A rolling stone gathers no moss

Despite the fact that I promised myself I’d keep up with this blog, I’m a wee bit behind on updates. Twitter stays fairly up to date, but for whatever reason writing a blog is tough cookies. *rolls eyes* Does this mean I haven’t been busy, or that there’s nothing going on behind the scenes?

Heck no!

A few highlights of what Casa de Fawkes has been up to these last couple weeks (for those of you who follow me on Twitter, this is a recap of what you may have already seen):

Meet Gypsy, my newest acquisition!! She represents the freedom I hope to soon have, and is much to blame for my lack of productivity over the last two weeks. All I want to do is ride her, or if not then look at her. She’s a sexy beast!


Dude and I went down to Long Beach for a motorcycle swap meet. Didn’t see much in the way of parts like he was hoping but saw some sweet bikes!

Dream bike!

The itty-bitty moped committee!

Biggest rust bucket I’ve ever seen, leaked oil out of every crevice. So cool though!

The dealership must have had a huge sale on tassels! 😉


The unofficial contest is still on to get “Anything He Wants” into the Amazon top 100. Originally the prize was a single scene from AHW retold through Jeremiah’s (the hero) perspective, but a lot of people have asked if I could instead do a retelling of the entire story. I don’t see a problem with that! Once we get to that point however it’ll be up to you all – I’ll even do a poll! Polls are love (unless they’re for politicians).


I’m hard at work on the next book in the Anything He Wants series; after so long feeling as though my Muse had disappeared, over the last few days the thrill is back. Words are flowing from my fingertips, flying across the page (or iPhone, depending on if I’m at my laptop or elsewhere) and I’m hopeful a first draft will FINALLY be done within the next week or so. I also have other news, but will save that for a separate post all its own. 😉

Journey to the Amazon Top 100

This morning another erotica writer friend Virginia Wade mentioned to me via Twitter that I had crept below a 500 rank overall in the Paid Kindle Store at Amazon.

Cue my stunned look of disbelief.

For those who don’t know, Amazon assigns a rank on all books based on where they are in comparison to other books. Kind of like when you got second place in the spelling bee out of forty other students. What the above means is that, of the millions of ebooks at Amazon.com, I’m in the top 500.

I only have YOU ALL to thank for it!! Talk about making one’s day – no, week, month even!!!

So, here’s what I’m thinking: at the moment I’m steadily creeping up the charts, but I’d like to give an incentive to my readers and prospective readers. What I propose is that, should I break #100 rank, I’ll write any section of the story “Anything He Wants” in my hero’s perspective. As in, I’ll redo the whole elevator scene from Jeremiah’s perspective, OR I’ll do a prequel where he notices the heroine.

Any scene you want. YOU DECIDE THE SECTION. Get your friends to read the first story, and you’ll get a special bonus chapter.

Meanwhile I’m hard at work on the next segment of the story which has a couple areas that would fit quite nicely in this little “contest”.

Does that sound like a deal? 😉

Sickness sucks (and other procrastination excuses)

It’s been a while since I posted here, mainly because I’ve been 1) trying to get over bronchitis (still have a nasty cough), and 2) the interwebz have been down at the house until yesterday (keeping my fingers crossed it STAYS on this time). I’ve been keeping busy dosing myself with over-the-counter cough meds and sleeping so it’s been an incredibly fun last two weeks!! 😐

We did have some fun this weekend though, being in the lucky path of a solar eclipse. Dude took out the dark plastic bit from his welding helmet and we watched it directly. I did try to get some halfway decent shots but no luck, even with the dark shield I still only got glare. :( We did get a couple other interesting shots, I just need to load them on Photobucket.


After an unfortunate series of dismal writing days, I’m finally back in the chair and working on AHW3. I’ve been excited to get to this part since I first envisioned the series but for whatever reason, despite the fact it’s planned out, the writing process itself has been like pulling teeth. *sigh* Sometimes a story or section is like that and, while progress has been slower than I’d prefer, it HAS been steady so I’m thankful for that. I promise however that the minute I’m finished, you beautiful people will be the first to know!! :)

Finally, I’d like to leave you with a video clip of Neil Gaiman (my authorial hero) giving a college commencement speech. Some of his words really hit home as an artist/writer myself so, as I know there are a few writers and artsy folk who frequent this humble blog, I thought I’d share the love.

(Hmm, can’t get this to embed so here’s the link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/42372767?color=ffffff )

Mother’s Day and breaking barriers

I had a really nice Mother’s Day with the parental units on both sides (mine and the Dude’s). My folks drove down to my grandparents’ house then we had a small family dinner before rushing to another dinner/barbecue over at the Dude’s grandparents’ house. It was good times but I ate too much and am paying for that today.

Mondays are, as usual, tough to stomach but I made it to the Evil Day Job, bleary-eyed and wishing desperately for an extra hour or four of rest. No such luck, but a girl can dream. 😉


I had a bit of a (happy) shock over the weekend when I saw “Anything He Wants” cracked the invisible 1,000 rank barrier, now just once but repeatedly. To be clear: that means that at certain points, I was in the top 1,000 books in the entire Kindle Store on Amazon – it even got me into the Top 10 of Erotica Bestsellers.

So what does this mean? Remember I said I was working on a novella? That’s now been moved to the backburner as I hurry to write part 3 of the AHW series. It’s going to be close as I have an editor deadline for the novella, but I don’t want to disappoint fans of the series so part 3 is back atop my Must Write Next list. Considering I’ve had this part in mind since I conceived the series and am really excited about it, the switch doesn’t bother me in the slightest. 😀

For now though I’m going to endure the day job, tap our a few words on my breaks, and look forward to dinner tonight with my mom and grandma. Fun times!! 😉

Evil Day Jobs doth be evil

I crack myself up sometimes.


In other news, I’m writing like mad except *braces herself for stones* it’s a new Super Sekrit Project. I needed a palate cleanser between parts of AHW and this idea grabbed me and won’t let go. Interestingly enough it was amazingly easy (and fun) to outline, plus it helped me figure out what I needed with AHW3 for it to work. I’ve even got an actual editor lined up to make it work it’s very best (trust me, she’s good). So, work on one or the other…

Now if only my internet would stop being a wonky piece of, er, fluff… :(


At some point in my busy schedule I need to find time to clean house. The Parental Units are arriving on Sunday to do their monthly inspections visit for Mother’s Day and, given the last time they saw my house you could have eaten off the floors, I have some catching up to do. Egads, eek, and omg, etc etc.

Release day: “Anything He Wants 2: All’s Fair”

Release day is finally here!! Thank you Amazon for putting it up in near-record time (they were a little slow with updating over the weekend). Enjoy! 😀

Seduced then coerced into a job as “personal assistant”, Lucy Delacourt has all but signed her body over to CEO Jeremiah Hamilton, promising to do anything he wants. Now she’s Paris-bound and determined to resist him and the diamond-studded world of the ultra-rich.

Jeremiah isn’t interested in forcing Lucy to obey a simple contract. He knows exactly what he wants: his new assistant’s complete surrender. A man used to getting his own way, Jeremiah won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to sway his assistant and Lucy finds, to her horror, that the price she has to pay might be something she secretly craves.

Busy little bees

“The Avengers” came out over the weekend and the Dude, rabid little fanboy that he is, had to see it as soon as he possibly could. Which, given his sucky work schedule, was Saturday night. As he is of the more stoic persuasion it’s sometimes hard to tell whether he likes something, but judging by the smiles I saw when “Hulk, smash” and “Pucker up, Legolas” I’d say the movie was a hit. 😉 Definitely worth seeing, few people can truly write Tony Stark one-liners like Joss Whedon.

Spent Sunday working on beta edits. The story is better for it, but yikes I’m cutting it close. Note to self: rethink self-imposed deadlines for future installments to account for FUBAR moments and catastrophic life emergencies.

Expect part 3 to be out sometime in 2013, barring the end of the world.

(I keed, I keed)


In other news I discovered a full on solar eclipse will be coming over California in the middle of the month and am stoked I’ll be able to see it. I’ve never been this close to one so any suggestions on how to view it without going blind? :-)

So I promised an excerpt this weekend…

…and I try to keep my word, so here you go. Enjoy!!

“I have something for you.”

That got my attention. “Breakfast?” I asked, my eyes falling to the dishes beside him. My tummy rumbled in anticipation.

“In a moment, perhaps.” He straightened and looked me dead in the eye. “Take off your robe and come here.”

Everything inside me went cold. I hugged the robe around me, trying to stave off the inevitable. “Why?”

He said nothing, and I looked up to see him watching me. There was no emotion in his gaze; as far as he was concerned, I was to disrobe and go to him merely because he said so. Because I’d signed a document saying I would do what he said, something I’d only done because he had given me no other choice. The glittery trappings around me did nothing to disguise what they were: a cage, designed to keep me off balance and at his mercy.

Finally, finally, I got mad. “Why me? Why all this?” I gestured around the room.

He cocked his head to the side. “Why not you?”

He was turning my questions back around at me and it was pissing me off. “I was nothing in your life, a pair of hands to type data into a computer then tossed when she was no longer useful. So why am I here?”

His lips thinned but he said nothing. Moving across the room to a large marble table, he picked up a crystal carafe and poured himself a glass of the amber liquid it held. “My career consists of me looking for potential,” he said, swirling the liquor around as he regarded me dispassionately. “It’s my job to find businesses that I can buy or sponsor, fix up, then sell for a profit.”

“So what am I, a project?”

A tip of his head sideways confirmed my suspicions. “You were ambitious, clever as a college student, used to a certain kind of existence. Life dealt you a hard hand, brought you down lower than you thought possible.” He saluted me with the glass before taking a sip. “You would never have turned down a chance to get back on your feet, no matter what the cost.”

“So give me a job,” I said, the sarcasm dripping off my tongue. “You didn’t need to strip me of my dignity, make me… The elevator, the garage–”

The thump of the glass on the serving tray shocked me out of my anger. “You rode that elevator every morning,” Jeremiah said in a low voice, staring at the crystal carafe, “giving me those little glances, getting close but not too close.” His eyes met mine, and I sucked in a breath at the fire I saw there. “I knew your scent, knew when that need rolled across you. Those secret little smiles, not knowing what was going through your head…”

My breath caught as he trailed off, the fingers clenching the top of the glass white with strain. I don’t believe you. “I’m nobody,” I said, my own words driving daggers through my heart.

His free hand clenched into a fist against a hard thigh as his jaw tightened, then his body relaxed. He strode up to me and I fell back a step, trying in vain to keep the last of my anger as a shield. Being so close to him was intimidating; my heart thudded in my chest as I looked to the side, unable to be strong any longer.

A finger came under my chin and lifted my head until I was staring up at him. His face was as implacable as ever but his voice was mild as he repeated his earlier request. Demand. “Take off your robe.”

His proximity was doing strange things to my mind again, speeding up my heart in totally different ways. The words reverberated through my body and I found my hands untying the belt then allowing the robe to slide back off my arms onto the floor. Fully exposed to him for the first time ever, I closed my eyes against his perusal, a tear squeezing out between my eyelashes.

When he put his arms around me I stiffened, but his hands stayed on my shoulders as he turned me around. “Look at something,” he said, and when I didn’t immediately open my eyes he repeated, “Look.”

A large oval mirror stood in front of me, and I cringed at my reflection. “What do you see?” he prompted.

Flabby tummy and thighs, big hips, boobs that need a bra to look good. I’d always been my own worst critic. “Me.”

I saw his frown in the mirror, then he tilted his head to study my reflection. “I see a beautiful face,” he started, running a finger down my cheek and along the side of my neck. “Soft skin, the right curves.” He leaned in close to the side of my head and breathed deep. “You smell good enough to eat,” he added, his words almost a growl.

My breath caught, his lips next to my ear making my belly tighten. His hand covered my breast, fingers tweaking one nipple, and this time I gasped aloud. His grip on my shoulder tightened as the hand circling my breast dipped lower, skimming across my belly and leaving a trail of fire in its wake. “So beautiful,” he murmured, and my head fell back onto his shoulder as the hand splayed over my hip, fingers digging deep into my skin. I watched him in the mirror, my heartbeat loud in my ears, as that hand smoothed over my mound, not sliding lower but feeling its shape.

Abruptly he stepped away and let me go, leaving me confused and off balance. “Don’t move,” he said, his voice a whip, and I froze. My instinctive obedience disturbed me but I stayed standing as Jeremiah picked up the box I’d seen him carrying in the lobby and handed it to me. “I was going to save this for later but now seems a better time.”

Suspicious, took the package and opened it, pulling back the tissue paper. My eyes widened as I ran a finger along a pair of nylon leggings and under the satin straps of a white bustier. Speechless, I looked up at my boss then back down to the contents of the box, not sure how to respond.

Jeremiah took the box out of my hands gently when I didn’t do anything for several seconds. “Turn around.”

As I did what he said, he pulled out the skimpy articles then, to my further surprise, began dressing me. First the white bustier which he laced up behind me; it covered my breasts and belly, with straps that hung down to the top of my thighs. I stepped into the tiny panties then the thigh-high stockings to which he connected the straps from the bustier. There was something incredibly sensual about the whole affair despite how professional he went about it; I’d never in my life worn lingerie like this, certainly not for a man, and it was an interesting experience. I’m too fair to wear white, a cynical part of me thought but I kept that observation to myself.

When he was finished he took me by the shoulders and turned me around again so I was facing the mirror. “Now what do you see?” he asked, leaning close to my ear.

I blinked, unable to believe what I was seeing. Wow, so this is what you get with high dollar lingerie. The white fabric managed to hide what I’d always hated and accentuate what I never realized I had. My hands ran down my waist, only modestly cinched by the corset strings in the back, and over my hips to finger the satin straps running down the front of my legs. The whole ensemble wasn’t overly restrictive but tight enough to pull parts in and push certain things up – namely my chest, which I’d never considered particularly impressive. Looking good now, I thought, gliding my fingers across the firm tops of each breast.

Suddenly remembering he’d asked a question, I cleared my throat to answer but didn’t know what to say. I locked eyes with him in the mirror and he nodded, obviously seeing my answer there. “Glad we see eye to eye,” he murmured, running his hands up my arms and across my shoulders. “Now that we have that squared away…”

A hand twisted in my hair and my head was wrenched back. I gave a small cry, my hand covering his in surprise, as I looked back at him. His face had grown cold as granite, green eyes intense, but his voice was smooth as silk. “I don’t like being contradicted. When I tell you to do something, I expect it done immediately or there will be consequences.” The hand in my hair tightened.

“On your knees.”

Places I need to visit

Wow, I didn’t see you there! SPAMTown, USA, also known as Austin, MN. Spam Museum, a must-see travel spot for any world traveller!!

Is it silly that I actually, seriously, want to visit that? Next time I’m up in Minnesota then! (whenever that’ll happen!)

Promo and super-squeeing

I try to keep as much promo and self-selling off this blog as possible but sometimes the normally poised and organized (*snort*) inner writer is desperate, DESPERATE, to spill the beans about stuff. Well okay, so the last week has been liek WHOA one heck of a ride and I owe it ALL to my readers because, holy cow, you all are AWESOME.


#1 in Amazon’s Erotica New Releases (for the past 30 days). *dances about to the tune of her own squeeing*

Not only that, I’m also #14 on the overall Erotica Bestseller lists. Considering there’s ~46k books within that genre, and I’m close to the top… Mind = boggled, folks, mind=boggled.

PLUS! …the sequel comes out this weekend. ;-D I’m really excited about this one and I hope it gets even the TEENSIEST bit of popularity boost that the first one did because, seriously, I’d cry. It wouldn’t be pretty, but they’d be tears of joy so that makes it all better. 😉

Look for an excerpt this weekend of the upcoming release, the plan is to have it available on Amazon by Tuesday, May 8 (iff Amazon gets their booty in gear and fixes their uploader! Grr, whoever said that self-publishing was easy?).

Now I’m going to go clean my house, because otherwise it means I’d have to do edits. *opens Word file* EEEEEK *runs off to scrub toilets or vacuum or do laundry* (i wanna write don’t likes editing boo hiss)

I’ll get over it, promise. Ciao bella!!