Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s better than seeing the shock on your little sister’s face when you show up at her door completely by surprise to spend Thanksgiving? Add that to the fact she’s living in Canada (which celebrates T-Day in a different month) and it’s the whole immediate family who shows up (thanks to help from my BIL).

This is the same sister over whom we can’t pull anything – our schemes and secrets are like glass to her. Usually. So it was SO cool to utterly knock her speechless with this little surprise.

Heehee. Sorry I didn’t say anything, but it was a big hush-hush thing as we were sure we’d be caught. Nope. Finally pulled a fast one over my sister. About time, I think. So I’ll be in Canada for the next week a d a half, chasing around my nephew and trying to write in the moments I get between cooking, shopping, and family time.

Happy Early Turkey Day everyone, let the holiday season commence!

AHW novel contest!

Contest time!

It’s been a long time since I checked in here – too caught up in vacationland apparently – so I think I owe my faithful readers something special. I finally heard back from my publishers who weathered (and continue to recover from) Sandy’s might; everyone is alright, although some have a bigger mess to clean up than others. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the storm, hope you also came through okay! So it was a bit delayed but, holy cow, they sent me something FULL of win.

ARC’s and final copies of “Anything He Wants” the novel!! ****SQUEE****

(The video that made my parents cry)

Time is ticking down to the “official” release date of November 27, and with the book due out in stores soon (and with the rushed schedule the book’s had in comparison to most other publications) there’s not much time to do promotions or other kinds of marketing.

That’s where my readers come in. 😉

It’s been you wonderful people who’ve made this book so big, and I’m asking you to help me one more time. This contest will run for almost two weeks, ending on the official release date of November 27 (see below). I have two book copies and two ARCs (Advance Reading Copy), but want to keep one ARC so there will be three (3) winners, randomly selected from all the entries. The winners, in the order they were picked, will have the option to receive a signed ARC or signed final copy of “Anything He Wants” novel.

The (simple) rules for this contest:

Bloggers: Blog about the release. Whether its a review of the series or simply a note on your blog that the book is coming out, along with the Amazon/B&N/etc link to the novel page. Send me the link to your blog post, and your name will be put into the pot. The more times the release is mentioned (in individual blog posts), the more times you’ll be in the drawing.

Tweeters (Twitter): Same thing (albeit with less words). Tweet the link to your followers, putting “@sarafawkes” and “#ahw” inside so I can keep track. Again, the more tweets the more times your name is in, but try not to spam – once or twice per day is enough.

Facebook: This one is tough. I’ve never delved into FB deep enough to know how to tag a person in a post, but if you can let me know on this blog comments area when you posted something to your Friends, I’ll add you to the list. If any of you wonderful folks can explain an easier way to track, I’ll love you for life!! 😀

Despite the fact that the AHW novel is only slated so far for a US release, I will accept global entries. Before SMP took over, the story had an international audience (and hopefully soon it will again) and it would be super silly to bar you from receiving a copy. So as long as you have an address accessible by post, you’re in!!

The various URLs for the books:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00940L0II

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/anything-he-wants-sara-fawkes/1110205464

Let the games begin!!

EDIT: Because I’m stuck here in the Great White North until early December, I’ve decided to extend the contest until December 7 when I return. More time to get your entries in (and the word of this release out!). 😀

A few of my favorite things


So I’m out here in New Mexico with the Dude trying out our new-to-us tents at a KOA campground. Day before yesterday was spent at the Grand Canyon, the first real stop on our roadtrip. Yesterday we stopped at the Arizona Meteor Crater which was really stinking neat too. Albuquerque is having their annual hot air balloon festival this week (man, can we time it or what?) so hopefully we’ll get to see pretty balloons in the early morning sky, provided we can wake up early enough.

Last Friday, I had the coolest series of emails from my editor. St. Martin’s Press has been going to great lengths with marketing the AHW serials, as well as several awesome readers tweeting and telling friends about the series. Well, all of your hard work finally paid off: AHW 1 and 5 landed on both the New York Times AND USA Today Bestseller Lists!! SO COOL!!! Number 26 and 35 on the NYT Ebook Bestsellers list.

SQUEE!!! You guys are the bestest!!!

And now, here is a video my house sitter sent of my pup Dixie, who I desperately want to bring along on future trips (there may be a sidecar in my future).

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Have I told you…?

Have I told you lately that I love you guys? Cuz I do. LOTS.

I was a bit blue yesterday reading some of the front-page Amazon reviews for AHW5, and I appreciate SO MUCH the replies to my blog post yesterday. THANK YOU!!!!!


I’m officially done with the AHW novel edits, and we’re gearing up for a roadtrip before I start digging into the next part of Lucy’s story. Of course, me being the procrastinator I am (we leave in less than three days), instead of packing up the camping gear I sat down and started outlining the next part of AHW. Yeah, I can’t seem to get it out of my head (is that really a bad thing?). Hopefully I can get it down well enough to pound it out quickly the minute we return home, but I’m taking my laptop on the road with me in case I want to do some writing wherever we stop too. 😉

AHW notes

I’ve been a bit out of the loop the last couple days, family emergency came up suddenly so I’ve been shuffling back and forth for that (everyone’s okay now, thank goodness!). There’s been a lot of confusion with the AHW5 release and I thought I’d post something to clear up some misconceptions I may have accidentally helped perpetrate myself:
– AHW5 was never meant to be the last in the series. I tried to explain that before but apparently did a not-so-great job of it (bad Sara!). Part five wraps up the first “book”, the first <em>plotline</em>, but not the romance or story of Lucy/Jeremiah. The biggest confusion may have come from the publishers blurb which mentions “last and final installment”, a phrase that I’m trying now to get removed because its neither the last nor the final chapter of this story. 
– it’s pretty clear from reviews that readers aren’t interested in reading the story as I write it anymore, sending out the installments when they’re finished. This is fine – people are used to novels, not serialized fiction – but it means for the rest of the series that we’ll have to wait for the entire story to be done before any kind of release. The masses have spoken: for now, no more serials. 
What is the future of this series? It will continue, you can count on that!! A lot of you have expressed disappointment in me and that cuts to the quick; it isn’t something I take lightly, that’s for sure. Don’t let the tough exterior fool you – inside I’m all soft and squishy! I want to do right by you, but I also want to do right by the story. It’s a tough line to walk, and I’m sorry some people’s expectations weren’t met, but the story isn’t over. I’m not able to answer every single reply and message I get (or I’d be more busy writing replies than writing stories) but I do try and listen/read what’s going on. 
So for what it’s worth after the fact, this is me apologizing to any disappointed fans and readers. If I’ve misled you into thinking this was the end, then I’m sorry I didn’t explain myself better. (I’m a writer, you’d think I’d have a decent grasp on how to get my point across right?! 😉 ) The story will continue, albeit in a different form – even if/when I do future serials, they’ll be much longer than those I did in the past (closer to or longer than part 5, less like part 1), but it doesn’t sound like that’s a viable market now without making more people angry. And, despite what you may think, I don’t want that. I love you guys, you are freaking AWESOME, and I really hope you’ll stay with me to see what happens with Lucy and Jeremiah and Lucas and all the other characters floating around in my head

AHW5 cover reveal!

It’s done!!!! My hermitage, life of being a recluse working on edits, is officially over! The final copy has been sent to my editor for the AHW novel and part 5, and everything is on track for a September 25/November 27 release date (AHW5/AHW-novel respectively). 😀

Today is also another happy day because the final cover for the serial is here!! Heroes and Heartbreakers got the EXCLUSIVE cover reveal and I think it’s so pretty!!! I love where SMP has gone with the covers; they used the original models but everything matches so well now, they look like an honest-to-goodness series.

I’m also excited to announce there’ll be a small bonus story at the end of the book, a little backstory on one of the characters who will focus more prominently in the next part. (Yes folks, this story DOES continue!) Now to finally let my hair down and celebrate, as these edits have occupied my mind and life for long enough!! 😉

A changing of the guard – SMP takes over “Anything He Wants”

Tomorrow marks the changeover date for the individual AHW serials to St. Martin’s Press, and a few eagle-eyed readers have already noticed something new over at Amazon (you guys are pretty observant!). St. Martin’s is “republishing” the series, complete with new covers (but the same content so far) and they’re PRETTEH!! (links to the new Amazon.com pages within the images)

Part 5 cover to be announced soon!

Obviously they went in a different direction than the original covers, but I still think they’re pretty. Anyway, today is the very last day to get the old-school versions – tomorrow starts the big-publishing wheel! Interesting times, to be sure!!!
😀 😀 😀

AHW5 release date

This morning, another writer friend poked me hard that I announced the release date of AHW5 everywhere except on my blog. EEP!!!

SO. I do indeed have a date from St. Martin’s Press on when they’ll be releasing the final part of this story and… *drum roll please*

September 25!!!!

The AHW novel is also set to release November 27 and will have more polish and backstory, but is essentially the same. As soon as I see the pre-order page for AHW5 I’ll announce that as well.

My apologies for being so quiet lately, I’ve been working on edits for part 5 and the novelization and can’t wait to get both out to you!!! 😀 😀

Edge of the universe

When I reach to the edge of the universe, I do so knowing that along some paths of cosmic discovery, there are times when, at least for now, one must be content to love the questions themselves.
– Neil DeGrasse Tyson