me didn’t waver. “Say the word and I’m gone.”

My gut clenched at his words, but he wasn’t finished. “I need you.” His words were like the gasp of a drowning man. “I should never have run like that, back at the house, but l-love…” He paused over the stammered word, face twisting in frustration. “All my life, that word, that feeling, has been a crutch I was forced to overcome. You’ve seen my mother, and I thank God you never had to meet my father because he, he was ten times worse.”

“Jeremiah,” I whispered, breath shaky.

“But I need you,” he rasped, taking a jerky step forward. “Every cell in my body is telling me to run away, leave you alone, and I can’t.”

I took the two steps forward necessary, and stared up at him. His fists stayed by his sides, but from here the desperation in his eyes overwhelmed me. Choking back a sob of my own, I reached up and cupped his face, stroking his cheek with my thumb. His body tensed as if holding him back, and I felt a tear streak down my face.

I thought he had rejected me, and yet here stood as firm a testament to his affections as I’d likely ever see. That he couldn’t say the words didn’t matter; I saw everything I’d ever hoped for in my life shining from his eyes, and I couldn’t bear to let him go. Not yet. Pure selfishness on my part, but I knew that to give him up, to tell him the truth that tore at my soul, would break me. Our fate was sealed but for this one moment.

Please keep a fellow author in your thoughts and prayers

Riding Curves

One of my writing buddies Christa Wick has just posted on her blog that she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve pimped out some of my favorite Christa books (she mainly writes BBW plus-sized romances) on Twitter and Facebook before, plus she’s been an absolute font of knowledge for me about self-publishing and the business side of things. She’s a great writer and a great lady, and it broke my heart when she posted about this.

Second year, I had to have an additional mammogram after the first showed a mass, followed by an ultrasound. To my relief, I was informed the mass was just a cyst (it still is just a cyst, the cancer is hiding almost directly behind it). So, basically, I had two years of clean mammograms.

Way to go, girls!

That left me wondering this year whether I really needed to put aside my dislike of doctor visits and go three years in a row. I didn’t think so.

Lucky for me, my husband is an ass and thighs kind of guy. After a year of the cyst being RIGHT THERE (no change in size, location, etc.), we were fooling around as married couples are occasionally wont to do and he blurts out “what the hell is that?!”

“That” was the cyst and his ill-timed outburst was followed by a couple of minutes of my telling him that, if he was more attentive to the girls, he would have felt THAT any number of times over the last year.

“No biggie,” I said.

Again, my breast wasn’t listening. Neither was my husband.

So I said, “Fine, I’ll schedule my annual and you’ll see you’re making a big deal out of nothing.”

I was wrong and that is reason number one — I want those hesitant, resistant women who put off regular check-ups and tell themselves “oh, but I don’t have any significant risk factors” to stop.

Right now, darlings.


I didn’t have any significant risk factors either, remember? Yet I still have breast cancer.

Writing is her main form of income, and I know from my own past experiences that medical bills, even for those with insurance, can be big for this sort of thing. I’d ask, please, for you to head over to Amazon, B&N or the other sites and check out her list of stories. She really is a good writer with a variety of stories, and hopefully you can find something that might strike your fancy. In cases like this, there’s nothing we on the outside can do except lend our support and prayers, so could you please keep her in your thoughts as well?

Snippet Sunday: “My Brother’s Keeper”

As I’m sure most of you have realized, I skipped out on Snippet Saturday. Truthfully, there hasn’t been much writing this week due to various real life issues and other things I’ve put on the back burner for AHW6. However, I didn’t want to leave you all with nothing after I’d promised to do my best and keep this up, so decided to give you a snippet from yesteryear, a little clue into what used to be the dynamics of the Hamilton household. Hope it makes up for a snippet-less day, enjoy!




Jeremiah had always loved the boathouse.

Family trips to the palatial Hamptons estate were a rare occurrence in his life, but the splendor of his family home was wasted because, for the most part, Jeremiah wasn’t allowed to touch anything. His father had instilled that very early on; both Jeremiah and his older brother Lucas were punished for even moving the smallest of items. The brothers had learned early on to fear their father and did as they were told, knowing full well even at a young age what the consequences would be if they didn’t obey.

But for all his insistence that the house itself stay perfect, Rufus Hamilton didn’t seem to care about the boathouse.

The building had always been old, the wood siding and deck shrunken and warped by years of coastal living and sun. It creaked and shook when you ran across it, feeling for all the world like it was going to collapse at any minute. Jeremiah loved it. There were numerous places to hide or ways to use the old building as a fort, battleground, or anything else in his imagination. On the rare instances they visited the estate, he preferred to play out there with his older brother, leaving the big house to the adults.

There was an open area above the small living quarters on the top floor. Derelict canoes from long before Jeremiah’s time lay across the slats, none of which looked seaworthy. Down in the water below, Rufus kept a huge yacht which he used to entertain guests and potential investors, but it was the canoes that held the youngest Hamilton’s fascination. His young mind could imagine they went through countless journeys, battling turbulent waters to carry brave men to untold adventures.

So it wasn’t a huge surprise when, on Jeremiah’s seventh birthday, Lucas came into the boathouse to see his baby brother giggling from the rafters, crawling across one thick beam toward a green canoe. “What are you doing,” his older brother hissed, looking all about for adults.

Jeremiah ignored him. He already knew where everyone else was. His mother was tanning down on the beach and his father was inside the house, locked away in his office. The coast was clear, but he didn’t feel like telling Lucas that. Making him sweat was more fun, especially since his older brother regularly played pranks of his own.

“Remi, get down! What if dad sees you up there?”

The element of fear in his brother’s voice and almost made Jeremiah stop his undertaking, but the canoe was literally within reach. He hadn’t realized until he got up to the rafters that the upright canoe wasn’t merely sitting atop the rafters but instead hanging from hooks on the ceiling. The straps holding it up looked old, but the whole contraption looked sturdy enough to Jeremiah’s young eye. Grabbing the edge of the long boat, Jeremiah stepped gingerly into the green canoe, sitting down on the ancient plank bench near the center. Layer upon layer of dust billowed around him when he moved, but the thrill he got peering down at his brother was enough reason to think this was a great idea. He blew a raspberry at his brother, who seemed to finally be finding his sense of adventure again.

“Bet you’ve never been this high off the ground,” he crowed down to Lucas. In actuality, the distance scared Jeremiah; he kept a firm hold on the canoe, which swayed uneasily beneath him. The wood roof above creaked and groaned, leaving Jeremiah on edge and spoiling some of his triumph.

Lucas, however, seemed suitably impressed. “Yeah, because I’m not a stupid dork.” His words held no bite though, and he circled the small apartment. “How’d you get up there anyway?”

“You figure it out, butthead.” It was a rare treat for Jeremiah to watch his older brother fumble around. Usually, the older boy had an advantage of one sort or another, and was quick to lord it over his younger brother. Lucas was the only one he really cared to play with, even though he usually lost; despite being more than three years apart in age, they were close to the same height and weight. Still, the older boy usually managed to get the best of his gullible younger brother; Lucas didn’t play fair, a concept that Jeremiah’s young mind was only starting to understand.

Gripping the sides of the wobbly boat, Jeremiah leaned over to see what else was up there. Beside him, resting on the slats, were two faded oars that seemed to match the canoe’s colors. Moving over to one side of the bench, Jeremiah reached down to pick up one of the oars. They were just out of reach, and he had to hang out of the boat to go those last few inches.

“Remi, what are you–”

A loud crack came from above, following by the sound of splintering wood. Jeremiah launched himself back into the canoe, making it sway from one side to the next, and that was enough for the old ceiling boards to finally give way. The strap holding the front of the canoe tore free from the roof, sending the watercraft crashing down onto the rafters, before lurching sideways. Jeremiah barely missed having his hand crushed beneath the boat as he was dumped sideways, his shoulder striking the wood slat roof. The back strap held, tilting the canoe up at an angle, and the boat slid forward through the widely spaced beams, taking Jeremiah with it.

What happened next was too much of a blur for Jeremiah to remember, but the jolt from the wood ship hitting the ground propelled the young boy forward to lie face down in the long boat. There was a crash and the sound of glass breaking, then the canoe listed sideways, spilling out its sole human occupant. The sudden silence was deafening, but all Jeremiah could think about was how much his ribs and head hurt.

“Hey, you okay?” Lucas pulled his brother away from the canoe, laying him out on the slat floor and shaking one shoulder. “Remi?”

Jeremiah groaned, rolling over onto the side of his body that didn’t hurt, then sat up. “What happened?” he mumbled, the room fuzzy.

“We gotta go. You broke the glass coffee table and put a big dent in the wall. Dad’s going to be pissed when he finds out.” Lucas tugged at Jeremiah’s arm desperately. “C’mon Remi, we gotta…”

Footsteps tampend outside the door, shaking the floor. Both boys turned fearful eyes to see their mother slam open the door, staring at the scene in horror. She still wore her bikini and wide-brimmed hat from sunning herself down by the water. “What did you boys do?” she asked faintly.

They looked at one another, then back at their mother, both too stunned to answer. Lucas usually had a ready answer for these situations, but he’d been caught unprepared as well. Georgia stared at them, then darted a look back at the house. “Quick,” she urged, moving across the room and hauling Jeremiah to his feet. “You need to get out of here before your father comes.”

Jeremiah tried to walk but the world spun and he collapsed in his mother’s grip. Georgia looked frantically at Lucas. “Tell me what happened,” she demanded. “Now!”

“Remi wanted to ride in the canoes. They fell down with him inside.”

Georgia’s hands trembled around Jeremiah as she hauled him to his feet. “Stupid, stupid,” she muttered, long fingernails biting into the flesh of his arm. The woman seemed more interested in running than punishing them however; she moved quickly to the stairs and down to the lower level. “What are we going to do?” she muttered to herself. “Your father’s going to want to punish somebody for this.”

“Over here.” Lucas pulled his mother toward the back of the boathouse, then pulled open a ratty door. Darkness lay beyond, and all three of them peered into the gloom uncertainly. Lucas went back behind the stairs and rummaged through some cabinets until he found a flashlight. “Take him to the house.”

Confusion lit in Georgia’s eyes, and Jeremiah looked between the two of them. “What is that?” he asked in a groggy voice, nodding his head toward the passageway.

“It’s a secret passageway, leading up to the house. I found it a long time ago, that’s how I’ve always beat you down here.” Lucas pushed his mother and brother toward the dark entryway.

“I’m not going in there.” Revulsion tinged Georgia’s words. She took the flashlight from Lucas’ hands and shone it into the gloom. “Ugh,” she groaned as the beam highlighted the grimy walls, “that’s going to leave me muddy from head to…”

Heavy footsteps came from above them, then the door crashed open. “What the fuck,” came a familiar male voice, and all three people downstairs cringed in varying shades of fear.

“Go!” Lucas whispered, pushing his mother again, and this time Georgia didn’t hesitate. “It leads to the kitchen pantry.”

Jeremiah looked at his brother. Lucas’ face was white as a sheet, sweat already forming across his pale brow. An inkling of what his brother was doing began to form in Jeremiah’s young mind, but Georgia hustled him into the darkness as Lucas shut the door. “Get him to the house,” he told his mother, as if he were the adult and not her. “I’ll take care of father.” Then he shut the door, and darkness swallowed them whole. Pinpricks of light came from between the slats of the old door, and Rufus’ cursing echoed through the small chamber.

Georgia didn’t move a muscle and for a long time Jeremiah followed her example, but when he heard his brother cry out he struggled to get free of his mother.

“I should have known it was you.” Rufus’ voice came through the door as if he were just outside. “So you’re the one who destroyed the entire goddamn room?”

Both boys knew their father only cursed when he was really angry, and Jeremiah quailed in his mother’s arms at the sound.

“Leave me alone,” came Lucas’ muffled reply, then the sound of flesh striking flesh. Jeremiah tried to pull himself out of his mother’s arms, and she clapped a hand over his mouth before he could shout his brother’s name.

“I’ll teach you how to speak to your elders, you little shit.”

Jeremiah howled into his mother’s hand, his screams drowned out by Lucas’ cries beyond the door. Jeremiah knew the sound of leather on flesh; the belt was Rufus’ favorite mode of punishment, sometimes even using the buckle. Above him, he could hear his mother quiet sobbing as she moved blindly backwards, keeping a firm grip on the struggling boy as they made their way back to the house. When at least the muffled cries ceased, whether through distance or the end of punishment, Jeremiah sagged in his mother’s arms and let her drag him the rest of the way to the house.

Happy birthday, Jeremiah Hamilton.

Real life blues

2013-02-25 13.35.05
A real pic I took of the house

Why is it that, whenever you feel like your life is looking up, fate gives you a suckerpunch to the gut?

The last several weeks have had me focusing a lot of time and energy with two things: the “Anything He Wants 6” release, and getting the CPA of very-not-awesome to get me paperwork. Some of you may have gathered that the Dude and I are trying to buy a house. Beautiful home, a bit of acreage, out in the country – you know. Perfect. :) One of the things the mortgage guys needed was a tax draft for 2012, since I was mainly a self-employed writer without a reliable income.

Except, the CPA we hired wouldn’t return my calls or emails. Worse yet, he’s four hours away, back in my hometown. Apparently he figured my distance meant I could be shunted to the back of the list, and he kept giving me the runaround or outright ignoring me until finally I sent him a nastygram voicemail message and got my do-NOT-mess-with-this-man father involved.

Sufficed to say, we’ve wasted so much blasted time, and the CPA didn’t do his job last year informing us correctly on what to pre-pay the IRS…there’s a good chance we won’t get the house now. :(

It’s put a damper on a lot of things, including the AHW6 release. I generally don’t like sharing personal information online, and try to keep an upbeat energy on my blog, but dangit this is SUCH a huge disappointment. First off, we put a lot of trust into this tax guy to guide us newbies (neither the Dude nor I have been self-employed before), and apparently that trust was misplaced. Now we have a big tax bill that’s eaten way into our down payment…. *sigh*

So if I haven’t replied to your post or comment or other communication, I sincerely apologize. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with Real Life, and the various disappointments that lie along that road. I’m not looking for pity and I’m not trying to excuse myself for ignoring you but, arg, it’s so depressing. Not to say there haven’t been good points: AHW6 broke through the Amazon Top 100 Kindle ebooks yesterday, but fell back under today. It also peaked at #11 in the Barnes and Noble Nook store. So it isn’t like my life sucks monkey nuggets all the time, just in certain disappointing ways. :(


However, that said, I need to say once again a BIG THANK YOU to all my readers. I love you guys, there’s no doubt about that. I appreciate every bit of support I get, and even though I’ve been too overwhelmed of late to say it, THANK YOU. You, unlike my CPA, are FULL OF AWESOME. :)

“Anything He Wants 6: Castaway” RELEASE DAY!!! …sort of

Thanks to everyone who voted for the cover!! The contest was a lot closer than I expected, but we still had a clear winner. 😀




The New York Times and USA Today bestselling series continues in the explosive sixth part!

Enigmatic billionaire Jeremiah Hamilton plucked twenty-four year old Lucy Delacourt from an existence spiraling down into darkness. Seduced and brought into the extravagant lifestyle of the rich and powerful, Lucy was swept up into the highest highs, and experienced dangerous lows, but always there was her billionaire protector. Safe in his arms, she thought for sure her life had finally found the right track.

Until she couldn’t hold back saying those three little words, and found out how fragile her new position was.

Her affections spurned by the man she loves, the dejected young woman is kidnapped from Jeremiah’s home and discovers more about another facet of the Hamilton family legacy. Lucas Hamilton, known in darker company as Loki, is an arms dealer and Jeremiah’s brother. He needs Lucy for his own purposes, but makes it no secret that he wants to get back at his brother any way he can for stealing the family empire. Dangerous outside forces seem intent on taking the proud and wealthy New York family down. But what will broken-hearted Lucy do when her new captor sets his sights on seduction?

No matter what happens, Lucy’s life will never again be the same.




I have to say, self-publishing has its upsides and downsides, both of which are often part of the same coin. On Friday I uploaded the stories to four of the major retailers: Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook), iTunes/Apple (that actually went up on Thursday), and Kobo. I’m super excited that most of the sites had the story up earlier than expected, but unfortunately a few are taking their time. Apple/iTunes is notoriously difficult to get through in a reasonable time frame; I’m hoping to be live there by the end of the month. Amazon/Kindle have requested I prove my copyright before they’ll publish the story; this wouldn’t be so bad if 1) this wasn’t a weekend, and a holiday weekend to boot, and 2) I actually knew HOW to prove copyright on a new, not-previously-copyrighted story! … I’m still hoping Amazon will figure it out quickly based on what I’ve sent them so far and get it published by tomorrow.

ETA: AMAZON IS LIVE!!!!! Woohoo, guess they’re actually working around the Irish Day celebrations!! 😀 😀

PLEASE DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION!!! I promise that tomorrow, the official due date, I’ll do a full-on spoiler threadfest here on the blog where you can scream, cry, laugh, and commiserate on events in the story. Until then, any such comments will unfortunately be screened by yours truly so folks won’t have the story so far ruined. I also ask that, if you leave any reviews, pretty please don’t spoil anybody else’s experience! *hugs*

Okay, off to freak out more about Amazon and poke at Kobo to get them live today too. I’ll keep you updated on those issues as more news comes available!! 😉